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STREET LAW Chapter 1: What Is Law.

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1 STREET LAW Chapter 1: What Is Law

2 WHAT IS LAW Rules and regulations made and enforced by government that regulate the conduct of people within a society. Child: rules at home and at school home- bedtime, chores school- classroom and school behaviors Rules made and enforced by the government are laws Why do you think laws are important? Laws affect almost every aspect of daily life Without laws there would be disorder and confusion Complete problem 1.1

3 PROBLEM 1.1 Read problem 1.1 on page 5 of your textbook. Be prepared to share your answers and defend them.

4 LAW AND VALUES Law and Values Legal System Goals Protecting basic human rights Promoting fairness Helping resolve conflicts Promoting order and stability Promoting desirable social and economic behavior Representing the will of the majority Protecting the rights of minotorities Legal system is influenced by our society’s traditional idea of right and wrong

5 LAW AND VALUES Laws can be based on 4 different values: Moral Value
Economic Value Political Value Social Value As values change so can laws

6 Moral Values Fundamental questions of right and wrong
Example: Laws against killing people What are some circumstances where society allows for the killing of people? Have class answer discussion question.

7 Economic Value Deal with accumulation, preservation, use and distribution of wealth. Many laws promote economic values Let’s read on page 7 the examples Second paragraph on page 7 shows examples of promoting economic values. Can the students think of any other examples.

8 Political Values Reflects the relationship between government and individuals Laws making it easier to vote promote citizen participation in political process Citizen participation is basic American political value

9 Social Values Concern issues that are important to society
Social values can change What laws do you think deal with social values?

10 Problem 1.3 Pg. 8 For each of the following laws, indicate whether moral, economic, political or social values are involved. Explain your responses. All drives must stop at stop signs. It is a crime to cheat on your tax return. All citizens may vote at age 18. Special government programs lend money to minority- owned businesses at low interest rates. Government officials may not accept gifts from people who want them to pass certain laws. Possession of marijuana is a crime.

11 HUMAN RIGHTS All the rights people have because they are human beings.
Advocating human rights: Demand the dignity of all humans be respected. Where do people’s human right’s apply? Homes Schools Everywhere Workplace People’s human rights apply everywhere Bonus assignment: Read the section on human rights. Pages Then answer the problem 1.5 questions on page 11.

Regulate public conduct and set out duties owed to society. Brought by the government against a person committing a crime 2 types of criminal laws: Felonies Misdemeanors Regulate relations between individuals or groups of individuals Civil Action- lawsuit brought against one person by another person Regulate- marriage, divorce, contracts, real estate, insurance, consumer protection and negligence Felonies- penalty more than one year in prison examples- murder and robbery Misdemeanors- penalty less than one year in prison examples- simple assault and minor Read and discuss the participants in trials and discuss difference in criminal and civil case against O.J. Simpson on pgs. 13 and 14. Homework/Classwork: problem 1.7

Limited government: -to keep the federal government from having too much power Checks and Balances: -to prevent one branch of the U.S. government from becoming too powerful Reasons Supreme Court can declare a law unconstitutional: Government passed a laws the Constitution does not give it power to pass Passed a laws that violates someone’s rights. What is the Bill of Rights? First 10 amendments to the Constitution Complete problem 1.8 in class.

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