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Review Units 2 and 3 Physical Evidence. What does the 1 st officer at the scene need to do after obtaining medical assistance? Secure the Scene Physical.

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1 Review Units 2 and 3 Physical Evidence

2 What does the 1 st officer at the scene need to do after obtaining medical assistance? Secure the Scene Physical Evidence Review

3 What is the definition of a crime scene? The location where a crime has / might have occurred Physical Evidence Review

4 What are the methods of recording a crime scene? Note taking Photographs / Video Sketches Physical Evidence Review

5 What must be included in a rough sketch Date, location, and time of incident Location of all recovered evidence Location of walls, doors, and windows Indication of compass direction Physical Evidence Review

6 What can CAD computer programs be used for? Producing a finished sketch Physical Evidence Review

7 What must be included in the notes taken at the crime scene? The individual who packaged and marked items of evidence Location of physical evidence recovered Disposition of items after collection Date of the investigation Physical Evidence Review

8 What are the crime scene search patterns? Grid, Line, Spiral, Zone Physical Evidence Review

9 What is the chain of custody? The list of every person who has processed evidence Physical Evidence Review

10 Who is responsible for the chain of custody? Crime scene processor Evidence clerk All forensic technicians Physical Evidence Review

11 What results if the chain of custody is not maintained? Evidence will be inadmissible in court Physical Evidence Review

12 What is the main purpose of a crime lab? To identify and compare evidence Physical Evidence Review

13 What is the definition of physical evidence? Evidence that can be collected Evidence that can establish a crime has been committed Evidence that links a crime to a victim and perpetrator Physical Evidence Review

14 How many layers of latex gloves should be worn when collecting bodily fluids? Two Physical Evidence Review

15 What type of containers are used when packaging evidence? Paper bags Unbreakable containers Forceps Manila envelopes Physical Evidence Review

16 What type of evidence is usually found at an arson case? Petroleum Products Physical Evidence Review

17 What type of evidence is usually found at a car accident? Paint(glass) Physical Evidence Review

18 What type of packaging is used for arson cases? Air tight containers Physical Evidence Review

19 What is a buccal swab? Swab of the inside of a cheek to sample DNA Physical Evidence Review

20 What is the purpose of a standard reference sample (control)? To compare with evidence at the crime scene Physical Evidence Review

21 What is a control substrate area? The uncontaminated surface material close to where physical evidence is deposited Physical Evidence Review

22 What is the purpose of collecting standard reference samples? It allows comparison with the evidence Physical Evidence Review

23 What does crime scene reconstruction attempt to do? Piece together stories by witnesses and suspects Includes input from the medical examiner and the results from the laboratory Physical Evidence Review

24 What is needed to get a search warrant from a judge? The name, location, and things to be seized and probable cause Physical Evidence Review

25 What are the exceptions to the need for a search warrant? Emergency Evidence may be lost Permission given Imminent arrest Physical Evidence Review

26 What privilege of the Constitution includes search warrants? Fourth Amendment Physical Evidence Review

27 What were the two cases that tested the fourth amendment regarding search warrants? Mincey v Arizona – homicide Michigan v Tyler - arson Physical Evidence Review

28 What is the most common type of evidence found at a crime scene? Class Evidence Physical Evidence Review

29 What is the most important aspect of photographs at a crime scene? The evidence has been unaltered. Physical Evidence Review

30 Who is the final evaluator of physical evidence? Jury Physical Evidence Review

31 What is individual evidence? List TWO examples Evidence that can be pinpointed to a specific source Ex: Fingerprints, DNA, bullet markings Physical Evidence Review

32 This type of physical evidence can be either natural or synthetic Fibers Physical Evidence Review

33 These are prints that are accidental or chance prints that are NOT visible to the eye Latent Physical Evidence Review

34 Gas, grease, and oil are often used in _____________ cases. Physical Evidence Review

35 What is class evidence? List TWO examples. Evidence that can only be associated with a group and not a single Ex: Fibers, Hairs, Blood Type Physical Evidence Review

36 What can be found embedded in shoes, as well as prove whether a body has been moved, and link a person to a certain location? Soil and Minerals Physical Evidence Review

37 Indentations left behind by a particular object such as tool marks, bite marks, and shoe prints is called… Impressions Physical Evidence Review

38 Powder from a firearm that can be found on the shooter’s hand. Gunshot Residues Physical Evidence Review

39 A shoe print made by a brand new pair of sneakers is an example of … Class evidence Physical Evidence Review

40 Crime scene reconstruction requires the efforts of these THREE people Police Medical Examiners Criminalist Physical Evidence Review

41 Street drugs are the only illegal drugs that a person can have True/False False – Prescription Drugs that don’t have your name on them are illegal Physical Evidence Review

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