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Success is a Given Click Here Click Here to get your handout.

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1 Success is a Given Click Here Click Here to get your handout.

2 Ready to Reinvent? How to read the signs!

3 Recession or Reinvention? Recession makes us a victim Reinvention makes us a creator Giving up addictions is hard Recession is a reaction Reinvention is a response

4 If I only had a sign…

5 Pain is the Sign Want something more Stuck on the fence Want change Confusion Frustration Fear Excitement

6 Self Reflection 1.What are your signs? 2.What do these signs mean? 3.Could it mean something different?

7 My Story The three life tragedies The pain that motivated me

8 One Step Away from Crazy? Why you feel the way you do The amygdala You are not really crazy…just changing

9 Self Reflection 4. What area are you experiencing dissatisfaction or discomfort? 5. Does this pain correlate with an area where you need to reinvent?

10 New Mindsets 1.What you want wants you 2.You must have courage 3.Play to win versus playing to lose 4.Raise your level of consciousness

11 What you want also wants you The Law of Attraction Chapter 3

12 My New York Experience

13 You must have courage Courage Chapter 5

14 Courage Ask for what you want Not what you dont want Problems women have when changing

15 Courage in Winter Park

16 Self Reflection 6. Where are you failing to ask? 7. What are you afraid of?

17 Playing to Win Winning Chapter 6

18 Playing to Win Everyone has a winning philosophy Winning and customer service Winning on the individual level

19 Signs of Winning Self-discipline Keeping your word Seeing the big picture

20 Self-Reflection 8. Where are you playing not to lose? 9. What kind of discipline or risk is required of you if you are playing to win?

21 Raise Your Consciousness Choice Chapter 12

22 Raise Your Consciousness The strongest principle of growth lies in human choice. Growth is about conscious choice Every commitment is tested By your choices you reveal your commitments

23 What are you committed to? healthy diet good marriage rewarding relationships financial security

24 Self Reflection 10. What are you really committed to? 11. What choices are required of you to keep this commitment? 12. What might test your commitment?

25 Mothers Day Special

26 May 8 th, 2009 Springfield Business Women Reclaim Your Power: Reinvent

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