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Take a laptop Logon to Login- Password- study Complete G8 Review.

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1 Take a laptop Logon to Login- first.lastname@charlottefirst.lastname@charlotte Password- study Complete G8 Review

2 First 5 Answer the Multiple Choice Question and explain why the wrong answer choices are wrong. Use specific details to support your answer The Fourteen Points and the Atlantic Charter were both: a.statements of post-war goals for establishing world peace. b.plans of victorious nations to divide conquered territories. c.military strategies for defeating enemy nations. d.agreements between nations to eliminate further development of weapons.

3 U.S. History Top 100 What every student should know to pass the U.S. History EOC Goal 8

4 Goal 8: The Great War and Its Aftermath (1914-1930) The learner will analyze United States involvement in World War I and the war’s influence on international affairs during the 1920s.

5 U.S. - Neutrality to Involvement May 1915 – U-boats sink the Lusitania Sept. 1915 – Germany promises not to sink unarmed ships March 1916 – Germany sinks the Sussex May 1916 – Germany promises not to sink unarmed ships Jan. 1917 – Zimmerman note is intercepted Feb. 1917 – Germany resumes unrestricted submarine warfare April 1917 – U.S. declares war on Germany

6 Russian Revolution, 1917 Instituted a Communist government lead by the Bolshevik party under Lenin. Lenin pulled Russia out of WWI.

7 Fourteen Points, 1918 Wilson's idea that he wanted included in the WWI peace treaty, including freedom of the seas and the League of Nations.

8 League of Nations, 1919 Devised by President Wilson, it comprised of delegates from many countries, the U.S. did not join. It was designed to be run by a council of the five largest countries. It also included a provision for a world court.

9 Eugene V. Debs Debs repeatedly ran for president as a socialist, he was imprisoned after he gave a speech protesting WWI in violation of the Sedition Act.

10 Schenck v. U.S., 1919 United States Supreme Court decision concerning the question of whether the defendant possessed a First Amendment right to free speech against the draft during World War I. During wartime, utterances tolerable in peacetime can be punished.

11 Sacco and Vanzetti Sacco and Vanzetti were Italian immigrants charged with murdering a guard and robbing a shoe factory. Convicted on circumstantial evidence, many believed they had been framed for the crime because of their anarchist and pro-union activities.

12 Bluff What was the immediate cause of World War I? Explain how each of the following led to America’s entry into World War I. –Unrestricted Submarine Warfare: –Sinking of the Lusitania: –Sussex Pledge: British propaganda:

13 Bluff Explain how each of the following led to America’s entry into World War I. –Zimmerman Telegram (Note): –Russia’s withdrawal from the conflict: What was President Wilson’s campaign slogan in the presidential election of 1916? What was America’s foreign policy concerning international conflicts prior to World War I? What did President Wilson finally tell the public was the reason for our entry into World War I?

14 Bluff What caused the Russians to pull out of the fighting partway through World War I? Describe trench warfare. What was the purpose of the Espionage and Sedition Acts? What court case tested the Espionage and Sedition Acts and found that the government could legally withhold liberties if there is a “clear and present danger”? What was the purpose of reparations? What was the only point from the Fourteen Points that was kept in the Treaty of Versailles?

15 Bluff Which Senator blocked U.S. ratification of the Treaty of Versailles and U.S. membership in the League of Nations? Define Red Scare. During the Red Scare, what did Attorney General A Mitchell Palmer do that violated citizens’ civil rights, all in the name of patriotism? Identify Sacco and Vanzetti. What policy tried to outlaw international war? What was the purpose of the Washington Naval Conference? What was America’s official immigration policy following World War I?

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