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Take a tour of De Gruyter Online

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1 Take a tour of De Gruyter Online
Join the rally and learn how to navigate through our website.

2 Route Map Register / Login Subject Areas Product Types Search
Formats & Pricing Personal User Account „My De Gruyter“ Alerting Share / Recommend eProducts Contact Persons Open Access Series Social Media FAQ

3 Register and Login You can log in to your account via the log in button that you find on top of each page. Enter your data in the fields provided. Or just use the log in field on the homepage. Sometimes we even thank you for your registration with free trial access to selected content. if the captcha code is not readable, please click the refresh button to receive a new one Click the „submit“ button and you‘ll receive a confirmation mail Click on the confirmation link to complete your registration

4 Subject Areas

5 Subject Areas You will find an overview of all subject areas on the home page and on every page via the navigation "subjects" On top of each subject area page you find the highlights of the chosen field. There are 14 subject areas with several corresponding subcategories. You can also narrow your search to a more specific sub-subject area.

6 Product Types

7 Product Types You can narrow your search by e.g. subject area
You will find an overview of all product types that we offer via the dropdown that opens on each page. Clicking on one of the product types leads you to a list of all available titles in that category.

8 Search

9 Search You’ll then be linked to a list of search results.
and there have the option to export, print or save your search. At the top of each page you will see a “Search” field. If you are e.g. searching for a specific title you can use that field to look for it.

10 Formats & Pricing

11 Formats & Pricing Print, eBook and Bundle – you can order our publications in the format that best suits your needs. All information on pricing and ISBN can be found on our website.

12 Personal User Account „My De Gruyter“

13 Personal User Account ‚My De Gruyter‘
Add articles and book content to your personal bookshelf De Gruyter Online offers numerous features supporting efficient and easy ways to work with De Gruyter's electronic content. Enter access tokens to receive free trial access. Learn about current product highlights and the latest news at De Gruyter. You can manage your bookshelf, searches, content that you have access too, alerts , details and orders via several tabs in your personal user account. Registered users have their own personal user account which features more services aimed to simplify the use of our publications. An overview of titles that you have recently viewed or searched for.

14 Alerting

15 Alerting In your personal user accounts you can subscribe to several kinds of alerts, e.g. subject alerts, TOC alerts or you can choose from different News and Update services. To subscribe to an alert just choose an alert category and e.g. a subject area that you‘re interested in. Then click „subscribe“. When you first subscribe to a certain alert category, you will receive a confirmation mail that contains a link. Click on that link to complete your subscription. Of course you can easily unsubscribe from alerts; just click the „unsubscribe“ button behind a specific alert. You can also choose your preferred language

16 Share / Recommend

17 Share/Recommend On every product page you have the option to recommend ( ) or share the title in a social network. You can then choose from a list of social networks. If you are logged in via an institution you can recommend titles that your library has not purchased yet to your librarian

18 eProducts

19 eProducts Here you can e.g. find information about our eBooks, journals, series and packages. Get an overview of all eBook Packages currently available Or download additional information. Get information about different business models Click on the respective button in the footer of our website to get further information about your topics of interest.

20 Contact Persons

21 Contact Persons General information on how to contact us can be found in the contact details in the footer. On each product website you can find the correct contact person for that specific product.

22 Open Access

23 Open Access For each title an icon shows you if and what kind of access you have to that title You can define your search by e.g. looking for titles that your institution has licensed.

24 Series

25 Series For every book series you‘ll find a general overview of the series on a product page with links to the seperate volumes of the series . On each volume‘s product page you‘ll find more information about the volume. You‘ll always have an overview as to what series the title belongs to, with the option to go back to the more general information about the series.

26 Social Media

27 Social Media We inform you about the latest news at De Gruyter via Facebook and Twitter. You can find information about our social media activities via the button in the footer of every webpage.

28 FAQ

29 FAQ You can choose between FAQs for different target groups.
If you have any questions concerning De Gruyter Online, you should first check on our FAQ page. Our FAQs will be updated when the move to our new online platform has been completed.

30 Thank you for your attention!

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