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2 Agenda Background Daily Alerting Service Search Tool Searching Online Additional resources Downloading to handheld Free trials More Info


4 The Problem However, most have had little formal training in assessing the clinical usefulness of the information obtained from each source, this can lead to information overload Healthcare clinicians rely on many sources of medical information to make decisions:

5 The solution Essential Evidence Plus - a powerful electronic resource packed with all of the medical evidence needed to make critical patient care decisions

6 Key features A richly integrated, online decision-support system focused on improving patient care and increasing clinical efficiency Unique functionality combined with trusted content - a complete clinical awareness system Filters for relevance and usefulness, grades the evidence for accuracy and validity Addresses the most important complaints and conditions presented by patients

7 Who is it aimed at? Family Physicians, General Practitioners, General Internists Emergency and Critical Care Physicians Hospital Physicians Sub-specialists responsible for a significant amount of primary care, e.g. paediatricians, geriatricians, obstetricians /gynaecologists, cardiologists Medical Students and Residents Nurse Practitioners/Physician Assistants

8 Platforms Online Palm OS Pocket PC web – palm – pocket pc

9 Essential Evidence Plus comprises of two main parts: Daily Alerting Service–keeps the clinician informed of new developments in medicine that are relevant to their practice Search Tool –allows the clinician to find information, quickly and effectively, when necessary - Essential Evidence Plus + additional resources and calculators


11 Daily POEMs (alerting service) Patient-Oriented Evidence that Matters Daily POEMS are designed to be a “First-Alert” to new information Filtered, graded, synopsized daily summaries of evidence- based research articles that alert physicians to the latest developments in clinical medicine research Sent via email Monday – Friday Peer-reviewed Written by primary care physicians, free of pharma support

12 Daily POEMs emerge from continuous review, grading, and critical appraisal of all 3000+ relevant studies published in more than 100 journals Daily POEMs (alerting service) Instead of reading the 100+ journals that we summarize, you can rely on the POEM evaluation system for relevant information presented in an easy-to-understand format


14 Search Tool Essential Evidence Plus -not simply a single database, but an integrated search system, – There is no need to navigate through numerous databases to find answers at the point of care, clinicians can search all 10 databases all at once! – All content is indexed using ICD-9 codes (International Classification of Diseases)

15 Databases Consists of 10 top quality evidence based databases: 1.E-Essential Evidence (coming soon!) 2.EBM Guidelines 3.EBM Summaries 4.Daily POEMs 5.Cochrane Abstracts 6.Selected Practice Guidelines 7.Derm Expert 8.Database of History and Physical Exam Accuracy 9.Databsase of Diagnostic test Accuracy 10.Clinical Decision Rules and Calculators

16 E-Essential Evidence (coming soon!) An interdisciplinary Editorial Team and a team of over 400 authors from all specialties summarizes the best available evidence on over 600 common conditions. This is a truly evidence-based, interactive reference that includes: – Highly structured, concisely written topics – “Bottom-line” recommendations for diagnosis and treatment – Every recommendation carries an evidence rating – Extensively linked to interactive decision support tools, thousands of calculators, POEMs, Cochrane, and practice guidelines – Continuously updated to include the best evidence

17 E-Essential Evidence (coming soon!)(coming soon!)

18 EBM Guidelines & EBM Summaries concise and easy-to-use collection of clinical guidelines for primary care combined with the best available evidence. It includes: – 1,000+ concise primary care practice guidelines – 3,000+ high quality evidence summaries – a library of 1,000 photographs and images continuously updated, EBM Guidelines follows the latest developments in clinical medicine and brings evidence into practice.

19 Daily POEMs (database) POEMs are Patient Oriented Evidence that Matters. They are: –Relevant – address a common or important problem –Accurate – we critically appraise each study for validity –Unbiased – our authors are independent –Easy to use – each is concise and highly structured Searchable archived collection of 3,500 regularly updated Daily POEMs

20 Abstracts of the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews the gold standard for evidence-based medicine and single most reliable source for evidence on the effects of health care includes the latest and most up-to-date summaries of systematic reviews summarized evaluations of the world’s best literature on the effectiveness of therapy for 3,000 clinical problems.

21 Selected Practice Guidelines 1,500+ high grade evidence-based guidelines from a variety of sources. Includes recommendations for : – screening, diagnostic approaches – therapeutic interventions – monitoring patients to aid in the total management of specific conditions, such as congestive heart failure, otitis media and others

22 Selected Practice Guidelines Answers questions such as: “What medical care should be provided most of the time for most patients? ” “What medical care is not effective and should not be used for most patients”

23 Derm Expert diagnose dermatological conditions utilizing a series of simple steps 1,000+ images, along with clear guidelines, to help clinicians quickly and easily identify the right diagnosis

24 Database of History and Physical Examination Accuracy 1,500+ calculators help determine the likelihood of a patient having a disease based on information gathered during a history and physical evaluation find out the probability of disease, based upon the results of clinical evaluation before doing additional testing

25 Database of Diagnostic Test Accuracy 1,500+ help clinicians choose best diagnostic test and interpret the test results. offers test characteristics and an estimate of the probability of disease before conducting a test. also outline the probability of disease based upon test results tailor test result interpretations based on details of clinical circumstance

26 Clinical Decision Rules & Calculators 300+ Decision Support Calculators. Support the clinical decision making by offering risk and probability assessments. specifically designed to help estimate the likelihood of a diagnosis, calculate a patient’s risk for disease, estimate a prognosis, or calculate a drug dose.


28 Browse by database Browse by subject Run a keyword search Click Level of evidence Click to open record

29 How evidence is sorted


31 E/M Coding E/M Coding Wizard helps determine the most appropriate code to use for Medicare's Evaluation and Management Services, and provides an indication of what additional criteria must be met to qualify for the next code level

32 ICD-9 Lookup Tool user-friendly and intuitive interface for searching the most commonly used ICD-9 diagnosis codes


34 Click for downloading


36 Click “Download Free Trial” Just complete the form, then submit for a 30 day free trial


38 Training and Support Free Online Instructor- based Training: Free Prerecorded Online Tutorials: Free Product Support and User Guides:

39 Filters for relevance and usefulness, grades the evidence for accuracy and validity

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