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Problem of the Day Recreated by Jennifer Johnsen Source: Scott Foresman Math 4 th grade.

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1 Problem of the Day Recreated by Jennifer Johnsen Source: Scott Foresman Math 4 th grade

2 Problem of the Day 1-1 Tell what information is not needed. Then solve. Sue collected 73 bugs and Vern collected 65 bugs, including 47 with wings. How man of Vern’s bugs did not have wings?

3 Problem of the Day 1-2 How many more milligrams of calcium does one orange have than one banana? Milligrams of Calcium in Fruit FruitMilligrams of Calcium Apple10 Banana7 Orange52 Peach4

4 Problem of the Day 1-3 The sum of my digits is 13. My hundreds place is 3 less than 5. My ones place is 4 more than 3. My thousands place is even. What 4-digit numbers can I be?

5 Problem of the Day 1-4 How many more lines of symmetry does Figure A have than Figure B? (Hint: Use objects.) Square Rectangle

6 Problem of the Day 1-5 Heather, Erin, and Greg are going to the movies. List the different ways they could sit in a row. How many ways could Erin and Greg sit next to each other?

7 Problem of the Day 1-6 Tell the operation needed to solve the problem. Toby, Neal, and Quinn each gave canned food to the Food Drive. How many cans did they give altogether?

8 Problem of the Day 1-7 If you took a shape out of this box without looking, which shape would you be most likely to pick? Which shape would you be least likely to pick? Explain.

9 Problem of the Day 1-8 How many more miles did Montel ride than Vicky? Train Rides MondayTuesday Montel15 miles22 miles Vicky18 miles13 miles

10 Problem of the Day 1-9 How many triangles can you find in the picture? What other shapes can you find? (Hint: Draw a picture.)

11 Problem of the Day 1-10 Makena’s turtle crawled 1 foot, 3 inches. Whit’s turtle crawled 16 inches. Ryan’s turtle crawled 11 inches. Which turtle crawled the furthest? (Hint: 12 inches = 1 foot)

12 Problem of the Day 1-11 Write a number sentence. Solve. Lacy bought a hat and a wrench. How much money did she spend? $9 $12

13 Problem of the Day 1-12 The Mayan civilization (A.D. 300 to 900) used these symbols to represent numbers. Copy and complete the table. ValueSymbolValueSymbolValueSymbol 3914 41015 71319 ValueSymbol 1 5 Mayan Numerals

14 Problem of the Day 1-13 Mr. Cho bought 75 apples, 55 oranges, and some pears. After he sold 3 oranges, he had 212 pieces of fruit left. How many pears did Mr. Cho buy?

15 Problem of the Day 1-14 Jason had $0.87 in his pocket. He took out 3 quarters. List all of the possible combinations of coins he could have left in his pocket. (Hint: Make an organized list.)

16 Problem of the Day 2-1 Ezra has an apple, a pear, a banana, and an orange. He can take only two pieces of fruit on his field trip. What different combinations of fruit can he take?

17 Problem of the Day 2-2 Draw a picture to show the main idea. Solve. The animal rescue association put this ad in the newspaper: How many animals need adopting? Available for Immediate Adoption: 29 cats 15 dogs

18 Problem of the Day 2-3 Place these stadiums in order from least to greatest according to their seating capacity. StadiumSeats Stadium S66,944 Stadium B65,600 Stadium J66,321 Stadium R56,127 Stadium T65,675 Stadium V65,352

19 Problem of the Day 2-4 Dennis had $9 on Monday. He earned $3 on Tuesday for mowing the yard. On Friday he spent $4 at a bookstore. How much did he have then?

20 Problem of the Day 2-5 Sally made 8 bookmarks. Each bookmark was made with 3 ribbons. How many ribbons did she use? (Hint: Make a table.)

21 Problem of the Day 2-6 Mrs. Taylor makes hummingbird food. She uses 4 cups of water for every 1 cup of sugar. How many cups of water does she need if she has 5 cups of sugar?

22 Problem of the Day 2-7 What information is needed to solve the problem? In a football game, the winning team passed for 47 more yards than the losing team. How many yards did the winning team pass for?

23 Problem of the Day 2-8 Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican holiday. It helps people remember the victory of the Mexican Army over the French at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. How long has it been since the Battle of Puebla?

24 Problem of the Day 2-9 Vincent has 383 football cards and 439 baseball cards. How many more does he need to have 1,000 sports cards?

25 Problem of the Day 2-10 How did the number of tickets sold change over the week? (Hint: Make a bar graph.) High School Football Tickets Sold DayTickets Monday12 Tuesday23 Wednesday35 Thursday40 Friday55

26 Problem of the Day 2-11 Between which two years did Trevor grow the most? (Hint: Make a line graph.) Trevor’s Height YearHeight Year 130 inches Year 235 inches Year 338 inches Year 441 inches Year 543 inches

27 Problem of the Day 2-12 Write an expression. Find its value. Roger found 6 shells. Tom found 8 more shells than Roger. How many shells did Tom find?

28 Problem of the Day 2-13 How many right angles are in each figure below? Figure A Figure B Figure C

29 Problem of the Day 2-14 Carrie bought a soccer ball and a bat. How much change should she get from $10.00? $3.49 $2.89 $3.49

30 Problem of the Day 3-1 In which step will the number 200,000 appear? (Hint: Look for a pattern.) Step 1: 194,000 Step 2: 195,000 Step 3: 196,000; and so on.

31 Problem of the Day 3-2 Look for a pattern. Draw the next two shapes.

32 Problem of the Day 3-3 Write a number expression. Give its value. Antonio had $134 in his savings account. He put in $67 more. How much was in Antonio’s account then?

33 Problem of the Day 3-4 The country of Indonesia is a group of islands between Asia and Australia. It has an area of 704,400 square miles and the 4th greatest population in the world, 228,437,870 people. Write the word form for each number.

34 Problem of the Day 3-5 Jason bought 4 packages of pencils and 3 packages of pencil erasers. How many extra erasers did he have? 5 pencils per package 8 erasers per package

35 Problem of the Day 3-6 Lee and Amy fed their dog Sox 24 days in a row. Lee fed Sox two days more than Amy. How many days did each feed Sox? (Hint: Try, check, and revise.)

36 Problem of the Day 3-7 Mr. Carter spent $16 for museum admission. He had 3 people with him. Which tickets did he buy? Admission Prices Ticket (age)Price Child (0-18)$3 Adult (19-55)$6 Senior (56 and over) $4

37 Problem of the Day 3-8 Draw a picture to show the main idea. Then solve. What is the area of water in South Carolina? South Carolina Area (in square miles) Land30,109 Water? Total32,020

38 Problem of the Day 3-9 Jo spent $18. Copy and complete the table to show how much she had left if she started with d dollars. dd-18 23 41 5234 74 100

39 Problem of the Day 3-10 Mona and Cora are playing a game that uses the spinner shown. Give the chances of spinning each outcome. 23 1 2 0 3 1 1

40 Problem of the Day 3-11 Use the table to decide who came in first. (Hint: Use logical reasoning.) Diane was third. Diane was third. Desi was NOT first. Desi was NOT first. Kevin was second. Kevin was second. KevinDianeWhitneyDesi 1 st 2 nd 3 rd 4 th

41 Problem of the Day 3-12 Suzanne’s birthday is in June. What is the date of her birthday? (Hint: Use a calendar.) The date has 2 digits. The date has 2 digits. The sum of the digits is 5. The sum of the digits is 5. The date of her birthday is an odd number. The date of her birthday is an odd number.

42 Problem of the Day 3-13 Write the hidden questions. Solve. In the 2000 Summer Olympics, how many more medals did the U.S. win than China? 2000 Summer Olympics 2000 Summer Olympics GoldSilverBronze U.S.402433 China281615

43 Problem of the Day 3-14 How much longer do goose eggs incubate than pigeon eggs?

44 Problem of the Day 3-15 The flower shop bought 27 red roses and 32 yellow roses. How many arrangements can they make like the one shown?

45 Problem of the Day 4-1 Mr. Gilbert is putting new numbers on apartments 1 through 20 in his apartment complex. How many digits will he use to number these apartments? (Hint: Solve a simpler problem.)

46 Problem of the Day 4-2 Which river or rivers round to 1,300 miles when rounded to the nearest hundred and 1,320 miles when rounded to the nearest ten? RiverLength (miles) Irrawaddy1,337 Kolyma1,323 Syr1,370 Tarim1,261 Asian Rivers

47 Problem of the Day 4-3 Tell if you need an exact answer or an estimate. Then solve. Which states combined have about 18,000 square miles of land area? StateSquare Miles Maryland9,774 Massachusetts7,840 New Hampshire8,968 New Jersey7,417 Vermont9,250 Land Area of States

48 Problem of the Day 4-4 Find the area of the playground below. Write your answer in square units.

49 Problem of the Day 4-5 Jerico had $50.00. She bought a pair of shoes and a skirt. The tax was $3.81. How much money did Jerico have left? $18.99 $25.99

50 Problem of the Day 4-6 Mr. Greer cut a board into two equal pieces. After he cut 5 inches off one of the pieces, the rest of it was 7 inches. How long was the original board? (Hint: Work backward.)

51 Problem of the Day 4-7 Tessa bought a poster, a paperback book, and a bookmark. She had $0.55 left. How much did Tessa have before she bought these items? Bookmarks$0.75 Paperback Books $2.95 Posters$1.75 Prices

52 Problem of the Day 4-8 Tell what operation. Then solve. How many days are in 9 weeks?

53 Problem of the Day 4-9 In 2000, the population of the state of Wyoming was 493,782. What would the population be if there were an increase of 10,000? Of 100,000?

54 Problem of the Day 4-10 Mrs. Kelly bought 20 yards of material. She made 4 dresses. Each dress used 3 yards. How many yards of material did Mrs. Kelly have left?

55 Problem of the Day 4-11 Rachel and Ryan are having a party. Rachel invited 6 friends, and Ryan invited 9. Write a number sentence to find how many friends Rachel and Ryan invited in all.

56 Problem of the Day 4-12 Tiana received 13 greeting cards. Seven of the cards came from people who lived in other states. Write a number sentence to find how many cards came from people who live in her state.

57 Problem of the Day 4-13 Write the hidden questions. Solve. Did Jackson ride more miles Tuesday and Wednesday or Thursday and Friday?

58 Problem of the Day 4-14 Explain if the spinner below is fair or unfair. If it is unfair, draw a spinner that would be fair.

59 Problem of the Day 4-15 Joy started her homework at 4:45 P.M. She worked for 20 minutes, ate dinner for 30 minutes, and then worked 20 more minutes. What time did Joy finish her homework?

60 Problem of the Day 5-1 The figure below has a perimeter of 18 units. Where can you move two of the squares to make a figure with a perimeter of 12 units? (Hint: Use objects.)

61 Problem of the Day 5-2 Copy the parallelogram. Make one straight cut so that the two pieces can be arranged to form a rectangle.

62 Problem of the Day 5-3 Write an expression. Then find its value. How much longer is the Amazon River than the Chang River?

63 Problem of the Day 5-4 When will be the next Year of the Tiger? Year of the Horse? Tiger 1986 1998 Hare 1987 1999 Horse 1990 2002 Dog 1982 1994 Sheep 1991 2003 Monkey 1992 2004 Rat 1984 1996 Ox 1985 1997 Dragon 1988 2000 Snake 1989 2001 Rooster 1981 1993 Pig 1983 1995

64 Problem of the Day 5-5 Miss Amy had $178.34. Then she taught four 2-hour flute lessons. She charged $20 an hour. How much did she have after the flute lessons?

65 Problem of the Day 5-6 Sasha is making a border near her ceiling. She puts up 3 stars, 2 moons, 3 stars, 2 moons, and so on. If she uses 8 moons and then stops, how many stars has she used? (Hint: Draw a picture.)

66 Problem of the Day 5-7 Manny is shorter than Rex, but taller than Victor. Rex is shorter than Steve. Who is the tallest?

67 Problem of the Day 5-8 Tell what information is not needed. Then solve. Mrs. Keagan needs 1 pound of meat and 2 slices of bread to make 15 meatballs. How many meatballs can she make out of 5 pounds of meat?

68 Problem of the Day 5-9 What is the probability of taking a star out of the bag? a circle? (Hint: Use fractions.)

69 Problem of the Day 5-10 Copy and complete the invoice. How much did Happy Kitties spend on supplies? Invoice Invoice QuantityItemPrice of OnePrice of All 3 Bags of Cat Litter $3.78? 2 Bags of Cat Food $4.96? 4 Bags of Cat Treats $3.19? TAX$2.89 TOTAL?

70 Problem of the Day 5-11 Find all the different combinations of uniforms Kathleen could wear. (Hint: Make an organized list.) BottomsTops ShortsBlue PantsNavy Red White Uniform Choices

71 Problem of the Day 5-12 Hailey likes sausage, pepperoni, hamburger, and Canadian bacon on her pizza. List all the combinations of two meat toppings she could order

72 Problem of the Day 6-1 Each package of trading cards has 20 cards. Mrs. Wininger bought 2 packages for each of her 4 children. Write a number sentence to find the number of cards Mrs. Wininger purchased.

73 Problem of the Day 6-2 These are Chinese words used for some numbers: 1yi10shi 3san11shiyi 6liu13shisan What word is used for 16? Explain.

74 Problem of the Day 6-3 How much greater is the perimeter of Figure A than Figure B? (Remember: Perimeter is the distance around the shape.) Figure A Figure B 12 inches 8 inches 4 inches 12 inches

75 Problem of the Day 6-4 Tyrone gets $2 after every third time he takes the dog out for a walk. If he has walked the dog 27 times this month, how much money has he earned? (Hint: Make a table.)

76 Problem of the Day 6-5 The zoo offers 5 boat tours and 8 train tours every day. How many tours will the train have made when the boat has made 35 tours? (Hint: Make a table.)

77 Problem of the Day 6-6 Tell what operation. Solve. Mr. Top is printing programs for the seats at the dinner theater. There are 45 tables that each seat 4 people. How many programs must he print?

78 Problem of the Day 6-7 Graph (4, 1), (1, 2), and (4,4). Then connect the points. Is the triangle you formed right, acute, or obtuse? (Hint: Use graph paper.)

79 Problem of the Day 6-8 Which state has a greater difference in altitude? StateHighest PointLowest Point Arkansas Magazine Mountain 2,753 feet Ouachita River 55 feet North DakotaWhite Butte 3,506 feet Red River 750 feet Altitude of States

80 Problem of the Day 6-9 Between which two weeks did Tori’s plant grow the most? (Hint: Make a line graph.) WeekHeight in inches 11 23 34 48 59 Tori’s Plant Growth

81 Problem of the Day 6-10 How did the attendance at after-school tutoring change over the week? (Hint: Make a bar graph.) After-School Tutoring Attendance DayMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday Attendance101420256

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