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Health Sciences Resources for PDAs Instructors: Paola Durando, Public Services Librarian & Gillian Griffith, Outreach Services Librarian June 15 th, 2005.

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1 Health Sciences Resources for PDAs Instructors: Paola Durando, Public Services Librarian & Gillian Griffith, Outreach Services Librarian June 15 th, 2005

2 PDAs in Healthcare Patients Monitoring Patient Education Clinicians Appointments Billing Prescriptions Information Education Used in some medical schools

3 PDA Usage is Growing One third of Canadian physicians now use PDAs in clinical practice. Martin, S. 2003. More than half of MDs under age 35 now using PDAs. CMAJ; 169(9); 952.

4 Agenda Drug lookup Quick reference Diagnostic calculators Evidence-based resources Journal citation retrieval Current awareness Software Sites

5 Drug Lookup Tools - CPS PDA version of e-CPS is in development

6 Drug Lookup Tools – ePocrates Rx Drug Reference Free Palm or Pocket PC compatible 3,000 brand & generic drugs Drug interaction checker Regular updates available

7 ePocrates Rx, contd Search by Drug Search by Class

8 ePocrates Rx, contd Drug Interactions Warning

9 ePocrates Rx, contd Lookup options Insert your own annotations

10 Quick Reference – 5MCC Griffiths 5 Minute Clinical Consult Available as a plug n play book on an expansion card at Bracken Library No concerns about downloading or memory space or illegal copying 3 day loan period Use with the librarys PDA or your own May need to download MobiPocket Reader (free app) for your own PDA

11 5MCC (contd) Main Page Images

12 Quick Reference: PDA Books @ Bracken Physicians Desk Reference Harrisons Manual of Medicine Washington Manual of Medical Therapeutics Stedmans Medical Dictionary Merck Manual

13 Quick Reference: Toronto Notes 2005 (abridged) Need Adobe Acrobats Reader to view on PDA $128.50 includes PDA version (available at Brackens Reserve Desk)

14 Quick Reference: NCBI Bookshelf Free PDA versions of books for download Three titles so far: HSTAT: Health Services/Technology Assessment Text Inflammatory Atherosclerosis Medical Microbiology

15 Diagnostic Calculators: MedCalc ( ) Free; includes many common calculators

16 MedCalc, contd

17 Evidence-Based Resources: EBM Calculator calculates statistics for RCTs as well as for diagnostic, prospective & case-control studies freeware program for Palm & Pocket PC from the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital, University Health Network, Toronto

18 Evidence-Based Resources: MedRules Not for clinical use (out of date) Free; Palm OS Evidence-based clinical prediction tools based on the medical literature

19 Evidence-Based Resources: InfoRetriever a point of care tool to aid in clinical decision- making Most comprehensive hand-held tool for referencing evidence-based medical information.* Queens faculty and students have access to IRs web and handheld-based platforms via the librarys paid subscription. Palm OS or Pocket PC Note: Download to expansion memory card. *Lewis, M. 2003, Evidence-Based Medicine Tools for your Palm-Top Computer. Family Practice Management, v.10(5);23.

20 InfoRetriever, contd Searchable by system (e.g. circulatory/digestive), by disease or symptom Search the following: (by any word) Griffiths 5MCC Keyword Diagnosis Differential diagnosis Clinical rules & calculators Practice guidelines InfoPOEMS Photo gallery ICD-9 look-up E/M coding wizard

21 Search results are grouped into categories and assigned a level of evidence. For quick reference, content is tagged with unique icons 5MCC Practice guidelines General treatment Cost effectiveness Drug treatment Surgery, anesthesia, procedures History & physical Diagnostic tests Clinical decision rules Miscellaneous diagnosis Screening for disease Prognosis/natural history Practice admin/health systems InfoRetriever, contd

22 Journal Citation Retrieval PubMed / Medline Search PubMed either through your PDAs web browser or direct using the National Librarys MD on Tap Ovid

23 Current Awareness Personalized e-content services or channels JournalToGo AvantGo pdaMD BMC Research Medscape Mobile ePocrates DocAlert

24 JournalToGo ( Free and easy, product requires online registration Latest clinical abstracts and news from published and private infobases Customized by specialty Clinical Rewards Program tests your clinical knowledge while offering points Palm & Pocket PC

25 AvantGo ( Free Large selection of health channels targeted at consumers and/or healthcare professionals Choose your content Register & download the software Sync your Palm/Pocket PC Updated daily e.g. American Medical News, Urotoday, pdaMD, BMC Research,

26 ePocrates DocAlert Customized medical news service alerts distributed upon hotsync To read full text, click yes to receive an email after next sync Register as a specialist and get targeted content in addition to general content

27 Downloading Software Things to consider: For Palm and/or Windows CE operating systems? Free/shareware or commercial/proprietary?

28 PDA Software Reviews Dalhousie University Faculty of Medicine Software Recommendations Dalhousie University Faculty of Medicine Software Recommendations best-known a commercial site but it includes independent software reviews

29 Software Sites

30 Announcement: Upcoming CME Course Palm Pilot Workshop for Physicians 3.5 hour session to be offered this fall by FHS Continuing Medical Education Developed by UBCs Division of Continuing Medical Education as a national initiative Approved for 3.5 Mainpro-C credits

31 For more information… Borrowing Brackens PDA & PDA books Recommended downloads for PDAs Staying Informed Please contact us if you have additional questions: Paola Durando: Gillian Griffith:

32 Thank you!

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