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Wordlist 4 Forensic Science مرکز مطالعات و توسعه آموزش علوم پزشکی.

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1 Wordlist 4 Forensic Science مرکز مطالعات و توسعه آموزش علوم پزشکی

2 1.Authority (n.) Definition: persons having the legal power to make and enf orce the law; government Synonym: the system, officialdom, officials, government Example: They finally persuaded the authorities that they were not involved in es pionage. Word Family: an·ti·au·thor·i·ty, adjective

3 2. Commit (v.) Definition: to do; perform; perpetrate Synonym: do, act, achieve, Example: to commit murder; to commit an error. Word Family: com·mit·ta·ble, adjective com·mit·ter, noun non·com·mit·ted, adjective pre·com·mit, verb (used with object), pre·com·mit·ted, pre·com· mit·ting. self-com·mit·ting, adjective

4 3. Conclusive (adj.) Definition: serving to settle or decide a question; decisive; convincing Synonym: definite, final, deciding, decisive Example: conclusive evidence. Word Family: con·clu·sive·ly, adverb con·clu·sive·ness, noun non·con·clu·sive, adjective non·con·clu·sive·ly, adverb non·con·clu·sive·ness, noun

5 4.Contrary (adj.) Definition: opposite in nature or character; diametrically or mutually opposed Synonym: antagonistic; opposite, adverse, Example: contrary to fact; contrary propositions. Word Family: con·trar·i·ly, adverb con·trar·i·ness, noun qua·si-con·trar·i·ly, adverb qua·si-con·trar·y, adjective

6 5. Evidence (n.) Definition: that which tends to prove or disprove something; ground fo r belief; proof Synonym: proof, manifestation, mark, sign Example: His flushed look was visible evidence of his fever. Word Family: coun·ter·ev·i·dence, noun pre·ev·i·dence, noun re·ev·i·dence, verb (used with object), re·ev·i·denced, re·ev·i·d enc·ing. su·per·ev·i·dence, noun un·ev·i·denced, adjective

7 6. Imprint (n.) Definition: a mark made by pressure; a mark or figure impressed or printed on something Synonym: print, impress, mark, emboss Example: Patterns can be imprinted in the clay. Word Family: re·im·print, verb (used with object) un·im·print·ed, adjective

8 7. Inspect (v.) Definition: to view or examine formally or officially Synonym: examine, check, notice, observe, oversee, Example: The general inspected the troops. Word Family: in·spect·a·ble, adjective in·spect·a·bil·i·ty, noun in·spect·ing·ly, adverb pre·in·spect, verb (used with object) qua·si-in·spect·ed, adjective

9 8. Investigator (n.) Definition: a person who examines a situation such as an accident. Synonym: inspector, examiner, analyzer, detective Example: air safety investigator, a private investigator Word Family: pre·in·ves·ti·gate, verb, pre·in·ves·ti·gat·ed, pre·in·ves·ti·gat· ing. pre·in·ves·ti·ga·tor, noun qua·si-in·ves·ti·gat·ed, adjective

10 9. Motive (n.) Definition: something that causes a person to act in a certain way, do a certai n thing, etc. Synonym: incentive, motivation, purpose, Example: there seem to be no motive for the murder. Word Family: mo·tive·less, adjective mo·tive·less·ly, adverb mo·tive·less·ness, noun well-mo·tived, adjective

11 10. Rely on (v.) Definition: to depend confidently; put trust in Synonym: depend on, believe in Example: You can rely on her work. Word Family: mis·re·ly, verb (used without object), mis·re·lied, mis·re·ly·ing.

12 11. Subsequently (adv.) Definition: occurring or coming later or after Synonym: afterward, consequently, finally Example: The original interview notes were subsequently lost.

13 12. Substance (n.) Definition: physical matter or material Synonym: entity, element, material, matter, object Example: He found a new chemical substance. Word Family: sub·stance·less, adjective

14 13. Suspect (n.) Definition: a person who is suspected, especially one suspected of a crime, off ense, or the like Synonym: accused, defendent Example: He is the prime suspect in this case. Word Family: sus·pect·i·ble, adjective non·sus·pect, noun, adjective pre·sus·pect, verb (used with object) un·sus·pect·ing, adjective un·sus·pect·ing·ly, adverb

15 14. Strand (n.) Definition: one of a number of fibers, threads, or yarns that are plaited or twisted together to form a rope,cord, or the like. Synonym: fine thread, fiber, filament Example: a few strands of dark hair Word Family: strand·less, adjective

16 15. Take place (v.) Definition: happen Synonym: happen, occure Example: the detective was searching for the place where the crime ha taken place.

17 16. Victim (n.) Definition: a person who suffers from a destructive or injurious ac tion or agency Synonym: butt, casualty Example: a victim of an automobile accident. Word Family: vic·tim·hood, noun vic·tim·less, adjective non·vic·tim, noun

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