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Wolverine – Shawnee Facility

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1 Wolverine – Shawnee Facility
July Canadian Company Purchased Wolverine Tube

2 Wolverine Operations Shawnee, OK Built in 1974 by WLV 50 Acre Site
325,000 Square Feet Under Roof 500 Employees Including Salaried Total Sales Per Year-$275M Total Pounds Sold/Year-55 Million

3 Shawnee Plant Layout 3 Primary Mills - (1) - Converting, (2) - Industrial, (3) - Technical Tube (Red) (Blue) (Green) 3

4 Shawnee Operations Staff

5 Wolverine’s Tech Center
Located in Decatur, Alabama Heat Transfer Lab Mechanical/Process Lab R&D Center Precision Tool Center

6 Global Tube Markets Large Commercial Chiller HVAC Market
Residential & Light Commercial HVAC Refrigeration and Appliance Market Water Heater/Boiler Market Process and Chemical Application Market

7 Technical Tubes Enhanced Surface Tube Product Class Inventor
Global Technology Leader Strong Patent Portfolio Global Market Leader Custom Solutions Various Alloys 7

8 Shawnee is a Fully Integrated Mill

9 Fully Integrated Converting
Con-Cast 10” OD x 17” Billet Extrusion Press 3000 Ton 3.25x.300” Tube Reducer 2.25x.125” Coils 1.402” x 0.068” Breakdown Blocks 84” MELT

10 Level Wound Coils Level Draw Block Finishing Winder Annealer Wound
Machine Coil LWC ¼” – ⅞”, Product 38 & 39 IGT ⅜” – ⅝”, Product 35 & 36 Straight Length ½” – 1⅛”, Product 44 10

11 Finned Tube Products Chiller Tube 19-60 FPI ½” – 1.0” OD
Draw Block Finishing Machine Annealer Finned Tube Finning Size, Deburr and Test Chiller Tube FPI ½” – 1.0” OD 15 Evaporator / 21 Condenser WH TruFin 11 FPI ½” – 1⅛” OD High Fin 4-9 FPI 1” – 2¼” OD 11

12 Technical Mill – High Fin Products
Draw Bench Saw Annealer Finned Tube High Fin Machine Saw & Test 12

13 What Has Changed Over The Last Year
Focus On Shawnee Self-Sufficiency Corporate Center Down-Sizing Transferred Global HR Planning Customer Service AP/AR Metal Buying To Be Transferred R/D Tool-Making Metallurgy This Means Good Jobs!!!!

14 What Has Changed Over The Last Year
Investment Into Future Technologies Focus On Technical Side Of Business Creation of Future Fin Machines Speed and Quality Improvements 4 Per Year Up To 15 New Machines Already Received Tax Credit Patent Protected Investment Into TOC Methodologies - Consulting Group Best In World Support Software Based on Constraint Management Successes Already - Cost of Manufacturing Down Double Digits - Customer Lead-Times Cut In Half - Inventory To Run Business Down Over 1Million Pounds

15 Questions????

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