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Chapter 13: Roaring Life of the 1920s – Part I

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1 Chapter 13: Roaring Life of the 1920s – Part I

2 Rural and Urban Differences
In 1920, more Americans lived in large towns and cities than small towns and farms Urbanization increased Urban values began to dominate Many people found it hard to adjust to city life

3 Prohibition Prohibition is the ban on alcoholic beverages
18th Amendment Took effect in 1920 Most support came from religious, rural Protestants Speakeasies opened up Hidden saloons and nightclubs serving alcohol illegally People also bought liquor from bootleggers Smugglers who brought it in from Canada and the Caribbean


5 Prohibition

6 Prohibition Video Clip

7 Chapter 13: Roaring Life of the 1920s – Part II

8 Science vs. Religion During the 1920s, the nation saw the rise of Christian Fundamentalism Said everything in Bible was literally true Fundamentalists rejected science Also rejected Darwin’s theory of evolution

9 Scopes Trial – 3 mins

10 The 20’s Woman Many women demanded same freedom as men
New urban culture also influenced women The flapper was a “free” young woman Held new social attitudes Wore make-up, short skirts, short hair, more jewelry Jobs were mostly in teaching, nursing, social work, secretaries

11 Education & Popular Culture
Charles Lindbergh First person to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean Georgia O’Keeffe Famous painter Sinclair Lewis F. Scott Fitzgerald Ernest Hemingway Authors

12 Chapter 13: Roaring Life of the 1920s – Part III

13 Early African American Civil Rights
Between 1910 – 1920, many African Americans moved from the South to the North Called the Great Migration Racial tensions increased in Northern cities Races riots occurred

14 Great Migration


16 NAACP and Marcus Garvey
NAACP worked to end violence against African Americans Anti-lynching laws passed Marcus Garvey voiced a message of black pride Thought African Americans should build a separate society Began a “return to Africa” movement

17 The Harlem Renaissance
Harlem Renaissance was a literary and artistic movement, celebrating African- American culture Began in Harlem, NY Took pride in black culture Wrote about problems of being black in white culture

18 Harlem Renaissance I

19 Important Harlem Renaissance Figures
Langston Hughes Writer and poet Zora Neale Hurston Female writer Louis Armstrong Jazz trumpet player “Duke” Ellington Jazz piano player

20 Harlem Renaissance II


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