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Technology in Medicine

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1 Technology in Medicine
Gil C. Grimes, MD Scott & White Memorial Hospital and Clinic Texas A&M University Health Science Center

2 Outline Handheld devices and medicine Podcasts

3 My Biases I use Windows based products I use an iPac
I have used Palm in the past I love portability I love not needing internet access I like listening to Podcasts while doing chores

4 PocketPC Devices

5 Why Do I Need a Handheld? Fast access to a large amount of info
Medical math/ calculating drips, etc. Protocol, recommendations, formularies Use EBM at the bedside EMR (electronic medical record) Wireless access to WWW E/M, CPT coding

6 Why Do I Need a Handheld? Medical references
Billing, scheduling, reminders Electronic prescribing Medical documents/ internet content Getting rid of yellow stickies/ database Software for RNs

7 Why Do I Need a Handheld? Portable
Calendar, contacts, , task list, phone numbers, pager numbers, passwords Amazing storage capacity, advanced networking, encryption capability Procedure logs Dictation

8 Medical Uses Patient Care Drug References Medical Calculators
Antibiotic Guides Treatment Protocols Clinical Decision Tools Coding Patient Care Medical Calculators Pregnancy Calculators EBM Tools Immunization Schedules Medical Texts Prescriptions Dictation Medical Records

9 Medical Software Drug References ePocrates Rx Johns-Hopkins ABX Guide
LexiDrugs Sanford Guide MicroMedex Pocket PDR Tarascon Pocket Pharmacopia

10 Medical Software, Cont. Texts and Reference Materials
Washington Manual Outlines in Clinical Medicine 5 Minute Clinical Consult Harrison’s Immunization Schedules ER References

11 Medical Software, Cont Clinical Calculators Preg Wheel Many More
MedMath MedCalc MedRules Archimedes ATP-III ABG Pro STAT Coder STAT Cardiac Risk Preg Wheel Many More

12 Medical Software, Cont Evidence Based Medicine Tools
Essential Evidence Plus DynaMed EBM Tables Up to Date JFP Poems

13 Medical Software, Cont. Prescribing/Dictation Allscripts ePhysician
Medical Manager (WebMD)

14 Commercial Web Sites Reviews/Advice/Downloads Talking with health prof Doctor Palm Wireless Medical Applications Ectopic Brain EMBI.NET Educational Sites Dalhousie University University of Arizona Children’s National Medical Center University of Minnesota Databases


16 USPTF AHRQ tool

17 Essential Evidence Plus
Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP/Vista, PocketPC, Palm and Web 2400+ short research synopses (400 added per year) Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews: over 1500 abstracts 5 Minute Clinical Consult Bayesian diagnostic test / H&P calculator >2000 140 clinical prediction rules Basic drug info by class and cost for 1200 drugs Photo Atlas >500 photos Key evidence-based treatment guidelines

18 Saving Time By Downloading Other’s Databases

19 Considerations Palm OS More software More intuitive interface
Longer battery life Smaller, compact design $100 to $600 Pocket PC Faster, more powerful processors Higher-end software Better screen resolutions Better wireless capability Increased security features Better integration with Word, Excel, Outlook, and Power Point $180 to $700

20 Should you Get an iPhone
Software available? ePocrates Web-based programs? DynaMed Essential Evidence Plus Many others

21 Practical Applications
Useful Websites Ectopic Brain The Palmdoc chronicles FSU Handheld website Meister Med EMBI.NET Skyscape Handheldmed

22 Podcasts Podcasting, (noun) a term that describes the technology used to push audio content from websites down to consumers of that content, who typically listen to it on their iPod or other audio player that supports mp3.

23 Podcasts These are asynchronous
The broadcaster creates the podcast The user downloads the podcast The user listens whenever they desire Think of this as TiVo for audio broadcasts

24 Podcasts Why do I care? CME is available
Numerous journals produce audio reviews of their current issue Numerous grand rounds available A sense of community

25 Podcast Reception Equipment Software to subscribe and manage podcasts
Internet accessible computer Some form of Media Player MP3 Player iPod Software for your computer Software to subscribe and manage podcasts iTunes Juice Google returns 4 million hits 90% are free

26 Making it work Find a Podcast Using iTunes click and go
University of Hawaii Page Using iTunes click and go Using others may take a little more work Synching it up

27 Questions?

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