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NEW AP!!! Starts Monday 3/10 ONLY MON,TUES, and THURS!

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1 NEW AP!!! Starts Monday 3/10 ONLY MON,TUES, and THURS!

2 What is AP for?? AP is for getting help! AP is for asking questions! AP is for working on homework in a quiet environment! AP is for finishing tests! AP is for academic enrichment!

3 What are the new AP session types?  YOU DO NOT HAVE ONE AP TEACHER AND CLASS ANYMORE.  Each AP day you will CHOOSE which teacher to see during AP, or a teacher might choose YOU.  Two types of sessions:  CLOSED: Only students with a signature from that teacher may enter  OPEN: All students welcome (usually study hall/doing homework) IF THEY DO NOT HAVE A SIGNATURE FROM A TEACHER

4 How do I decide which AP to go to?  A list will be on the Fallon website every week to pick  Have your parents help you decide!  Write your first and second choices in your minder binder for the three AP days so you don’t forget!  Read the topics for each of the AP sessions.  See one you need help with?  See an open homework session with a teacher you want there in case you get stuck?  Know you have a test coming up in a certain class?  See a topic that interests you?  REMEMBER AP IS TO HELP YOU SUCCEED! CHOOSE WISELY!

5 Sample List:

6 Teacher Signatures -No more pink passes! -Teachers will sign minder binders in the 8 th column with a #1 or #2 -#1 means you HAVE TO BE AT THAT CLOSED SESSION- NO EXCEPTIONS! -#2 means if you have no #1 teacher signature that day, then you need to come. -Do not own a minder binder? There are some extras in the office! See Mrs. Hernandez OR Your teacher can give you a blue calendar to use instead. -NO RANDOM PIECES OF PAPER OR NOTEBOOKS CAN BE USED!

7 How do I get in to an AP class?  Open Session: Just show up with your minder binder open that has NO signatures inside! OR show up with your minder binder open with a #2 signature for that teacher  Closed Session: A teacher will sign your minder binder with a #1 and you must show up. OR you can ask a teacher to sign it if you want to attend their Closed session because you need help or are interested in that topic.  If a class is FULL then you must go to a backup open session!  ALWAYS SHOW UP WITH YOUR MINDER BINDER OR BLUE CALENDAR OPEN TO THE CORRECT DATE! IT IS YOUR TICKET INSIDE!

8 What do I do when I get there?  Minder binder is checked on your way in.  Find your name on your teacher’s computer or other electronic device.  Enter the current AP room number after your name  Work quietly and productively on homework or an assignment your teacher has for you in the closed session.  Stay in the same AP for the rest of the AP period.

9 Consequences  Don’t have your minder binder or blue sheet calendar out? DETENTION  Wandering around outside instead of in an AP class? DETENTION  Don’t show up for a teacher’s closed session when required? DETENTION  AP is for learning! Not being productive? You will be sent to H-5 and will automatically have a Friday detention or higher consequence!  Excessive misbehavior in an AP class may mean you are asked NOT to return to that AP!

10 Other important info  Emergency during AP? (lunch, or passing period too) Go to your PREVIOUS teacher’s room number on the blacktop.  PE, Library, and other open sessions may get full! If your teacher has closed the door to an open session then it is full! Go to a backup choice!  The school electronic device policy still is in effect. You must ask permission to use your devices in your AP classes or follow any device signs/rules your AP teacher gives you.

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