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Welcome to Curriculum Night Ms. Eadie’s Third Grade Class.

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1 Welcome to Curriculum Night Ms. Eadie’s Third Grade Class

2 All About Ms. Eadie This is my 16 th year teaching. I have taught 1 st, 2 nd, 3 rd, & 4 th grades, all in Gwinnett. I graduated from Georgia State University in 1993 with a degree in Early Childhood Education. I have a Master’s degree in Educational Technology from Walden University. I have lived in Gwinnett since 1973. Yes, I’m that old. I love to read, cook, spend time with my family, and play with my two spoiled beagles.

3 AKS & GCPS Discipline AKS (Academic Knowledge & Skills)- it drives our instruction. It is divided by subject and gives an overview of what students will achieve this year. Please sign & tear out the last page now. GCPS Student/Parent Discipline Handbook- Goals, procedures, consequences, & rights. Please sign the Response and Attendance Forms on pg.23. Only sign page 21 if you do not want information released.

4 Alcova Agenda Books They serve 3 purposes: 1.Record behavior each day-please sign each night-if rule is broken # is written 2.Record spelling words each week 3.Student resource for information

5 Classroom Management Whole group - compliments Group rewards – “Fuzzies” Individual: –Positive- good behavior “bucks,” stickers, positive praise, extra privileges –Negative- move a “car” with time out in and out of classroom, notes home, loss of privileges, logical consequences Incentives to work towards: - Earning “bucks,” game day, ice cream & end of 9 weeks award for all students with Excellent behavior on their report card The focus is mainly on the positive!!

6 Class Schedule 7:45-8:30 Morning Work 8:30-9:00 CQI 9:00-10:00 Math 10:00-10:10 Snack/Journal 10:10-10:55 Specials 10:55-11:35 Science/Social Studies 11:35-12:00 Recess 12:00 Restroom/Drinks 12:05-12:30 Lunch 12:30-2:30 Language Arts 2:30-3:15 Clean Up & Dismissal

7 Friday Folders Weekly work will be sent home each Friday unless it has been a short week or a standardized testing week. The class newsletter will be included, attached to the week’s homework. You can keep graded papers unless a note is attached asking you to sign and return. You may want to keep work in a file at home for CRCT review later.

8 Snack Please send dry snacks only. Animal crackers, pretzels, carrot sticks, & crackers are great! Cookies w/ icing & filling are not allowed! Please remember birthday cakes & cupcakes are not allowed.

9 Transportation Changes If your child will not be going home by his/her usual means of transportation, you must send a note with him/her indicating the change or call the office. If I receive no note or call from the office, I have to send your child home the usual way.

10 Assessments & Grading Daily Grades Test Grades Benchmark Tests in Reading, Math, Language Arts, & Social Studies Grading Scale:A: 90-100 B: 80-89 C: 74-79 D: 70-73 U: 69 and below E, S, N, or U for conduct and specials grades.

11 Grading Reading: classwork 30% assessments 70% Spelling,Writing, Math, Science, & Social Studies: classwork 40% assessments 60%

12 Homework & Expectations A weekly homework packet is given out each Friday and is due the following Friday. This includes reading, spelling, and math homework. Weekly Newsletter – Sent home on Fridays. This contains school, PTA, classroom information, & test dates. Reading this will help you stay informed!

13 LA: Writing & Reading Writers’ Workshop 3 rd grade writing assessment –Four types of writing: Persuasive, Informative, Personal Narrative, Response to Literature. Daily journals Writing across the curriculum Reading across the curriculum Reader of the Day

14 Math Weekly skills- See AKS Book for a detailed list of skills learned in 3 rd grade. Conundrum of the Week-Mrs. Cincotta Daily Logic Problems In class review for all math tests Test dates are listed in the weekly newsletter

15 Spelling Sitton Sight Words for 3 rd grade can be found in the front of the agenda. Weekly spelling words follow a pattern. Students can write their words in their agenda each week in the designated location. Spelling contract is in the weekly homework packet. Spelling tests are on Friday.

16 Social Studies 1.Map and Globe Skills Cardinal Directions, parts of a map, how to read one 2. Roots of our Democracy Ancient Greece 3. Economy/Personal Finance Supply & Demand, Goods & Services 4. Life & Times of Historical Figures Paul Revere, Frederick Douglas, Susan B. Anthony, Mary McLeod Bethune, Franklin Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt, Thurgood Marshall, Lyndon B. Johnson, Cesar Chavez 5. In class review & study guides for tests

17 Science 1.Characteristics of Science -Scientific Processes, Inquiry 2. Physical Science- Magnets & heat 3. Life science- Habitats & Pollution 4. Earth Science- Rocks & Minerals, Fossils 5. Science Special w/Mrs. Bolt 6. In class review & study guide for tests

18 Thank you so much for coming. this is sure to be a great year !

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