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Cluster link with Walasmulla Lucy Turzynski & Mark Turner.

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1 Cluster link with Walasmulla Lucy Turzynski & Mark Turner

2 Overview How it all started Partnership in action – Durham Gilesgate Primary School Increasing global citizenship, enriching education practice and developing a whole school approach to international partnerships

3 County Durham - Walasmulla



6 Durham Gilesgate





11 Connecting Classrooms Three main objectives: Increasing global citizenship Enriching education Developing an equitable and sustainable partnership

12 Increasing global citizenship Global themes – Conflict and peace Sustainable living Rights and responsibilities Fairness and equality Identity and belonging

13 Increasing global citizenship Global skills – Self-awareness Conflict resolution Empathy Creative thinking Critical thinking Collaborating Communicating Taking action

14 Increasing global citizenship Global outlooks – Positive sense of identity Sense of interdependence Commitment to rights & responsibilities Desire to make a difference Open to new ideas Commitment to justice Commitment to peace

15 Enriching education practice 1. Subject and curriculum; 2. Core skills; 3. Teaching styles; 4. Assessment; 5. Classroom & behaviour management; 6. Inclusion; 7. Promoting well-being

16 Establishing a successful partnership 1. Identify a suitable partner:  Directly through personal contacts;  Through Schools Online: a-school/search-for-a-school-public; a-school/search-for-a-school-public  Using Local Authority support; 2. Work with partners to identify common objectives and curriculum areas for collaborative activities; 3. Devise a detailed activity plan of 3-4 activities for a 12 month period – which children will be involved? How many? What will be exchanged and when / how?

17 Examples of recent projects “What can we see from our window?” – descriptive writing / drawings to describe the local view Traditional recipes – instructional writing and creative cooking! Nature / wildlife conservation – Exploration of local wildlife and habitats, discussion of threats vs conservation Culture in a box – which items represent local culture and heritage? Recycling – Comparison of what is recycled / re-used and how

18 Examples of recent projects School garden – Sustainable / healthy living. What grows well in each country and why? Festivals – Create and exchange interactive calendars to introduce cultural similarities and differences Tree of dreams – Outside and inside! Literature – Pupils on both sides to read the same novel and discuss pertinent issues raised More project ideas here: resources/template-projects resources/template-projects

19 Any questions?

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