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EOC Day 6 SS.912.A.5.3 Examine the impact of United States foreign economic policy during the 1920s.

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1 EOC Day 6 SS.912.A.5.3 Examine the impact of United States foreign economic policy during the 1920s.

2 SS.912.A.5.5 Describe efforts by the United States and other world powers to avoid future wars.
Disarmament- Decreased weapons held by the United States and Europe Kellogg-Briand Pact- Signed by the United States and most of the world as a pact to not use war to solve disputes

3 Neutrality Acts 1935-created embargo on trading arms and war materials with all parties in a war 1936- forbade all loans or credit to belligerent nations 1937- American ships could not transport any passengers or articles of war to belligerent nations Cash and Carry- Countries at war could purchase goods from us if they arranged transport 1939- Decided that passive aid could be given to an aggressor. Repealed 1935 and 1937

4 SS.912.A.5.1 Discuss the economic outcomes of demobilization.

5 Economy After WWI Demobilization- transferring from a wartime economy to a civilian economy. Economic Effects- short recession in the United States followed by a boom Fordney-Mccumber Tarriff- raised the taxes on imports to protect American industry

6 Germany Germany went into a deep recession caused by the Versailles treaty and the reparations United States loaned money to Germany to help kickstart their economy Dawes Plan- the United States Loaned money to Germany to help them pay their debts

7 Dawes Plan

8 In the 1920s, which United States action furthered the goal of international peace?
A. signing a pact to outlaw armed conflict B. advocating a policy to promote isolationism C. holding a conference to renounce imperialism D. joining a league to secure military cooperation


10 SS.912.A.5.4 Evaluate how the economic boom during the Roaring Twenties changed consumers, businesses, manufacturing, and marketing practices.

11 Roaring 20s Between 1922-1928 industrial productivity rose 70%
Wages at an all time high New Industries: light metals, movies, radio, auto industry Corporate revolution-chain stores Airplane- passenger airlines increased

12 Social life Rise of the KKK- resurgance caused by the movie “Birth of a Nation” Rosewood Fl Massacre carried out by KKK KKK now anti-foreign, anti-Catholic, anti-black, anti-Jewish, anti-adultery, and anti-birth control 1921 immigration act put a quota on immigrants Asians banned completely Fundamentalism- extreme Christians Scopes trial- Darwin vs creationism

13 Social Life Prohibition-18th amendment ratified in 1919
Led to a rise in organized crime Later repealed in 1933 Jazz age- influence by slave spirituals Harlem Renaissance Marcus Garvey-Back to Africa Movement Poets: Langston Hughes and Claude McKay Writers: Zora Nearle Hurston

14 Social life The Lost Generation- A group of white literary writers who’s works conveyed resentment of ideals betrayed by society F.Scott Fitzgerald-Great Gatsby Ernest Hemingway-Farewell to Arms Fashion- Flappers A lot of makup, flimsy skirts, black rubber boots, smoked cigarettes out of long cigarette holders

15 One of the most promising of the young Negro poets said to me once, “I want to be a poet—not a Negro poet”. . . And I was sorry the young man said that, for no great poet has ever been afraid of being himself. And I doubted then that, with his desire to run away spiritually from his race, this boy would ever be a great poet.

16 Based on the excerpt, what advice would Langston Hughes have given to young African Americans during the Harlem Renaissance? A. He would have challenged them to further their literary training. B. He would have encouraged them to celebrate their racial identity. C. He would have suggested that they shape a tradition of passive resistance. D. He would have recommended that they promote a tradition of racial tolerance.


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