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Wordlist 25 Looking for Bad Guys at the Big Game

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1 Wordlist 25 Looking for Bad Guys at the Big Game

2 1. Adjacent (adj.) Definition: very near, next to, or touching Synonym: neighboring, next to Example: They lived in a house adjacent to the railway. Word Family: ad·ja·cent·ly, adverb non·ad·ja·cent, adjective non·ad·ja·cent·ly, adverb sub·ad·ja·cent, adjective sub·ad·ja·cent·ly, adverb

3 2. Advocate (n.) Definition: a person who speaks or writes in support or defence of a person, cause, etc. Synonym: supporter Example: an advocate of peace Word Family: ad·vo·ca·tive, adjective ad·vo·ca·tor, noun non·ad·vo·cate, noun pre·ad·vo·cate, noun pre·ad·vo·cate, verb (used with object), pre·ad·vo·cat·ed, pre·ad·vo·cat·ing.

4 3. Analyse (v.) Definition: to study or examine something in detail, in order to discover more about it Synonym: examine, inspect Example: Researchers analysed the purchases of 6,300 households. Word Family:

5 4. Anticipate (v.) Definition: to imagine or expect that something will happen Synonym: expect, predict Example: We had one or two difficulties along the way that we didn't anticipate. Word Family: an·tic·i·pat·a·ble, adjective an·tic·i·pa·tor, noun pre·an·tic·i·pate, verb (used with object), pre·an·tic·i·pat·ed, pre·an·tic·i·pat·ing. un·an·tic·i·pat·ed, adjective un·an·tic·i·pat·ing, adjective

6 5. Biometric (adj.) Definition: referring to detailed information about someone's body, such as the patterns of colour in their eyes, that can be used to prove who they are Synonym: Example: biometric data Word Family:

7 6. Capture (v.) Definition: to represent or record in lasting form Synonym: seize Example: The movie succeeded in capturing the atmosphere of Berlin in the 1930s. Word Family: cap·tur·a·ble, adjective cap·tur·er, noun pre·cap·ture, adjective, verb (used with object), pre·cap·tured, pre·cap·tur·ing. un·cap·tur·a·ble, adjective un·cap·tured, adjective

8 7. Consequent (adj.) Definition: happening as a result of something Synonym: resulting, following Example: Our use of harmful chemicals and the consequent damage to the environment is a very serious matter. Word Family: non·con·se·quent, adjective

9 8. Controversy (n.) Definition: a lot of disagreement or argument about something, usually because it affects or is important to many people Synonym: disagreement, dispute, argument Example: There was a big controversy surrounding/over the use of drugs in athletics. Word Family:

10 9. Equip (v.) Definition: to provide a person or a place with objects that are necessary for a particular purpose Synonym: provide, supply Example: All the police officers were equipped with shields to defend themselves against the rioters. Word Family: e·quip·per, noun o·ver·e·quipped, adjective pre·e·quip, verb (used with object), pre·e·quipped, pre·e·quip·ping. re·e·quip, verb (used with object), re·e·quipped, re·e·quip·ping. un·e·quipped, adjective

11 10. Federal (adj.) Definition: relating to the central government, and not to the government of a region, of some countries such as the US Synonym: Example: a federal agency/ employee Word Family: fed·er·al·ly, adverb fed·er·al·ness, noun non·fed·er·al, adjective qua·si-fed·er·al, adjective qua·si-fed·er·al·ly, adverb

12 11. Illegal (adj.) Definition: not allowed by law Synonym: unlawful, illegitimate Example: It is illegal to drive a car that is not taxed and insured. Word Family: il·le·gal·ly, adverb

13 12. Involve (v.) Definition: to include someone or something in something, or to make them take part in or feel part of it Synonym: include, bring in Example: It would be difficult not to involve the child's father in the arrangements. Word Family: in·volve·ment, noun in·volv·er, noun in·ter·in·volve, verb (used with object), in·ter·in·volved, in·ter·in·volv·ing. non·in·volve·ment, noun o·ver·in·volve, verb (used with object), o·ver·in·volved, o·ver·in·volv·ing.

14 13. Justify (v.) Definition: to give or to be a good reason for Synonym: account for, legitimize Example: I can't really justify taking another day off work. Word Family: jus·ti·fi·er, noun jus·ti·fy·ing·ly, adverb half-jus·ti·fied, adjective pre·jus·ti·fy, verb (used with object), pre·jus·ti·fied, pre·jus·ti·fy·ing. re·jus·ti·fy, verb (used with object), re·jus·ti·fied, re·jus·ti·fy·ing.

15 14. Modify (v.) Definition: to change something such as a plan, opinion, law, or way of behaviour slightly, usually to improve it or make it more acceptable Synonym: alter, adjust Example: The proposals were unpopular and were only accepted in a modified form. Word Family: mod·i·fi·a·ble, adjective mod·i·fi·a·bil·i·ty, mod·i·fi·a·ble·ness, noun non·mod·i·fy·ing, adjective o·ver·mod·i·fy, verb, o·ver·mod·i·fied, o·ver·mod·i·fy·ing. pre·mod·i·fy, verb (used with object), pre·mod·i·fied, pre·mod·i·fy·ing.

16 15. Monitor (v.) Definition: to observe, record, or detect Synonym: observe, watch Example: Each students progress is closely monitored. Word Family: mon·i·tor·ship, noun self-mon·i·tor·ing, adjective un·mon·i·tored, adjective

17 16. Opponent (n.) Definition: a person who disagrees with something and speaks against it or tries to change it Synonym: opposer, rival Example: Leading opponents of the proposed cuts in defence spending will meet later today. Word Family:

18 17. Surveillance (n.) Definition: the careful watching of a person or place, especially by the police or army, because of a crime that has happened or is expected Synonym: observation, inspection Example: More banks are now installing surveillance cameras. Word Family: coun·ter·sur·veil·lance, noun

19 18. Undertake (v.) Definition: to do or begin to do something, especially something that will take a long time or be difficult Synonym: take part in, involve Example: Students are required to undertake simple experiments. Word Family: pre·un·der·take, verb (used with object), pre·un·der·took, pre·un·der·tak·en, pre·un·der·tak·ing.

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