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1 EXPECT TO ACHIEVE The role, value and importance of Geographical fieldwork within ITE Mark Chidler.

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1 1 EXPECT TO ACHIEVE The role, value and importance of Geographical fieldwork within ITE Mark Chidler

2 2 EXPECT TO ACHIEVE Aims; To outline the role of geography fieldwork within ITE at NUB To identify the range of opportunities presented to undergraduate and post graduate students To examine the impact fieldwork has on student experience

3 3 EXPECT TO ACHIEVE The role of geographical fieldwork Geographical Enquiry Enhance teaching and learning Provide practical field experiences Equip students with transferable skills and knowledge

4 4 EXPECT TO ACHIEVE Geographical fieldwork opportunities Undergraduate ITE Humanities specialism – Local, Regional, National, Internationally Undergraduate ITE – Local, Regional Postgraduate Primary/Secondary ITE – Local, International Birmingham The Waseley Hills Sutton Nature Reserve Wren’s Nest Mid Wales South Wales Brussels The Gambia India Uganda

5 5 EXPECT TO ACHIEVE Embedding Fieldwork and valuing its importance Programme level Primary / Secondary & school based teacher trainees Summer School Level 4, 5, 6 & 7 assessment Networking – Locally, nationally and internationally School collaboration and enhanced partnerships Knowledge transfer – HEI/ Gov/Local communities

6 6 EXPECT TO ACHIEVE Measuring Impact Employability…Module evaluations…Enhanced school partnerships Internal collaboration… Geographical enquiry/problem solving Personal pedagogical enrichment…Curriculum enhancement …Research opportunities External endorsement

7 7 EXPECT TO ACHIEVE Case Study – The Gambia, West Africa History 10 years of experience 500 students 100 local authority and Newman staff Rational Self funded geography field experience Explore a contrasting locality Develop knowledge and understanding of Enquiry Based Learning Evolution Evolved from undergraduate ITE to include PGCE & School Direct Assist with International School Partnerships Explore the Global Dimension Facilitate a model of good practice – school partnerships

8 8 EXPECT TO ACHIEVE Aluminium recycling The Global Dimension Curriculum projects Enquiry based research The Global Dimension Professional development opportunities for undergraduates + post graduate students through the exploration of the 8 dimensions of the Global Dimension: Global Citizenship Interdependence Conflict resolution Diversity Sustainable Development Social Justice Human Rights Values and Perceptions

9 9 EXPECT TO ACHIEVE From student to teacher... Fieldwork encourages Geographical enquiry… Exploration…. Critical thinking skills… Communication… Challenge misconceptions… Deconstruct issues from a range of perspectives… Awareness of global issues…

10 10 EXPECT TO ACHIEVE Student voice… ‘It exceeded all expectations that I had. It was an incredible experience that has opened my eyes to the contrast in education and life’ ‘… my expectations were exceeded… the schedule was more intense than I anticipated but I felt it necessary to fit in everything’. ‘… to observe a skilled teachers being creative with limited resources’. ‘…it has definitely enhanced my teaching in many ways, such as confidence and understanding about life in a developing country’. ‘… difficult to say no!’. ‘… explore the best way to get the most out of school partnerships’.

11 11 EXPECT TO ACHIEVE External endorsement … Contact details Mark Chidler … excellent opportunities for international visits and learning through the field study visits to the Gambia...The Gambia visit in particular places the PGCE in Citizenship at Newman at the forefront of innovative and challenging practice in this field. Mr Alan Britton, External Examiner, Glasgow University

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