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We didn’t start the Fire Jake McVay Zach Robertson.

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1 We didn’t start the Fire Jake McVay Zach Robertson

2 “Wheel of Fortune” Who: Created by Merv Griffin. What: Contestants compete to solve word puzzles to win money. Where: Took place in the U.S. in a studio. When: Wheel of Fortune premiered on January 6, 1975 at 10:30 AM on NBC. Why: It was entertaining for people to watch and fun for people to compete in a fun way.

3 Sally Ride Who: She was born May 26, 1951. She was a NASA astronaut. What: 1983 she became the first American woman and youngest American to enter space. Where: Born in Los Angeles, California. When: Born May 26, 1951. In 1983 she entered space. Why: 1983 she became the first American woman and youngest American to enter space. This showed progress for women.

4 Heavy Metal Who: Heavy Metal is a genre of music. First bands were Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, and Deep Purple. What: It’s roots were blues rock and psychedelic rock. Where: Originated in the UK and US. When: Became known in the late 1960’s. Why: A great new style of music people enjoyed listening too.

5 Suicide Who: Buddhist monks were protesting in South Vietnam by burning themselves. What: Monks were protesting ways in Vietnam. Where: In Vietnam When: In the 1960’s. Why: To bring attention to the Western part of the world.

6 Foreign Debts Foreign debt is the money that one country owes to another country as a result of loans and such. The U.S. was in a lot of debt during this time period.

7 Homeless Veterans When returning from the war, many veterans couldn’t handle the payments for food, clothing etc. They had no money since the war, and now they are homeless.

8 AIDS AIDS (which means, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) is the final stage of HIV disease, which causes severe damage to the immune system. During the 90’s, AIDS started to spread throughout the world.

9 Crack Crack was a highly addictive drug. It became popular during the 90’s. It was popular in troubled neighborhoods. Also known as “cocaine” or “Rock”.

10 Bernie Goetz This New York man pulled out a gun at 4 young kids because they tried to rob him of 5 dollars. Bernie got away but turned himself in. This started questioning if you’re able to take the law into your own cases. He was sentenced to 8 months in prison for illegal possession of a firearm.

11 Hypodermics on the shores Who: New Yorkers would vacation on the Jersey shore. What: A lot of garbage was washing up on the Jersey shore beaches. People believed this to be the governments fault. Where: On the Jersey Shore. When: In the summer of 1988 at Jersey. Why: People were concerned with AIDS at the time and were scared about the syringes appearing on the beaches.

12 China’s under martial law Who: China’s government What: The government uses this to enforce rule over the public. Where: They used this at Tiananmen Square to stop protests. When: At protests in 1989. Why: To control the public and protesters from being disobedient.

13 Rock and Roller Cola Wars This was a public war between Pepsi and Coke. Each company hired famous people to promote their product. Coke hired Paula Abdul and Pepsi had Michael Jackson. They kept trying to be better than the opponent by getting other musicians and celebrities to help promote their drinks.

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