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Curriculum Night August 18, 2011 3 rd Grade Mrs. Nelsen: Reading/Grammar/Social Studies/Writing Mrs. Feiman: Math/Science/Writing.

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1 Curriculum Night August 18, rd Grade Mrs. Nelsen: Reading/Grammar/Social Studies/Writing Mrs. Feiman: Math/Science/Writing Ms. Im: ICE Writing/ Reading/ Math Ms. Breed: Paraprofessional

2 Communication  Agenda (Sign Daily!)   Web Pages  Notes  Conferences

3 Discipline Policy 1. Verbal warning/reminder 2. Parent notification on weekly behavior report 3. Parent notification via or phone call 4. Parent/teacher/student conference 5. Office referral 6. Daily checklist

4 Assessment Calendar Cognitive Abilities Test-  September 26-October 11 Iowa Test of Basic Skills-  October 24-November 3 Criterion Referenced Test-  April 23 – May 3

5 Classroom Reward System Class compliments Sticky notes “Letters” for trips to the Treasure Box Classroom Economy will be implemented soon.

6 Important Reminders TIP (Thursday Important Papers) packets are sent home each Thursday. Weekly Behavior reports will be sent home in TIP. Ice-cream day- Thursday, beginning September 8 th. Ice-cream now costs $0.60.

7 Absences and Tardiness Excused: personal illness, death or illness in the immediate family, religious observance. Work for excused absences will be provided when the student returns. Students must bring a note from a parent and/or doctor when he or she returns to school following an absence.

8 I nstruction C ollaboration E nvironment Benefits: *Instruction from three certified teachers plus supportive instruction from a paraprofessional *Smaller groups *Use of best practices and differentiated instruction

9 Science: Mrs. Feiman Scientific Method Heat and Energy Magnets Rocks and Geology Unit Habitats Pollution

10 Math: Mrs. Feiman and Ms. Im Topics of Study: Place Value Addition and Subtraction Time and Money Estimation Data and Graphs Measurement Geometry Multiplication and Division (Yes, 3 rd graders do LONG division!) Problem-Solving Primary focus: FLUENCY and ACCURACY of basic facts

11 Social Studies: Mrs. Nelsen Government (3 Branches, leaders, and roles) Historical Figures (Paul Revere, Frederick Douglass, Cesar Chavez, Mary McLeod Bethune, Eleanor Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, Thurgood Marshall, Lyndon B. Johnson and Susan B. Anthony) Economics Map Skills U.S. Landforms (mountain ranges and main rivers) Greek impact on Western Civilization (architecture and government)

12 Reading: Mrs. Nelsen and Ms. Im We will focus on... Making good book choices Inferring and predicting Identifying important story elements Summarizing and synthesizing Understanding elements of fiction and nonfiction Exploring a variety of genres Reading aloud with fluency and expression

13 Reading Homework: Mrs. Nelsen and Ms. Im Students’ Responsibility: Read for 20 minutes each night except for Wonderful Wednesday and the weekends. They may read anything! Parents’ Role: Support, enthusiasm, and “monitoring” Parents: Sign your child’s planner to let us know that he/she read for 20 minutes.

14 Writing: Mrs. Nelsen, Mrs. Feiman, and Ms. Im Narrative Persuasive Informational Response to Literature Creative Writing Poetry Grammar will be taught during Reading and Writing time.

15 Any questions?

16 Thank you, parents! At this time, our wonderful room parents will need to meet with each homeroom class individually. Please go to your child’s homeroom teacher for further instructions from the room parents.

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