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Ch. 7 Multimedia Analysis and Composition

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1 Ch. 7 Multimedia Analysis and Composition

2 Roles Designer Others Main Role Technical Aspects Other team members
Artists, musicians, other specialists

3 Guidelines Why Why are you putting multimedia elements into your site?
What is the best format? Why? What should you be aware of?

4 Graphics Pictures, graphs, charts, tables, illustrations Problems
Entertainment value Informational value Problems Colors Size Copyright

5 Graphic Examples Bar Graph Pie Chart Flow Chart Line Chart

6 Photos Uses Types Problems Aesthetic value Informational value
Evidentiary Types Gif (can be animated) Jpg Problems Copyrights Size/Loading

7 Audio Uses Forms Problems Entertainment Instructional/Narrative MP3
Songs Instructional/Narrative Forms MP3 WAV Problems Browser Limitations Bandwidth/Loading

8 Video/Animations Uses Types Instructional Entertainment Functional AVI
Transitions Types AVI MPEG MOV

9 Video/Animations (cont.)
Problems Large File Size Streaming Technology Bandwidth/Storage Hog

10 Types and Purposes

11 Flash Many Uses Can turn instructional animations into interactive animations

12 Questions?

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