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With Mr. Smith english iv h Welcome to. About me Who is this guy?

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1 with Mr. Smith english iv h Welcome to

2 About me Who is this guy?

3 The basics Grew up in upstate New York (country, not city) Taught at PCHS in 2009-2010 First year at NBHS

4 The basics Went to college at UNC Chapel Hill Class of 2008: BA in English Class of 2009: MAT in English

5 The basics Taught at PCHS in 2009-2010 First year at NBHS

6 Likes Reading and writing Drama Snowboarding Guitar Hero Video editing Drums SCUBA diving

7 Favorites Movie: Back to the Future TV shows: Lost, The Wire, and Mad Men Bands: Coldplay, The Killers, Vampire Weekend Books: The Catcher in the Rye and Death of a Salesman Podcast: This American Life

8 About you Who are you people?

9 Tell us… Your name Where you live Plus one of the following: Your favorite TV show, band, or food; OR One unique or interesting item about you

10 Who are you? Who Are You? survey Contact sheet Goal writing

11 What are your goals for this semester? Why do you have these goals? How will you accomplish them?

12 Classroom philosophy Who are we?

13 Classroom philosophy We are all scholars. We are all different. We all make mistakes.

14 We are all scholars. Each member of the classroom community is capable of making insightful, original, illuminating contributions in class. We all have valuable things both to teach and to learn, and we arrive in our classroom community mentally and physically prepared to do so. We engage in this scholarly learning process through open, respectful discussion.

15 We are all different. Each member of the classroom community has unique perspectives, experiences, and areas of expertise with which they can enrich our discussions. We respect this diversity for the wealth of knowledge it can bring to our learning.

16 We all make mistakes. No one member of the classroom community teacher or studentis perfect. We recognize not only that we all will make mistakes, but that we must do so in order to learn. We value mistakes for the progress they allow us to make in learning, and establish our community as a safe place in which to make this kind of progress.

17 About the class What will we do?

18 Topics and readings British literature Anglo-Saxons to present Poetry, novels, plays, nonfiction Writing Grammar Vocabulary

19 Honors-level work Honors-level coursework is expected to be more intense and challenging Be ready, willing, and excited to meet these challenges – theyll be unique and interesting, and theyll make you a better, more critical student Bottom line: its work, but its worth it

20 Graduation Project Counts as final exam Product = 50% Presentation = 25% Portfolio = 25% Due dates on calendar count as quiz grades

21 Grading Total points system Each assignment has a point value Point values based on difficulty and/or length of assignment Final grade = Points earned / Total points possible E.g.: 1500 points earned / 2000 possible points = 75

22 Engrade Grades posted on Engrade – Each student can check grades and download missed work online Parents/guardians are also able to view grades online Check frequently to avoid falling behind

23 How to succeed School = your job Come with the right attitude Do quality work on time If you do your job (i.e. coursework), you get paid (i.e. earn good grades) Do the best you can each day

24 Class procedures How do we do things?

25 Warm-up (journal, sentence corrections, etc.) will be listed on the board as you enter class Check the assignment, then immediately get to work When the bell rings, you should already be working Get your brain in gear! Warm-ups

26 Major component of the course Your own opinions/reflections Should be written in a thoughtful, thorough, complete manner At least 5 sentences Graded weekly using stamp sheet Get writing! Journals

27 Stamp sheets are issued for each nine- week period Journals are checked each day and stamps are given Complete (i.e. five-sentence) journal responses receive a stamp on the sheet Half-credit may be earned Stamp sheets are collected every Friday and journal grades are entered Easy points! Stamp sheet

28 Each student puts his/her name on a card Cards are used to pick students for groups, to share journals or writing in class, to answer questions, etc. Feeling lucky? The Cards

29 Name Date Course name and period Assignment name Points deducted for missing/incorrect heading Use it always. Assignment heading

30 Borrow one from the cup Return at the end of the period When theyre gone, theyre gone Bring your own. Pencils

31 Papers are kept in student files Students notified when assignments are handed back Leave completed work here in class Stay organized. Returning papers

32 Designate captains for papers and materials Paper captains pass out/return any papers (e.g. homework, handouts, etc.) Material captains pass out/collect crafty materials (e.g. markers, paper, glue sticks, scissors, etc.) Captains will change as seating chart changes Papers and materials. Captains

33 Everyone has a neighbor Neighbors are default partners, especially for journal sharing Neighbors will change with the seating chart Its like the buddy system. Neighbors

34 5 bathroom visits per semester. Period. Non-transferrable No refunds Water fountain trips count as bathroom visits No bathroom visits during first or last 15 minutes of class Signal Mr. Smith; when acknowledged, sign out and take yellow pass Use wisely. Bathroom trips

35 If you are not seated and working when the bell rings, you are late Enter quietly and take your seat When appropriate, ask a classmate or Mr. Smith where we are/what were doing First: verbal warning Second through fourth: make up time after school on Friday (5 minutes late = 5 minutes after); parent contact Fifth and subsequent: office referral Be on time. Late arrivals

36 Check with Mr. Smith as soon as you return to class Get missed assignments from daily folders, file cabinet, and/or Engrade Grace period for legitimate absences = length of the absence (e.g. out 2 days, work must be in within 2 days of return) NBHS policy: more than 10 absences = no credit for the course Dont miss out. Absences

37 5 points off per day up to one week After one week: half credit Late work accepted until end of marking period Dont do it. Late work

38 Fix any and all incorrect responses Staple to the original quiz/test and resubmit – corrections without original quiz/test will not receive credit Earn back half of the points you lost Must be done within two weeks of original quiz/test date EASY points! Quiz/test corrections

39 Be seated and quiet by 2:20 If you are exempt from seminar: Have your progress report and seminar pass on your desk Wait quietly If you are not exempt from seminar: Have English work on your desk Work quietly No talking unless approved by Mr. Smith …is not free time. Seminar

40 Class rules How should you act?

41 Class rules No inappropriate language (profanity, hate speech, etc). No cell phones or other electronics. No edibles of any kind (food, drinks, gum, mints, etc). No makeup and/or cosmetics (lotion, etc). One speaker at a time. Follow the Golden Rule. Be responsible. Be respectful.

42 NBHS policy: No cell phones or MP3 players (iPods) allowed during the school day – not to be seen or heard (or suspected) First offense: 10 day confiscation Subsequent offenses: 30 day confiscation Refusal to give up a phone: First offense: 2-4 days OSS Subsequent offenses: 10 days OSS Shut em off and put em away. Cell phones/iPods

43 Makeup or cosmetics of any kind are not to be applied in class at any time Chapstick (not lip gloss) is acceptable First offense – warning Second offense – makeup confiscated until end of school day Third and subsequent offenses – makeup confiscated; returned after discussion with parents This is not a beauty salon. Makeup

44 NO FOOD of any kind. Applies to any edibles: gum, mints, candy, etc. Applies to fundraiser items Clear water is acceptable NO FOOD. Food

45 NBHS policy states: No sagging pants/short shorts No headgear (hats, scarves, do-rags, etc.) No piercings No leggings (even under other garments) No gang/drug/alcohol-related items Violators will be sent to Chill Out to write the dress code Zero-tolerance enforcement: no warnings, no passes, no second chances Cover up! Dress code

46 Cheating is academic dishonesty – e.g. copying another persons work (knowingly or otherwise) on any assignment or aiding others in doing so Plagiarism is claiming another persons words, ideas, or style as your own without credit First offense: assignment returned without grade to be resubmitted parents and administration notified Subsequent offenses: immediate zero on assignment with no chance of makeup parents and administration notified When in doubt, give credit where its due Dont do it. Ever. Cheating & Plagiarism

47 Consequences 3 strike policy before consequences begin 1 st offense – leave room temporarily and/or go to Chill Out; parents contacted 2 nd offense – disciplinary referral; parents contacted Automatic referral: Profanity Threats/violence Blatant disrespect Insubordination

48 Expectations What do I want?

49 I expect you to… …pay attention. …be quiet while others are talking. …listen to your classmates and the teacher. …treat your classmates as you want to be treated. …leave problems with others at the door. …be respectful.

50 I expect you to… …come to class prepared and on time. …keep track of your assignments. …complete assignments on time. …act honorably as a member of this class. …put in 100% effort at all times. …never give up. …ask questions. …be responsible.

51 I expect you to… …be creative. …be insightful. …be challenged. …make me laugh. …make me proud. …learn. …teach. …succeed.

52 Any questions?

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