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Terug naar eerste pagina Global Citizenship iEarn Conference 2007 Cairo.

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1 Terug naar eerste pagina Global Citizenship iEarn Conference 2007 Cairo

2 Terug naar eerste pagina Global Citizenship n develop critical thinking about complex global isssues n explore, develop, express your values and opinions n listening to and respecting other people’s point of view n how to exercise your own rights and your responsibilities to others

3 Terug naar eerste pagina 21st Century Context We are linked to others on every continent: n socially through telecommunications n culturally through movements of people n economically through trade n environmentally through sharing one planet n politically through international systems of regulations

4 Terug naar eerste pagina A Global Citizen n has an understanding of how the world works n respects and values diversity n is outraged by social injustice n participates in the community n is willing to make the world a more equitable and sustainable place n takes responsibility for his or her actions

5 Terug naar eerste pagina Education of Global Citizenship is: n Asking questions and developing critical thinking skills n equipping young people with knowledge, skills and values to participate as active citizens n acknowledging the complexity of global issues n revealing the global as part of everyday life n understanding how we relate to the environment and to other human beings

6 Terug naar eerste pagina Knowledge n Social justice and equity n diversity n globalisation and interdependence n sustainable development n peace and conflict

7 Terug naar eerste pagina Skills n Critical thinking n ability to argue effectively n ability to challenge injustice and social inequalities n respect for people and things n co-operation and conflict resolution

8 Terug naar eerste pagina Values and Attitudes n sense of identity and self-esteem n empathy n commitment to social justice and equity n value and respect for diversity n concern for the environment and commitment to sustainable development n belief that people can make a difference

9 Terug naar eerste pagina Assigments n Write down words and phrases that come to mind when you hear the word Global Citizen n Find as many photos of global citizens and different cultures as you can and make a collage in groups of 4. Discuss the photos with the group. n Watch the news on tv: are there any conflicts in the world? Where and between whom?

10 Terug naar eerste pagina iEarn Started in 1988, iEARN is the world's largest non-profit global network that enables teachers and young people to use the Internet and other new technologies to collaborate on projects that both enhance learning and make a difference in the world.

11 Terug naar eerste pagina iEarn Projects in iEARN are designed by teachers and students, and provide examples of how technology can make a difference in teaching and learning. As part of iEARN's mission to improve the quality of life on the planet, all projects involve a final "product" of the learning that has taken place as part of the collaboration: magazines, creative writing anthologies, websites, arts exhibits, performances.

12 Terug naar eerste pagina iEarn BEST Project’s Final Products: n BEST Business Plans n BEST Logo’s and Slogans n BEST Commercials n BEST Products

13 Terug naar eerste pagina BEST project in iEarn Networks and Technologies used: - forum for pupils at iEarn - Website - moodle environment: urse/view.php?id=153

14 Terug naar eerste pagina BEST Project in Comenius MobilID Part of a modular line of assignments on Intercultural Dialogue. 2007-2008: introduction letters! part 1: ENO Tree Planting --> sustainable development part 2: 1 audio file and 1 video file on intercultural dialogue: communication / blind and deaf pupils part 3: BEST Project --> EU and Fair Trade 2008-2009: Plan-Do-Check-Act same circle again: make it better

15 Terug naar eerste pagina Discussions n Use of individual Country Webspaces in the moodle n Creating a shared modular line of assigments of European and Global Citizenship in 6 levels n Use of portfolio n Best Project in eTwinning

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