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Collier County Public Schools Video-On-Demand and School News

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1 Collier County Public Schools Video-On-Demand and School News
Collier County Public Schools Video-On-Demand and School News

2 Network Username and Password
Safari Montage Network Username and Password Click Login

3 Safari Montage Using the alpha menu, locate and select your school.

4 Safari Montage Select the Search tab.

5 Safari Montage Enter a Keyword, then click Search.

6 Safari Montage To play, click on either the Title or the button.

7 What file formats can I upload?
Now: Most formats will upload; however, only .wmv files will automatically convert to mobile formats in the background. Soon: When Safari is updated most current video formats will automatically convert.

8 To Upload Video Choose the Creation Station icon.

9 Title Your Video Select Media Upload, enter a title and then click the Browse/Upload File button. 2. 3. 1.

10 If prompted to run application, select Run.

11 Copyright Warning! You must click Agree to continue.

12 Browse to video file location. Select Open.

13 Wait while the file uploads.
Note: Time will vary based on the length of the video.

14 Successful Upload Look for the “Upload Successful!” message. Then, click on the link (the actual words) Add Descriptive Information and Rights Management.

15 Descriptive Information
Enter Search Terms and Information in the Description box. Enter one search term per line. A copyright year is required. You must click Save before continuing or you will lose the information entered. 1. 3. 2.

16 The Rights Management Tab
Set the Expiration Date, if applicable. Check desired options: Downloadable – choose this ONLY if you want and need viewers to be able to download the video to their own computer to play offline. Share: Select this option to share this video with others at your site. Home access: Select this option if you want to allow users to view the video from a home or non-district computer.

17 The Licensed Media Tab For any copyrighted material please enter the appropriate information here. Note: Entering information here does not remove the requirements to obtain permission. You must have permission in writing before uploading copyrighted video.

18 Setting Permissions Select Add Permissions.
Either click on the words “Add Permissions in the large panel or the word “Permissions” in the left panel.

19 Setting Permissions cont.
Click the down arrow next to All.

20 Setting Permissions cont.
Select User Types from the Dropdown box.

21 Setting Permissions cont.
Check or uncheck the desired boxes, then click Save. Note: The playable At Home list will only appear if you selected to allow viewing from home.

22 Setting the Thumbnail Click Preview Image.

23 Setting Preview Method
Use one of the following Methods: Upload Image: Choose this method to upload a jpeg. Scrub Video: Allows you to preview the video and choose a frame from within the video as the thumbnail. Create Slate: Uses the title to create a solid black slide with white text.

24 Select Subject Reference

25 Segments Safari Montage allows video uploaders to segment video into shorter segments and also to create key points within segments. Segmenting longer videos allows users to quickly access the information that is pertinent, instead of needing to scrub through the video to locate needed information.

26 Segmenting Video Click Segments

27 Use the preview window to establish the starting and ending time code for a segment. Enter this code by: typing the time in the appropriate spot, OR keying the video in the preview window to the appropriate spot and clicking Start Point or End Point. Choose the Segment type. Give the segment a description. Choose a thumbnail, if desired. Click Save Segment. Segmenting Video cont.

28 Segmenting Video cont. Segments appear below the previous information. There are buttons to the right of each segment which will allow you to delete or edit a segment.

29 Segmenting Video cont. Key concepts are tied to a specific chapter and appear as indentations under the appropriate chapter.

30 It is imperative that uploaded video be tested prior to sending out the link. Best practice is to test the video on each of the following machines/devices: Windows XP Machine; Windows 7 Machine; and Mobile device such as an iPad or iPhone. At the very minimum, the video must be tested on a Windows XP machine.

31 Sharing the Links Locate the video on the Search tab.
Click the Play button.

32 Sharing the Link cont. Select Permanent Link icon.

33 Permanent Link Copy the link provided on this page.
You can paste this link in documents, s, Angel, or any other place that allows hyperlinks. If you created segments you will have a link for the total video and one for each segment and/or key point.

34 Editing or Deleting Previously Uploaded Video
Search for the video. Click Play. Choose the icon for edit or delete.

35 The Vetting Process Identified Ad Center personnel will be able to publish to the District automatically. Teachers who select share will be automatically sharing within their school only.

36 The Vetting Process cont.
To share a video with the district, a teacher will select Publish Media.

37 Agree to the warning statement.

38 Agree to the copyright statement.

39 Teacher notifies the appropriate curriculum coordinator.
Any teacher wanting to upload video to distribute to the entire district will need to notify the appropriate curriculum coordinator by that his/her video is awaiting review. The curriculum coordinator logs into Safari and completes the review.

40 Collier County Public Schools
Collier County Public Schools Video-On-Demand Questions: Contact Martha Green or Jon Woofter

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