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San Luis Rey de Francia Olivia Fagundes.

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1 San Luis Rey de Francia Olivia Fagundes

2 Table of Contents Mission Site Father Serra and Founder of Mission
Mission Layout and Bell Tower When and where Mission was built Agriculture and Livestock Indians Joining this Mission Significant Events Population Current Use of Mission What I Liked Best Bibliography Back to main menu

3 Mission Site My mission’s site is on a peaceful hill over looking the vall at the native village . It is also about 5 miles away from a the ocean side. The mission is also built on the Oceanside of California.

4 When Mission was Built (Founded)
My mission San Luis Rey de Francia was built in June 13, The founder was Father Fermin Francisco Lasuen. It’s the ninth mission built.

5 Father Junipero Serra Father Junipero Serra was born in 1713.
He built his first mission in 1769, which was San Diego. Father Fermin Lasuen was born on June 7 , 1736 and died on June 27 , 1803. He also arrived in Mexico city to argue with Viceroy Antonio in 1773.

6 Founder of Mission My founder was Father Fermin Lasuen .
On June 7,1736 he was born .On June 27 ,1803 he died. His first mission was Basilica San Diego de Alcala

7 Mission Layout and Bell Tower

8 Agriculture and Livestock
They grew corn and wheat. They raised cattle and sheep. They raised 27,000 cattle. In addition they raised 26,000 sheep.

9 Indians Joining this Mission
The Indians that join my mission are Luiseno Indians. In there language they call them selves Payomkowishum . The meaning is that there people of the west.

10 Population The population is 2788.
At 1770 the population was There were 10,000 in 1960’s.

11 Significant Events They have eight church bells They did 5399 baptism.
They did 1335 weddings there.

12 Current Use of the Mission
They have church services there. You can get baptized at the mission. In addition they have wedding services.

13 What I Liked Best I liked to search on websites like Google.
I also liked to learn about my mission.

14 How to write a bibliography
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15 Bibliography

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