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Multimedia Authoring1 Multimedia Authoring Revision.

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1 Multimedia Authoring1 Multimedia Authoring Revision

2 Multimedia Authoring2 Assessment: Assignment50% Examination (at least 45% on exam to pass)50%

3 Multimedia Authoring3 Exam: Two hours Seven (7) questions Usability Video Animation or web design Accessibility Images Legal and ethical issues (Creative Commons or Music Copyright) Sound

4 Multimedia Authoring4 In general for each topic the following were covered: The underlying principles The way data is represented The file types Design considerations including usability Legal and ethical issues Hardware requirements Competencies in the appropriate software

5 Multimedia Authoring5 Introduction to Multimedia What is multimedia? What are some of the issues related to multimedia? Why would you use it?/ How can it be used? Business Education Entertainment Electronic books, magazines, newspapers Kiosks Virtual reality

6 Multimedia Authoring6 Web site design Good web site design aspects Problems of poor website design Problems for web sites of poor multimedia design

7 Multimedia Authoring7 Images Vector vs Raster Graphics Capture, manipulation and storage Pixels Bit depths (applicable only to raster graphic files) Dithering (24 bits can be dithered to 8 bits – adaptive palette (best 256 colours to represent image) File types Additive vs Subtractive colors Good composition

8 Multimedia Authoring8 Video Advantages and disadvantages of using video Capture, compression, transport and storage Component video/S video/ Composite video/ HDMI Interlaced versus progressive scan Broadcast video standards Digital TV/High Definition TV Composition Shooting for better results

9 Multimedia Authoring9 Legal and Ethical Issues MP3 and Copyright Piracy OR Creative Commons/AEShareNet

10 Multimedia Authoring10 Multimedia Authoring Usability What is meant by usability? What does it measure? Benefits of considering usability early User centred methodology 1.User needs analysis 2.Empirical measurement 3.Iterative design

11 Multimedia Authoring11 Multimedia Authoring Usability Characteristics that make a usable multimedia system Problems of poor multimedia design

12 Multimedia Authoring12 Multimedia Authoring Accessibility What is accessible web design? What issues need to be considered to ensure accessible web design? How is content made accessible in Dreamweaver? Images, Tables etc. Audio and video

13 Multimedia Authoring13 Multimedia Authoring Sound Difference between MIDI and digital audio Digitizing audio, sound samples Sampling rate, bit depth (resolution), bit-rate Problems e.g. clipping, quantization Audio file formats – wav, mp3 etc…. Effects – chorus, reverb, flanger, etc… When to use sound

14 Multimedia Authoring14 Multimedia Authoring Animation Use of Animation Effective Use Guidelines to follow Creating animation Standard rates File formats Animated gifs SWF

15 Multimedia Authoring15 Multimedia Authoring Streaming What is it? How does it work? Types of streaming Pseudo-streaming Real streaming Live On demand

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