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An Overview of the Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS)

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1 An Overview of the Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS)

2 What Is FPDS? FPDS IS: An automated system used to collect and report on federal procurement spending Data is submitted via a contract writing system (CWS) or directly into FPDS Using Direct Web Input Reports can be run by individuals The single authoritative repository for federal procurement award data

3 FPDS Vision and Goals Transparency and visibility into government contracting Contracting information across the federal spectrum in real time, down to the contract action Powerful business decision-making tool for the contracting community Agencies can view all data and analyze trends for contract management and market research Provide interoperability with departmental contract writing systems Foundation for standardizing contracting processes Policy changes can be made in one tool and utilized across the federal enterprise Reduce system redundancies and costs Self-service, web accessible reporting tools Congress, press, state government officials, IG & auditors, FOIA offices, GAO, etc. Data available within 24 hours of award

4 Data Accuracy Data accuracy starts with the contracting officer
OFPP 5/9/08 memo makes federal Chief Acquisition Officers (CAOs) responsible for accuracy of data input Agency heads required to certify data accuracy annually Verification and validation (V&V) process required to be in place and conducted by a third party

5 Who Uses FPDS? Designed for Use by: Contracting Officers
Program and Procurement Analysts Senior Procurement Executives Congress, state, and local governments System Administrators Media, research groups, marketing groups, students, and commercial businesses All other interested public parties

6 FPDS Homepage at:
Links under “Top Requests” and “Reports” provide data already prepared for you.” Links under ‘What’s New” and “Important Links” provide information related to FPDS. Some Computer-Based Training is also available. For those who are already registered, enter your log-in and password. Find contact information for the FPDS Help Desk at this link. To register to use FPDS, click on this link. You must register to receive a password and to be able to run reports.

7 How Do I Register to Use FPDS?
1st Page For All Registrants Please keep in mind that agencies may have their own procedures so check with your departmental system administrator From the Homepage, click on “Register.” If you ARE a government contracting officer, click the first paragraph. If you ARE NOT a contracting officer, click the second paragraph.

8 How Do I Register to Use FPDS? (continued)
Registration For Government C.O.s Complete and submit the User Identification format shown here. Look for a return with your password. Use your new password and your user ID (often an address) to Log Into FPDS.

9 How Do I Register to Use FPDS? (continued)
Registration For All Others Complete and submit the User Identification format shown here. Look for a return with your password. Use your new password and your user ID (often an address) to Log Into FPDS.

10 What Data Does FPDS Contain?
Contract Data in General Categories Dates Date Signed Date Effective Last Date to Order Completion Date Amounts Action Obligation Base and Exercised Options Value Base and All options Value Purchaser Information Contracting Office Information Contractor Information SAM information Contractor Name DUNS Socio/Economic Data Contract data Type of Contract NIA No CLIN information Legislative Mandates Walsh Healey Act Davis Bacon Act Service/Commodity Information Service Code NAICS Code Competition Information Extent Competed Set Asides Sole Source Preference Programs CO’s Business Size Selection Reasons Not Awarded

11 Privileges System Administrator Privileges
Agency System Administrator Functions vary by agency Contracting Office System Administrator Contracting Officer Privileges Functions: Input Contract Award Data Run Reports Run Queries All Other User Privileges

12 How Do I Access FPDS? To submit contract data: To access reports:
Via your contract writing system Through the web portal directly at To access reports:

13 Login Security Password 90 day inactivity Lockout Intrusion detection
Password rules Ability to reset Forgot password 90 day inactivity Applies to all government accounts Applies to all system (CWS, IAE interfacing system) accounts Lockout Applicable after 5 consecutive failed log on attempts (over any period of time) Agency System Administrator (not GCE Helpdesk) must reset this for you Intrusion detection

14 How do I input data? Contract writing system (CWS)
CWS’s are certified to interface with FPDS. Examples of Government CWS systems Comprizon Prism PD2 Selected data from a CWS is submitted in final once a contract is signed. Not all CWS collect all data elements needed for FPDS. Note: CWS users will see a GUI (Graphical User Interface) to submit FPDS data elements not collected by their CWS. They will not see contents of the next page. Submitted data becomes available in FPDS’s Reports within 24 hours Ask your CWS system administrator for assistance and assignment of privileges. Reference your CWS’s user material for further directions. If the award or modification is initiated through the CWS, the transaction must be completed through the CWS.

15 How do I input data? FPDS-NG’s direct web input Same data elements as the CWS Same validations as the CWS If the award or modification is initiated through the web, the transaction must be completed through the web.

16 Actions Screen: Submit Data to FPDS Through Direct Web Input
Manual Batch is no longer used Will be deprecated in V 1.3 Audit log Search for auditable events Record delete Correct Comments Allows users to submit comments about FPDS-NG

17 Document Lifecycle Create Save Draft Validate (does not equal save)
Approve Delete Correct Modify Save Template Print Close Error Messages New

18 Actions Screen: Submit Data to FPDS Through Direct Web Input
Determine whether your action is an “AWARD” (1st Column) or a “Basic IDV.” (2nd Column) Choose and click on the correct type of action. Key in all entries taking care to avoid typing mistakes. In order: Save drafts; Validate Business Rules; Approve. Use the third column to issue a contractual modification or correct/void the original work. System Administrators use the 4th Column to assign privileges and run internal reports.

19 Actions Screen: Accessing Reports
Click on “Standard Reports,” “Ad Hoc Reports,” “ezSearch,” or Interagency Contract Directory“ (ICD) depending on what data you need. Standard reports return data in 1 – 12 month increments, government wide or by department/agency. For Ad Hoc reports, you must know what data you want to retrieve. Click on the link to Ad Hoc Reports and develop your own report to get that unique data. ezSearch provides a means to search on key words. The ICD provides information that will assist contracting officers in fulfilling their contractual needs in the most expeditious manner. All report results allow drill down capabilities to obtain data at any level within the contracting organization.

20 What Do FPDS Reports Provide?
Standard Reports (predefined reports) 5 report categories including Who? What? Where? When? How? Adhoc (user developed and generated) Save queries (Queries can be saved for individual use but cannot be shared). Formatting Data values for search capability Different agencies may have their own procedures so check with your departmental system administrator for more information Reports data is refreshed nightly for years 2004 through 2008. Report Size limitation Row Return Limit Size

21 Report Functions for Standard Reports
Export features Print Drill down Highlight Chart Save As Formatting

22 The Standard Reports Page
Reports run as government wide reports with drill down capability per department down to a contracting office within that department. Reports can be saved in several formats, including CSV, Excel, HTML and PDF. Reports can also be ed in various formats. Data can be retrieved in increments of 1 to 12 months.

23 Standard Report Navigation

24 ADHOC Save queries Sum Format Export Print Drill down Highlight Chart
Filters Data values

25 PMO Published Reports Annually Published Reports Top 100 Contractors
Federal Procurement Small Business Goaling Competition Special National Interest Actions

26 Advanced Search Required information Summary of transactions returned
Award detail available Search criteria – list

27 ezSearch After clicking on “ezsearch” on the “Actions Screen,” enter a key word or phrase. Google™ like search capability will appear Cannot print results Results can not be aggregated Click “GO” and see the next slide for a sample result.

28 ezSearch Returns The search word, “Trailer,” returned numerous results. Drill into the results to obtain more information. Copy PIIDs (Procurement Instrument Identifier) into the ADVANCED SEARCH field of FPDS to obtain complete contract lifecycle.

29 Get Help When Needed!

30 FPDS Support What GCE support desk does Agency Support
Application Support System questions and issues Agency Support 1102/Contracting Issue Support System Administrator Password resets Right/privilege settings

31 Data Validation Authoritative Sources Of Reference Data
SAM NAICS PSC Codes Claimant Programs Agency Hierarchy Zip Code Congressional Districts FIPS Validation rules based on: FAR Individual Agency FARs

32 FPDS-NG Project Website
Content Release notes Data dictionary Archives Reference information Schedule information How to access: URL: Documentation Data Archive files What is contained in the data archive files How to download data archive files Training schedules Etc

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