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Government of the people by the people for the people.

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1 Government of the people by the people for the people

2 What is Civics?  Civics is the study of the rights and duties of citizens  The concept of citizenship dates back more than 2,500 years to Greece and Rome (only applied to men with property)

3 What is a Citizen?  Citizens are part of a country  They share a common history, common customs or common values  They agree to follow a set of rules and to accept the government’s authority

4 What is a Government?  A government is the ruling authority for a community.  Basically any organization that has the power to make and enforce laws and decisions for its members acts as a government.

5 What would happen with out a government.  If there were no government to make and enforce laws, we would live in a state of confusion, violence, and fear.

6 4 basic function of government  Keeping order  providing security  Providing public services  Guiding the community

7 How do governments keep order?  Governments make laws to help prevent conflicts and to settle those conflicts that do arise  Governments have the power to enforce those laws

8 How do governments provide security?  Prevent Crime  Protect citizens from foreign attacks

9 What public services do governments provide?  Provide libraries, schools, hospitals, parks, water and utilities  They also provide for the needy

10 How do governments Guide the community?  Manage the economy  Conduct foreign relations  And set Public Policy

11 What is public policy?  A course of government action to achieve community goals  Governments also guide the community by setting a budget

12 What is a budget?  A plan for collecting and spending money from the community

13 There are 3 levels of our government  National Government Centered in the nations' capital, washing, D.C. They make and enforce the laws for the entire country.  State Government Which decides matters for the people in their state  Local Government Local governments include counties, cities and towns

14 Which type of Government do we have a Democracy or a Dictatorship?  A Dictatorship is a government controlled by one person or a small group of people  A Democracy is a kind of government in which the people rule. The foundations of democracy began in ancient Greece  There are two types of Democracy

15 What are the two types of Democracy  Direct Democracy All citizens met to debate government matters and vote first-hand  Representative Democracies Citizens choose a smaller group to represent them, make laws, and govern on their behalf, but the people remain the source of the governments authority.

16 The fundamental principles of American Democracy  Rule of law All people, including those who govern, are bound by law  Limited Government Government is not all powerful  Consent of the governed American citizens are the source of all governmental power  Individual rights Individual rights are protected  Representative government People elect government leaders to make the laws and govern on their behalf.

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