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World War II Begins Chapter 24 Section 2.

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1 World War II Begins Chapter 24 Section 2

2 “Peace in Our Time” By 1940, Hitler had rebuilt the German army and was bent on conquest European leaders didn’t try and stop Hitler Gave into his demands What were the 3 reasons European leaders believed Hitler could be satisfied and war could be avoided? (pg st column 2nd paragraph)



5 Austrian Anschluss In late 1937, Hitler called for the unification of all German speaking people 1st two targets: Austria and Czechoslovakia What was his reasoning for taking these lands? In Feb. 1938, Hitler threatened to invade Austria if Austrian Nazis were given gov’t posts Austrian Chancellor gave into demands Weeks later he tried to put unification with Germany to a democratic vote In response Hitler sent troops into Austria in March= Anschluss- >unification of Austria and Germany

6 Austrian Anschluss

7 Austrian Anschluss

8 Munich Crisis and Appeasement
Shortly after annexing Austria, Hitler stated he wanted the Sudetenland, area of Czechoslovakia with large German-speaking pop. Why was it going to be more difficult for Hitler to take the Sudetenland? (pg nd column 1st paragraph) Czechs opposed Germany’s demands France threaten war and U.S.S.R. promised assistance

9 Munich Conference

10 Munich Conference

11 Neville Chamberlain

12 Munich Crisis and Appeasement
To prevent war reps. from Britain, France, Italy, and Germany met at the Munich Conference Sept. 29, 1938, Britain and France agreed to give into Hitler's demands->appeasement Gave Germany the Sudetenland and if Czechs didn’t want to they would have to fight Germany on their own In March of 1939, Hitler captured the rest of Czechoslovakia Appeasement failed


14 Danzig and the Polish Corridor
After Munich Conference->Hitler focused on Poland In Oct. of 1938, demanded Danzig->Baltic Sea port Also wanted a railroad across the Polish Corridor >connect Germany w/ East Prussia France and Britain stated that if Germany invaded Poland they would declare war May 1939-> Hitler ordered German army to prepare for a Polish invasion Also ordered his foreign minister to begin negotiations with U.S.S.R.

15 Nazi-Soviet Nonaggression Pact
Signed on August 23, 1939, stated Germany and USSR wouldn’t go to war against each other USSR wanted to divide capitalist nations in war Shocked the world b/c Nazism and Communism opposed each other Agreed to split Poland b/w themselves

16 Nonaggression Pact

17 War Begins On Sept. 1, 1939, Germany invaded Poland from the west, Soviets from the east Sept. 3 Britain and France declared war on Germany, WWII had begun German Blitzkrieg led to quick conquest of Poland in 26 days


19 Invasion of Poland

20 Fall of France Germans referred to situation w/ France as the Sitzkrieg-> sitting war Britain and France were defensive waiting for German attack Built up concrete bunkers along the Maginot Line-> bordered Germany Allowed for Hitler to take Poland, Norway, and Denmark Secured northern flank In order to avoid the Maginot Line, Hitler would have to attack through the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg


22 Fall of France Britain and France predicted German attack through Belgium->big mistake Germans sent their tanks and forces through the Ardennes Mountains of Luxembourg->French didn’t think this could be done Germans smashed through French lines and proceeded to trap British and French forces in Belgium


24 Miracle at Dunkirk Germans pushed France and Britain toward English Channel Captured all ports but Dunkirk-> British and French Troops headed there for evacuation Used 850 ships to evacuate estimated 338,000 troops Was called the “Miracle at Dunkirk” Three weeks later, on June 22, 1940, France surrendered Hitler created puppet gov’t-> Vichy gov’t under Charles Petain


26 Miracle at Dunkirk

27 Miracle at Dunkirk

28 Britain Remains Defiant
Hitler anticipated British surrender after France fell Winston Churchill had other plans Read Churchill’s speech to Parliament, June 4, 1940

29 British Remain Defiant
Germany had to cross the English Channel to invade Britain Hitler new in order to invade Britain they had to defeat the RAF (British Royal Air Force) Battle of Britain (began in June of 1940) RAF vs. Luftwaffe Luftwaffe started w/ bombing British shipping In mid-August, Luftwaffe focused on destroying RAF, by bombing strategic targets

30 Battle of Britain

31 Battle of Britain

32 Battle of Britain

33 British Remain Defiant
On Aug. 23, German bombers bombed London Britain responded with the bombing of Berlin the following night Enraged Hitler and he changed his focus-> wanted to terrorize British citizens into surrender->continued bombing London British were outnumbered but had one major advantage- >radar Showed the locations of German planes Day after day, British inflicted more losses on the Germans Led to Hitler calling off the invasion on Oct. 12, 1940

34 Battle of Britain

35 Battle of Britain

36 Battle of Britain

37 British Radar

38 British Radar

39 British Radar

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