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1 Rebuttals

2 Organization of Debate
1st Proposition Speaker: 5 min. 1st Opposition Speaker: 5 min. 2nd Proposition Speaker: 5 min. 2nd Opposition Speaker: 5 min. 3rd Opposition Rebuttalist: 4 min. 3rd Proposition Rebuttalist: 4 min.

3 ARES A: Assertion is the argument you are going to make
R: Reasoning is the ‘because’ statement. It explains why your assertion is true or relevant E: Evidence is the example, facts, or statistic that proves your argument is valid S: Significance explains why your Assertion, Reasoning, and Evidence are important for people (So what? Why do we care? What do we lose if we don’t side with you? What is the impact?

4 Refuting Arguments Rebuttal is an important part of debate. It is clearly stating the flaws in your opponent’s arguments: They Said: Identify your opposing team’s argument that you are going to refute But We Say: State what your team’s argument/rebuttal is. Because: Provide reasons that prove why the opposing team is wrong. Therefore: Tell the judge why your argument is better than your opponents argument.

5 Definitions Proposition side in charge of this
Define the key words of the prompt i.e. Social Media does more harm than good. Questions? Definitions

6 Rebuttalists Who is the rebuttalist?
A good rebuttalist will spend 2 minutes on refutation and 2 minutes on rebuilding their team’s case House analogy Use the last minute on voting

7 Point of Information Maximum of 15 seconds
A question or statement to the judge or debater Meant to serve to keep you involved with the debate when you’re not speaking Not during protected time or rebuttals Point of Information

8 Heckling Maximum of 3 words Not to be disruptive
Can distract your opposition Heckling

9 Make sure to “like” Walnut Debate Outreach Program on Facebook for updates and announcements
on Instagram

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