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CHAPTER 20 A WORLD IN FLAMES (1931 - 1941). 20.1 – AMERICA AND THE WAR See 20.1 packet.

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1 CHAPTER 20 A WORLD IN FLAMES (1931 - 1941)

2 20.1 – AMERICA AND THE WAR See 20.1 packet

3 20.2 – WORLD WAR II BEGINS In 1935 Hitler began to violate the Treaty of Versailles: a.Germany began building a new air force b.Began a draft to increase the size of the army Why didn’t the European nations stop him at this time?

4 ANSCHLUSS In 1937 Hitler called for the unification of all German speaking peoples, including those in Austria and Czechoslovakia 1938 – Hitler sent troops into Austria and announces the Anschluss (unification) of Austria and Germany

5 MUNICH CRISIS - SUDETENLAND 1938 – Hitler announced German claims to the Sudetenland German-speaking area in Czechoslovakia At the Munich Conference G.B. and France agreed to Hitler’s demands Appeasement? Why did G.B. and France do this?

6 DANZIG 1938 – Hitler demanded that Danzig, Poland be returned to Germany Great Britain and France decided enough was enough, would go to war with Poland if Poland fought back Hitler ordered his army to prepare for a German invasion and began negotiations with the USSR (why?)


8 NAZI-SOVIET PACT 1939 – Germany and the USSR sign the pact, world was shocked Germany was now free or its Eastern Front concerns Secret deal to divide Poland between Germany and the USSR Why would the USSR agree to this? STALIN

9 WORLD WAR II BEGINS Sept. 1, 1939 – Germany invades Poland Blitzkrieg tactics overwhelm Poland in 1 month Sept. 3, 1939 – GB and France declare war on Germany Video clip

10 WORLD WAR II BEGINS W. Europe was quiet as British and French troops waited behind the Maginot Line Defensive along Fr./Ger. border -Big mistake, why? Germans went around the ML into Luxembourg and Belgium; F and B troops were trapped in Belgium Video clip

11 MIRACLE AT DUNKIRK 338,000 British and French troops were evacuated from the port at Dunkirk and sent across the English Channel in early June, 1940 Video clip

12 GERMANY CONQUERS FRANCE June 22, 1940 – Germany conquers northern and western France Vichy France – established as puppet gov’t under Petain to govern France De Gaulle challenged the legitimacy of the Vichy gov’t

13 BRITISH RESISTANCE TO GERMANY GB was led by Prime Minister Winston Churchill Germany bombs London, hoping to break the will of the people and force a surrender (video clip) Battle of Britain (summer – fall of 1940) – massive air battle between GB and Germany Both sides bombed civilians in cities British used radar Hitler called off the invasion of GB

14 20.4 – AMERICA ENTERS THE WAR See 20.4 packet

15 PEARL HARBOR – DEC.7, 1941





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