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How to Access United Streaming

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1 How to Access United Streaming



4 If your ID is taken, then add a number to the end of your name. Once you have your password then return to: and login


6 You should see your name at the top left of the screen.

7 United Streaming is owned by Discovery Education. Many Discovery movies could be on United Streaming.

8 Any time something doesn’t work, or could be better, click on Contact Us.

9 Ways to Search California Content Standards Search Select a subject Select a grade level Click Go


11 Click for a video available on this content standard. Note: 142 Results.

12 These are full videos for suggested grade ranges. As teachers, always PREVIEW videos—even though may be younger grade ranges, still may work for your class.

13 Number of Minutes Videos are broken down into smaller Segments.


15 Videos are fully editable.

16 Citations can be copied and pasted into your lecture notes.

17 A teacher guide is available for each video.

18 Click on the arrow under video segments to view each segment separately. Ways to preview videos Click on the green play button under the full video tab or the blue play button to view the video.





23 No LCD Projector??? Use a SCAN CONVERTOR Converts monitor to classroom TV. Cheap solution.

24 Additional Ways to Search…

25 Advanced Searching…

26 Teacher Tools



29 This was the sale’s rep pitch for us to spend $$

30 Another FREE resource for teachers to have access to additional resources…lesson plans, etc.

31 Some teachers may be interested in this…I joined!!!

32 Teachers can share their content with their school or the district.

33 Admin needs to set descriptions so that the author’s name show under the description. Admin be careful not to set admin option to require approval for content…someone has to read and approve.

34 Admin needs to define parameters…currently anyone can upload to district content, the author is unknown, and ONLY the author can delete it. This could lead to TONS of repetitive, or outdated information.


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