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Global Source One Source Your Source

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1 Global Source One Source Your Source
PAluminum USA Global Source One Source Your Source Proud Members of:

2 Corporate Highlights P’s parent Limited is a leading global aluminum extrusion products manufacturer, headquartered in Lia Province, China. Since our establishment in 1993 we have grown to become the third largest aluminum extruder in the world. Our core competencies focus on the transportation (including aerospace) building & construction, general industry and consumer market segments. Investments in new machinery and equipment are sourced globally, taking advantage of the latest in technology A recently installed 12,500 ton extrusion press is currently one of the most advanced extrusion presses in the world. Our Research and Development Center and a Die Design Center enable us to design and produce various kinds of aluminum extrusion products to satisfy the demands of customers globally. By 2008, our designated production capacity reached over 535,000 tons.

3 Overview PAluminum is a leading producer of high quality aluminum extrusions and fabrication We deliver aluminum extruded products and fabrication services nationwide P currently operate a 260,000 sq ft distribution center in So. California. Sales offices are located in Los Angeles, Atlanta and up-coming facilities in other regions P offers technologically advanced quality extrusions and value added services. Our sales & marketing team will assist you in utilizing the material solution and value added serves from P Aluminum. Our highly capable team combines many years of industry experience with leading global metal producers. We bring years of experience in the North American market along with a global sourcing expertise, to offer the best value proposition for your aluminum extrusion needs. Walnut, CA

4 Key Market Focus Our products are widely used as parts and components for end products in the key segments including as : railway cargo and passenger cars metropolitan rails (subways and light rails) Automobile Marine vessels Aerospace Industrial machinery Electrical bus conductor Highway & bridge applications Building & construction: residential & commercial We are one of the few qualified suppliers designated by the Ministry of Railway of the PRC (“MOR”), demonstrating our leading position in the aluminum extrusion products manufacturing industry in China Customers are from various industries, including : Automobile factories owned by China South Locomotive & Rolling Group Limited and China North Locomotive & Rolling Industry (Group) Corporation Conductor rail manufacturers in China Aircraft manufacturers and tier 1 manufacturers from around the world Our products are also available from a select network of metal service centers

5 Research & Development
The Company has world-class research and development capabilities Our R&D center consists of about 253 experienced R&D specialists including international teams of engineers Our focus includes: New alloy development & improvement Improvement of manufacturing techniques & processes Mechanical & application development New product development & product line expansion With our in-house die design and production center, we produce customized dies that are tailored to customers’ specifications We collaborate with various leading domestic research and academic institutions including: Xi’an Heavy Machinery Research Institute First Aircraft Institute of AVIC-1 Northeastern University of China We hold over 175 patents

6 Quality Control We have a quality control team consisting over 100 members. Our manufacturing facilities in Lia have held ISO9002 certification and ISO9001 certification for its quality management system since 1997 and 2003, respectively, and ISO14001 certification for its environmental management system since 2003 We received numerous accreditations from well-known domestic and international organizations, including: The “Certificate for Product Exemption from Quality Surveillance Inspection” from AQSIQ The “Gold Cup Champion in Quality Nonferrous Metal Products” award from the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association Certificate of Product/Service Quality Management System – ISO9001:2000 Standard from The International Certificate Network Together these signify the Company’s high level of research and development and quality control Our products are certified to applicable industry specifications

7 Extrusion Capabilities
Investment in new extrusion equipment unparallel in the industry today Widest range of extrusion capabilities in the world Design solutions that are unique in the extrusion industry For small to medium size extrusions - over 50 extruding presses: Capability ranges from 500 Ton to 2,750 Ton Circle sizes from 2.5 “ to 8” Wide range of standard and custom shapes, rod, bar, and tube & pipe products For large profiles, we made substantial investments in new presses: 3,150Ton, 3,600Ton, 5,500 Ton, 7,500Ton and 12,500 Ton Circle sizes up to 34” Vertical & horizontal quench & heat treating to produce products from common alloys to aerospace alloys Peng Cheng’s industrial production capability is industry leading We offer extrusion solutions not available elsewhere in the industry

8 Extrusion Support Capabilities
Fully integrated in-house manufacturing & value-added services Six state of the art casting units with technology from Wagstaff, Almex, GNA Alutech and NANO Metec World class die design & manufacturing capabilities Staffed by over 300 highly trained technicians Capacity to produce over 40,000 die sets annually Over 32 highly automated, state of the art wire EDMs Technical support offering material solutions & quick turnaround on new prints Fabrication, assembly & kitting Wide range of finishes: Thermal-setting polyester powder coating lines Fluorocarbon liquid coating processes Electrophoretic coating lines Full certification of chemistry & mechanical properties

9 Architectural Products & Finishes Anodizing
We operate 6 anodizing lines Finishes offered in commercial, class I & II Anodizing from clear anodized, to dyed to a variety of colors We use a 2 step process which is better than competitor organic processes Color and luster include: Silver white, bronze, champagne, black, titanium metal color, and custom finishes Surface treatment includes: sub-luster, sand blast, and mill finish We certify to both Class I and Class II of AAMA

10 Architectural Products & Finishes Painting
Powder coating lines are the most advanced and computer-controlled automatic production lines High quality thermal-setting polyester powder production units produces consistent quality lot to lot. We operate 7 vertical and 2 horizontal powder coating lines which are the most technologically advanced, computer controlled lines in the world Surface treatment include: sub-luster, sand blast, and mill finish Over 200 standard RAL colors, options are available Powder coated extrusions certified to AAMA specification We operate one wet paint line Offer a wide range of colors Our process meets AAMA

11 Architectural Products & Finishes PVDF Coating
We offer the PVDF Coating Process, the fluorocarbon chemical bond acknowledged as the most stable and firm bond We use KYNAR-500R fluorocarbon resin based organic paint joined with fine metal particles or mica crystals as pigments The PVDF coating has unique performance vs. normal paints Performance features include excellent weathering-resistance, acid-resistance, alkali-resistance and self-cleaning performances Our PVDF coated aluminum is manufactured with the PVDF coating plant technology from ABB We operate 1 PVDF coating line, which is state of the art in technology and quality control Surface treatment includes: sub-luster, sand blast, and mill finish The PPG color spectrum is available from Peng Cheng Products are certified to AAMA

12 Architectural Products & Finishes Electropheric Coating
The process makes use of the electrified ion resulting in a layer of thermal-setting resin paint adhered to the stringently treated aluminum profile surface Good corrosion-resistance, weathering-resistance, and abrasion-resistance performances Rich color and elegant appearance; strong coat adhesion and low detachment High coat hardness, reaching higher than 3H Excellent resistance to strong sunlight and low color fading We currently operate 2 electrophoretic coating lines They represent the state-of-the-art electrophoretic surface treatment technology Color and luster include: silver white, bronze, champagne, black, titanium metal color, and more. Surface treatment include: sub-luster, sand blast, and mill finish Commercial, Class I & II finishes are available

13 Architectural Products & Finishes Special Finishes
We offer wood grain effect finishing for architectural decoration, furniture, electronics and home appliances Wood grain effect finishing is a special powder coating process based on the latest technology in the surface finishing The result is a perfect integration of the excellent aluminum properties with the natural appearance of natural resources such as wood, marble, etc A wonderful combination of the state-of-the-art technology and aesthetics Products have stable quality, appealing appearance and therefore high value of decoration Patterns of most precious woods, such as oak, chestnut, cherry and walnut, can be imitated Can be applied to windows, furniture, components, appliances, transportation vehicles (airplanes, ships and cars) and other decorating materials We can provide custom finishes to your specifications & requirements We operate one state-of-the-art technology production line

14 Architectural Products & Finishes Thermal Breaking
We utilize nylon 66 and fiberglass reinforced bar, which is pressed into the aluminum profile during production Our thermal breaking profiles are 3-chamber composite materials, featuring double glazing, original aluminum finishing properties, and fiberglass reinforced polyamide nylon 66 insulating material Excellent wind load resistance - profiles produced with full consideration for high rise buildings Excellent water-tight and air-tight performance based on carefully designed structure High grade insulation material guarantees thermal breaking function and mechanical performance Composite structure enables different color treatment for the inside and outside surfaces Functional groove structures are standardized, convenient for customer choice Position checking structural design is utilized to ensure the flatness of the profiles We operate 2 thermal fully automated breaking lines

15 Fabrication & Packaging Services
The transition from extruded aluminum to finished components requires complete and accurate fabrication services P offers fabrication services such as punching, cutting, drilling, machining, etc to meet your needs We provide custom packaging and labeling for your extrusions to match all warehousing needs Interior packing, layer separation packing, interweave packing, any combination thereof, or exterior protection only We will pack your bundles exactly how you want to receive them

16 Industrial Extrusions
We produce one of the widest range of alloys and size range in the industry Large sections up to100 lbs per foot Extensive library of standard dies AA shapes Custom shape capability ranging from 1” to 34” circle size Standard & custom chemistry & tempers Fabrication & assembly Die design technical support & die manufacture

17 Industrial Extrusions Industry Standards
We produce a wide range of standard shapes: angles, channels, tees, zees, I beams, H beams Products for architectural, aerospace, marine, structural applications Mill and finished extrusion capability Sizes and products available from our standard sections catalog Master distributor depot located in US, and available nationwide Stenciling with company name, alloy/temper, ASTM specification & lot number

18 Industrial Extrusions Rod & Bar Products
Full range of alloys, including free machining 6262, and 6262 low lead, 6061, 6082, 2XXX, 5XXX & 7XXX alloys Up to100 lbs per foot (inquire regarding length requirements) Our capability to produce rod from ¼” rod to over 9” diameter Close tolerance extruded screw machine rod Bar: square & rectangular to 27” circle size Widest “extruded plate” in the industry to 30” width Products certified to industry applications

19 Industrial Extrusions Tube & Pipe Products
Full range of alloys for a wide range of industries, including air cylinder, bus conductor, specialty machined components, mine pipe, light & flag pole, sporting goods, general machine components Wide range of standard sizes Specialty tolerances available Tube and pipe - sizes to over 20” O.D. Square, rectangular tube Oval and custom tube shapes Mill, painted, anodized finishes We provide stenciling with company name, alloy/temper, ASTM specification & lot number

20 Industrial Extrusions Custom Shapes
Full range of alloys Up to100 lbs per foot (inquire regarding length requirements) Custom shapes ranging from 1” to 27” circle size Difficult hollows and semi- hollow Industry standard custom shapes (i.e. B & C; Transportation; Highway/Bridge) Fabrication & assembly Die design technical support & die manufacture

21 Standard Alloys & Tempers
PAluminum produces a wide range of standard and specialty alloys Integrated casting ensures quality control – lot to lot Alloys in 1XXX, 2XXX, 3XXX, 5XXX, 6XXX, 7XXX and 8XXX are available Specific alloys include: 6061, 6063, 6005, 6463, 6060, 6082, 6105, 6262, 6262 Low-Lead Standard tempers including: T-4, T-5, T-6, T-52, T-6511 Special tempers to meet your specific requirements are available We certify to applicable industry specifications

22 “Selecting us as your complete source”
At PAluminum we pride ourselves in having among the widest range of extrusion, alloy and finishing capabilities in the world Our focus on architectural & industrial extrusions means that we offer virtual “one stop” sourcing of your extrusion needs We have made substantial investments in state-of-the-art equipment throughout our production process We have the financial strength to continue to invest and commit to the US market for the long term We are fully integrated, and have grown to become the third largest aluminum extrusion producer in the world We produce world-class quality products We provide leading technical support We can serve the local manufacturer to the multi-national firm, on a global basis It is our privilege to be your supplier of choice Global Source One Source Your Source

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