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With Tina Armand And Reese! With Tina Armand And Reese!

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2 With Tina Armand And Reese! With Tina Armand And Reese!

3 Geometry Time Numbers Operations Graphs

4 What are (a) and (d) ? Which of these figures are congruent? a) b) c) d) Category: 1 Points: 100

5 What is (b) ? How many more vertices does this prism have than faces a) 6 b) 2 c) 8 d) 4 Category: 1 Points: 200

6 What is (b)? Which figure has exactly three lines of symmetry? a) b) c) d) Category: 1 Points: 300

7 What are (b & d) ? Which of these figures are similar? a) b) c) d) Category: 1 Points: 400

8 What are (a, b, & c) ? Which figures below are symmetrical? a) b) c) d) Category: 1 Points: 500

9 What is (c) ? Tyrone went to baseball practice at 4:45 p.m. Practice ended at 6:30 p.m. How long did practice last? a)2 hours & 15 minutes b)2 hours & 30 minutes c)1 hour & 45 minutes d)1 hour & 15 minutes Category: 2 Points: 100

10 What is (b) ? How many minutes are in ¼ of an hour? a)20 minutes b)15 minutes c)30 minutes d)45 minutes Category: 2 Points: 200

11 What is (c) ? Johns teacher told him he was 1 hour and 15 minutes late for class. It is now 9:30 a.m. What time did class begin? a)8:00 a.m. b)9:00 a.m. c)8:15 a.m. d)8:30 a.m. Category: 2 Points: 300

12 What is (d) ? It takes Ms. Allen 1 hour and 45 minutes to get to Houma. She has an appointment at 10:00 a.m. What time should she leave? a)7:00 a.m. b)9:00 a.m. c)9:30 a.m. d)8:15 a.m. Category: 2 Points: 400

13 What is (c) ? It will take Dominic 20 minutes to walk to McDonalds, 5 minutes to eat some fries, and 15 minutes to walk to baseball practice. What time should he leave if he wants to be at practice for 5:00 p.m. a)3:00 p.m b)4:00 p.m. c)4:20 p.m. d)4:45 p.m. Category: 2 Points: 500

14 What is (c)? There are 30 students in a class. If there are twice as many boys as girls, how many girls are there? a)20 b) 15 c)10 d)60 Category: 3 Points: 100

15 What is (8 and 4) ? Our sum is 12 and our product is 32, what numbers are we? Category: 3 Points: 200

16 What is (b) ? There were 25 children standing in line. Kathleen was 17 th in line. How many children were in line behind her? a)9 b)8 c)16 d)17 Category: 3 Points: 300

17 What are (9 and 3) ? Our product is 3 less than 30. Our sum is exactly a dozen. What two numbers are we? Category: 3 Points: 400

18 What is (49) ? Mr. Broussard is pretty old. His age is a multiple of 7 and is more than 40 but less than 50 and is an odd number. How old is he ? Category: 3 Points: 500

19 What is (d) ? Crystal opened a new package of stickers. She gave 6 stickers to each of her 3 friends. She has 12 stickers left for herself. How many stickers were in the package? a)6 b)20 c)21 d)30 Category: 4 Points: 100

20 What is (c) ? Ms. Williams has a bag of marbles. She divided all the marbles equally among 5 children. How many marbles could have been in the bag? a)23 b)32 c)35 d)53 Category: 4 Points: 200

21 What is (b) ? If Anna puts her 32 horse statues into rows with 4 statues in each row, how many rows will she have? a)7 b)8 c)24 d)32 Category: 4 Points: 300

22 What is (96 students) ? The school bus has 32 seats and each seat can hold 3 students. If the bus is full, how many students are riding the bus. Category: 4 Points: 400

23 What is ( 30) ? Mr. Evans is bordering his garden. The perimeter of his garden is 120 feet. The landscape timbers he wants to use only come in 4 foot pieces. How many will he need? Category: 4 Points: 500

24 What are (fish) ? Compared to cats, which pet was chosen ½ as often by the students. Category: 5 Points: 100

25 What is (c) ? Which of the following would be represented by the category other ? a)parrot b) collie c) turtle d) gold fish Category: 5 Points: 200

26 What is ( 100)? Category: 5 Points: 300 About how many more students liked dogs as compared to cats ?

27 What is (blue) ? The graph below is Entitled Favorite M & M colors. Which color seems to be the least favorite ? Category: 5 Points: 400

28 What are (red and orange) ? Which two colors combined make up about ¼ of the total? Category: 5 Points: 500

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