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Your next project… …making and giving a Power Point Presentation.

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1 Your next project… …making and giving a Power Point Presentation

2 Combining learning outcomes… Reading and understanding a classic and public speaking

3 Power Point presentations are: Powerful Popular Pleasing as a visual aide

4 Remember… Speak to the audience, don’t read to them

5 Remember… Don’t overcrowd your slides with information. Your audience can’t deal with information overload.

6 Engage the audience… Speak forcefully and with intonation. Show an interest in your topic.

7 But don’t get carried away… Don’t overuse the visual effects. You want an enlightened audience, not a confused one.

8 You may work alone or with a partner… If with a partner, share the work equally in the creation and in the presentation.

9 Practice makes perfect… Allow yourselves enough time to practice. Don’t arrive with an unrehearsed presentaion.

10 Requirements… At least 20 slides. No more than 30 slides. At least fifteen minutes. No longer than twenty five minutes. References must be cited at the end.

11 Presentation requirements: Appropriate length, dynamic presentation, eye contact, ease and fluidity of presentation, articulation, volume, fluency, level of comfort, knowledge, not reading from screen, body language

12 Visual Supports Appropriate number of slides, appropriate images that add to presentation, clarity of images and clear rapport to oral presentation, images do not distract, appropriate amount of text per screen (not too much), good use of technology

13 Required elements Title and author Biography (one or two slides) Setting Description of characters (main characters; list minor characters) Brief synopisis of plot (don’t give away everything) Themes, motifs, subjects in novel

14 Required elements (continued) 3 or 4 significant quotes from book with explanation and discussion; include page numbers Images Reviews, awards, commentary from outside sources (include references in APA) Personal reviews, opinions and recommendations backed up with detail from the book

15 Hand in a hard copy Print a hard copy (3 slides per page) and hand it in on the assigned date. This is not necessarily the date of your presentation.

16 Topics… Between 1920 and 1929, automobile registrations rose from eight million to twenty-three million.

17 Marcus Garvey and his ‘back to Africa’ movement to resettle African Americains in Africa during the 1920’s.

18 Women’s fashions in the twenties

19 Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti, Italians convicted in the 1920 murder of a Massachusetts paymaster and his guard.

20 Immigrants to United States after WWI (Emergency Quota Act of 1921 and Immigratin Act of 1924)

21 Illegal activity: world series fixing, bootlegging, police complicity in crime, Teapot Dome scandal

22 Stock market crash of 1929

23 The Eighteenth Amendment: The Prohibition Act

24 Charles A. Lindbergh

25 The Nineteenth Amendment: Women’s Suffrage movement

26 The Harlem Renaissance

27 Major literary figures: F. Scott Fitzgerald, James Weldon Johnson, Ernest Hemingnway, Sherwood Anderson, Robert Frost, Eugene O’Neill, Langston Hughes, Zora Neal Hurston, Claude McKay, Carl Sandburg

28 The Golden Age of Sports

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