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Escuela Nueva transforms the conventional school.

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1 Escuela Nueva transforms the conventional school

2 What does Escuela Nueva promote?

3 Child centered, participatory, cooperative, self paced learning




7 Relevant curriculum, based on child's daily life



10 Closer, stronger relationship between the school and the community

11 Interaction between teachers, parents and children

12 Parents involved in the learning process

13 Emphasis on the formation of democratic and participatory values

14 Student Government elections


16 Student Government Committees

17 Emphasis on the formation of citizenship

18 Happy, healthy, confident students

19 Effective, practical Effective, practical in-service teacher training strategies

20 Training methodologies similar to those teachers will apply with children

21 New role for the teacher as facilitator


23 interactive New generation of interactive self paced, self directed learning guides

24 Learning guides that promote individual work;

25 Collaborative, group work fomenting interaction;

26 Work in pairs, promoting dialogue;

27 Different learning paces or rhythms;

28 Learning Corners that bring alive the activities of the learning guides



31 Learning Corners that strengthen cultural identity

32 Classroom libraries that promote research and exploration skills


34 Tools like community maps that link the school to the local community and circumstances of the children

35 Suggestion and Commitment boxes that invite students to give feedback, have an opinion and actively participate

36 Commitment Box for family, school and social commitments of students

37 Attendance records controlled directly by students empowering them and giving them responsibility

38 Escuela Nueva generates a new culture of peace and citizenship; allows children to learn to learn and participate, empowering them and their communities.

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