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Biomedical Resources for Mobile Devices at USC

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1 Biomedical Resources for Mobile Devices at USC
Norris Medical Library Emily Brennan, MLIS Pamela M. Corley, MLS, AHIP Evans Whitaker, MD, MLIS Biomedical Resources for Mobile Devices at USC

2 Questions for you Are you a beginner, intermediate or advanced?
What device do you own? What questions do you have for us? We don’t know everything about this rapidly changing area, but will do our best to find you answers to your questions if we do not know!

3 Outline Applications Mobile Device Optimized Webpages VisualDX
Epocrates Lexi-Comp ACP Pier Essential Evidence Plus NextBio PubMed on Tap UCentral 5 Minute Clinical Consult Emergency Medicine Manual Pocket Guide to Diagnostic Tests Diagnosaurus: differential diagnosis Mobile Device Optimized Webpages PubMed for handhelds UpToDate for handhelds MD Consult for handhelds

4 Applications

5 VisualDx What An application designed to help with visual diagnosis (not too surprising) Primarily dermatologic How Free download for iPhone for USC users. Android app soon to follow. Sign up for download from main page at VisualDx. Fill out form and submit. They back the information you need to download application from iTunes App store

6 Epocrates What? How? A drug information tool
Several versions of varying costs – free to ~$200 How? Free download of basic Rx version for all Most platforms have a version Android version of Rx is in beta Epocrates Essentials provided by Keck SOM to students Download from

7 Lexi-Comp What? Drug information resource How?
There are academic discounts Links center of homepage lead to purchase options For Palm, PPC, Windows Mobile, Blackberry

8 ACP Pier What? A clinical information tool
Rapid access to high quality clinical information How? Free download for USC users Only for Palm PDAs See for details

9 Essential Evidence Plus
What? Evidence-based clinical information tool How? Only for Palm OS or Windows Mobile devices for more information

10 NextBio What? How? PubMed search with emphasis on Bioinformatics
iPhone only Free download from iTunes App store

11 PubMed on Tap What? How? PubMed search application For iPhone
Lite is free, full version is $2.99 Download from iTunes App store

12 Unbound Medicine/uCentral
What? USC purchases access so that USC students, faculty, and staff can download: 5 Minute Clinical Consult – clinical information tool Emergency Medicine Manual – abbreviated text of EM Pocket Guide to Diagnostic Tests – abbreviated text about diagnostic testing How? Blackberry, iPhone, Palm, WindowsMobile, Android versions Go to uCentral, click link to arrive at uCentral, then click Register for PDA Download, fill out form and receive information about downloading by .

13 Diagnosaurus What? How? Differential diagnosis software
Versions for Blackberry, iPhone, Palm, Windows Mobile

14 Mobile Optimized Web Pages

15 PubMed for handhelds What? How? MEDLINE search for handhelds
Uses a PICO search format How?

16 UpToDate for handhelds
What? Popular clinical information tool How? Access only on-campus through USC Wireless or Works for iPhone and Blackberry, does not work with Droid

17 MD Consult for handhelds
What? MD Consult is a book collection which you search by topic How? Create a personal account at MDConsult on your personal computer. Make sure you are logged out of MD Consult account on computer, go to and log in to account using same sign-in

18 Questions? Contact us with your questions or suggestions
Emily Brennan: Pamela M. Corley: Evans M. Whitaker: Mobile Devices Library Guide for more information

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