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The Culture of the Roaring Twenties. Spectator Sports.

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1 The Culture of the Roaring Twenties

2 Spectator Sports

3 The Negro League

4 Babe Ruth

5 Lou Gehrig

6 Red Grange

7 Jack Dempsey


9 Jesse Owens

10 Babe Didrikson Zaharias

11 Jim Thorpe

12 Motion Pictures

13 Rudolph Valentino

14 Clara Bow

15 Mary Pickford

16 Douglas Fairbanks

17 Charlie Chaplin


19 Al Jolson

20 The Flapper

21 Sinclair Lewis

22 F. Scott Fitzgerald

23 Ernest Hemingway

24 William Faulkner

25 John Steinbeck

26 Harlem Renaissance

27 Claude McKay Poet and novelist who wrote about the injustices of black life in America

28 Zora Neale Hurston Folklore; wrote novels, and short stories celebrating the courage and struggles of African American life in the rural South

29 Alain Locke Published The New Negro, an anthology of black writing that forced critics to take black literature seriously

30 Countee Cullen Poet; earned Master’s degree from Harvard; sometimes criticized for being too conventional

31 Paul Laurence Dunbar Poet, novelist and short stories; was one of the first Black poets to gain national prominence; used African American themes and dialect

32 Langston Hughes

33 Bessie Smith

34 Louis Armstrong

35 Duke Ellington

36 Cab Calloway

37 Mary McLeod Buthune

38 Marcus Garvey

39 A. Philip Randolph

40 Henry Ford and the Model T

41 Chicago in early 1920s

42 Charles Lindbergh

43 Amelia Earhart

44 Sacco and Vanzetti

45 Scopes Monkey Trial

46 Al Capone

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