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Improvements in EverAccess

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1 Improvements in EverAccess
Training Presentation

2 Content Improvement in System Software Improvement Feature Improvement
Manual Improvement

3 Improvement in System (1) – Modularized Design
EverAccess Flex Series: Modularized system Controller + Door module + Alarm module Benefits: No inventory risk EverAccess Previous 2 door 1 Flex Controller + 1 door module 1 2-Dr controller 4 door 1 Flex Controller + 2 door modules 1 4-Dr controller 6 door 1 Flex Controller + 3 door modules 1 2-Dr controller Dr controller 8 door 1 Flex Controller + 4 door modules 1 8-Dr controller

4 Improvement in System (1) – Modularized Design

5 Improvement in System (2) –Flex Controller
New designed cover Main module New designed 4x4 keypad Two alarm in, two alarm out RS232, RS485 connection Backup battery support, auto charging Built-in 1 door module Connect up to 4 door modules, 1 alarm module Cascading connection

6 Improvement in System (3) –Door Module
New component 2 reader input, 2 door control Wiegand & RS232 format reader input No switch needed 4 LEDs for each door More intuitive information 1 alarm output New type terminals, easy to wire All terminals labeled

7 Improvement in System (4) – Alarm Module
New component 8 alarm input 8 alarm output 8 LEDs to show alarm status New type terminals, easy to wire All terminals labeled

8 Improvement in System (5) – Desktop Reader
New component Easy to enroll cards Easy to connect RS485 bus With ECD-50 cable Convenient to customers

9 Improvement in System (5) – Desktop Reader
Comparison on enrolling cards and RS485 bus connection: EverAccess Previous Components needed 1 Desktop reader 1 RS232 to RS485 converter + 1 reader Connection to PC USB Hand-made RS232 cable Connection to controller ECD-50 cable, one end RJ45 easy plug-in, one end terminal connection Terminal connection on both sides. Not convenient.

10 Improvement in System (6) – Enclosure
New component UL-listed Power supply built-in Market demanded Nice design Pounding holes Plenty room for backup batteries up to 12AmH Adjustable battery mounting

11 Improvement in System (7) – Network Adaptor
New component Ethernet solution ECN-5: RS485 to network adaptor cable Previous Version No ability to connect Ethernet RS485 WAN/LAN TCP/IP RS485 to TCP/IP converter Controller

12 Improvement in System (8) –Readers
Keypad/Regular/Mullion reader A whole series with the whole new module and consistent art design Better mounting Do not disclose circuit to users Sealed back panel allowed

13 Improvement in System (8) –Readers
New chip used in all readers Better sensitivity New firmware Double checking card # Improved stability Mullion Reader New Component Popular size demanded by market

14 Improvement in System (9) –Cards
Full series Card # printed on all cards Easy to enroll cards on controller Thick cards Thin cards Keyfob

15 Improvement in System (10) –FlexPack
Easy toolkit package for retail 1 flex controller 2 mullion readers 2 dozen of thick cards 1 enclosure

16 Software Improvement (1) Main Software
Improved user interface All new icons WinXP style. Better fit in current OS Resizable window size Reorganized menu Reorganized user interface behaviors

17 Software Improvement (2) Main Software
The number of fixed bugs and solved feature requests: More than 140 since 2004 More stable More features (will be addressed in feature improvement) Multi-language English, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese

18 Software Improvement (3) Assistant Software
Firmware upgrade tool Upgrade firmware via RS232 RS485 (through a desktop reader) N/A in previous version Software in plan Badge design software New C/S software

19 Feature Improvement (1)
Access control properties of cards Enable/disable each individual card (same as before) Enable/disable APB on each individual card (same as before) (APB, global setting on controller) Enable/disable ARM feature on each individual card Cards with ARM enabled can arm/disarm the system at a keypad reader Enable/disable the access of each individual card on each individual door (same as before)

20 Feature Improvement (2)
Card expiration Enable/disable card expiration Card won’t get access granted if expiration is enabled on this card and expiration time point is reached. Helpful for guest card control 6 digits card PIN More secure No same PIN guaranteed

21 Feature Improvement (3)
Door access control (same as before) Adjustable door open time From 1 second to 59,999 seconds (16.67 hours) Adjustable door held open time Held open time: defined a period that after it, a door held open event will be generated in system From 1 second to 59,999 seconds

22 Feature Improvement (4)
Door access control Four types of door access control Door normally unlocked Access with card only Access with card plus PIN Access with PIN only Can have different schedule on different doors and different date types Man trap Door associated action

23 Feature Improvement (5)
Powerful and flexible alarm setting A fully loaded Flex controller can have 10 alarm inputs and 18 alarm outputs All alarm outputs can be assigned to all kinds of alarm input, including the physical input or alarm events For example, alarm output 1 on door module 1 can be triggered by the following alarms: All kinds of alarm events happened on door 1, such as unknown cards, door forced open All alarm inputs from all arm zones Alarm inputs from main modules Adjustable alarm output time

24 Feature Improvement (6)
Powerful and flexible Arm/Disarm function Enable/disable each individual arm zone (same as before) Arm/Disarm system from Controller keypad (same as before) Or keypad reader Arm delay Arm delay after both arm and disarm the system Adjustable delay time

25 Feature Improvement (7)
Fire alarm control All door access can be controlled individually Doors can be set as either fail-safe or fail-secure at fire alarm Non-blocking warning pop-up on software with showing all card holders that came into the building before fire alarm

26 Feature Improvement (8)
Controller Date format selectable YYYY-MM-DD vs. MM-DD-YYYY Auto daylight saving Can be enabled/disabled

27 Feature Improvement (9)
Authority management A new area to edit the users in dialog Password HASH function protected Originally, the password can be viewed by a regular HEX editor software

28 Feature Improvement (10)
Controller management Controller COM port selectable Be able to have multiple controllers through the different connections Be able to have multiple controllers connected with multiple network adaptors

29 Feature Improvement (11)
Holiday setting 10 types of dates (same as before) Holidays, type I, type II, from Sunday to Saturday Three types of holidays One-time holiday Set date holiday Day of week holiday Like Thanksgiving, Last Thursday of November Customers do not have to adjust the date every year An area to edit the details of the specified holiday in the dialog

30 Feature Improvement (12)
Access group setting “Copy & Paste” and “Apply to days” allow users to fast-assign the access rules Door access setting “Copy & Paste”, “Apply to doors” and “Apply to days” allow users to fast-assign the access rules

31 Feature Improvement (13)
Card batch edit In card management, select cards Edit the properties of all the selected cards Like change access group Easy to manage cards Auto enroll cards from desktop reader COM port selectable

32 Feature Improvement (14)
Regulated card holders’ profile Employee No. First Name, Last Name Card No. Gender Address, City, State, Zip code Phone Number Position Department Photo

33 Feature Improvement (15)
Real-time alarm warning pop-up Users can enable/disable the alarm warning pop-up Can enable/disable the sound warning Non-blocking fire alarm pop-up with persons list who entered building before fire alarm

34 Manual Improvement Document list Controller manual (75 pages)
Door module manual (17 pages) Alarm module manual (12 pages) Reader manual (14 pages) Desktop reader manual (16 pages) Network adaptor manual (21 pages) Software manual (123 pages) Firmware update tool instruction (5 pages) Instruction to connect to Lantronix network adaptor (1 page) Panel quick-start sheet (1 page)

35 The End Any questions?

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