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~cit, ~civ, ~poli, ~polis,~polit citizen, city, state.

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1 ~cit, ~civ, ~poli, ~polis,~polit citizen, city, state

2 Citadel (n.) Citation (n.) Civil (adj.) Civilization(n.) Metropolis (n.) Necropolis (n.) Police (v.) Policy(n.) Politician (n.) Politics (n.)

3 Citadel (n) A fortress in a commanding position in or near a city A fortified place The famous mountaintop fortress, Manchu Picchu, located in Peru is a citadel.

4 Citation(n.) A ticket A violation of a minor law within a city or state Brent received a traffic citation because he did not come to a complete stop at the stop sign.

5 Civil (adj.) Peaceful behavior Public Order Following the laws of the city or state The babysitter wanted the twins to cooperate and be civil to each other.

6 Civilization(n.) A group of people who live together The way of life for a group of people who have reached a civilized state In middle school students will learn about ancient civilizations such as Rome, Greece and the Sparta.

7 Metropolis (n.) A major city A city or urban area regarded as the center of a specific activity. Chicago is a large, busy city or metropolis with skyscrapers and busy streets.

8 Necropolis (n) A large and elaborate cemetery belonging to an ancient city A historic or prehistoric burial ground The archeologists were amazed at the discovery of bones at the ancient necropolis.

9 Police (v) To control, regulate, or keep order (especially as an official duty of the city) For safety reasons, most parents police their children’s uses of cell phones and the internet.

10 Policy (n) A plan or course of action for the city, state, or organization Every school has rules or policies that students need to follow.

11 Politician (n.) A person who holds a political office in a city or state. Politician are elected by people to represent them in decisions that effect the Policies of a government.

12 Politics (n.) The activities, methods, tactics, or affairs associated with the government of a city or state People who are interested in politics are concerned with guiding or influencing government policies.

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