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Using the Discovering the Real Me Series Student Textbook and Teachers Manual 6.

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1 Using the Discovering the Real Me Series Student Textbook and Teachers Manual 6

2 Discovering the Real Me: Student Textbook 6: A World of Choices Original stories True to life Ages 11 to 12 years Dilemmas, conflicts, choices, resolutions

3 Character Educations Goals: To know the good head To care about the good heart To do the good hands

4 Each Story Has Cognitive, Affective, and Behavioral Goals Educating the Head, Heart, and Hands

5 Chapter 4: A World of Choices Tommy the Tortoise Tommy is not a gifted student Still, Tommy wants to be the top in the class He thinks he can do it if he works hard enough

6 Tommy the Tortoise Tommys best friend doubts him He thinks Christa, the atomic brain, will beat Tommy Tommy says hes the tortoise in The Tortoise and the Hare

7 Tommy the Tortoise Tommy wins the award of being number one student in the class He says, Slow and steady wins the race! like the tortoise versus the hare

8 Tommy the Tortoise: Cognitive Objectives Students will understand that hard work, sacrifice, and effort are necessary both to maintain talents and to develop them

9 Tommy the Tortoise: Affective Objectives Students will be cheering for Tommy and his ability to achieve seemingly impossible goals through hard work

10 Tommy the Tortoise: Behavioral Objectives Students will state the maxim Slow and steady wins the race They will describe tortoise and hare situations in real life

11 Tommy the Tortoise Discussion Themes The relationship between talent and hard work Small group discussions about being a tortoise or a hare in real life

12 Tommy the Tortoise Activities Learn or review the fable The Tortoise and the Hare Write and illustrate a story Exercise: What do students dream of achieving?

13 Tommy the Tortoise Activities Questions for Reflection done in small groups Focusing on Tommys character Focusing on Tommys sacrifices to attain his goal

14 Chapter 7: A World of Choices Mr. Perfect Robert is a perfectionist, trying to do everything just right He is defensive when criticized He gets angry very easily

15 Mr. Perfect Even his teachers dont like to point out Roberts mistakes Other students fear him Roberts worst fear is coming truehe is not doing well

16 Mr. Perfect: Cognitive Objectives Students will understand the concept of perfectionism and how it can lead to frustration, anger, and feelings of low self-worth

17 Mr. Perfect: Affective Objectives Students will want to relax perfectionism; they will forgive themselves for mistakes; they will be willing to strive if perfectionism has been holding them back from trying

18 Mr. Perfect: Behavioral Objectives Students will identify perfectionist behavior They will use tools to counteract the stress of perfectionism and anger

19 Mr. PerfectDiscussion Themes Perfectionism versus striving for excellence Forgiving ourselves Allowing ourselves to try even if we might fail or make a mistake Handling anger Reflective listening

20 Mr. Perfect Activities Exercise: Are you a perfectionist? Self- test De-stressingdeep breathing and visualizing Questions for Reflection on anger and fear

21 Chapter 12: A World of Choices My Best Friend?" Melodie and Susan are best friends Melodie is very good at math; Susan is not They have a big test coming up next week

22 My Best Friend? Melodie offers to tutor Susan Susan asks her to let her copy in class Melodie refuses Susan gets a good grade without cheating

23 My Best Friend?: Cognitive Objectives Students will understand that cheating is wrong, even for your best friend True friends dont ask you to do things that are wrong

24 My Best Friend?: Affective Objectives Students will feel anger at cheating They will feel anger at false friends They will want true friends and to be true friends themselves

25 My Best Friend?: Behavioral Objectives Students will identify true and false friends They will describe different ways of cheating They will interpret cheating as unfair to those who have worked for a reward

26 My Best Friend? Discussion Themes Is something only wrong if you get caught? Cheating includes copying from a book or the internet, someone elses test answers or homework or bringing a cheat sheet to school Cheating is unfair to both the cheater and the people he or she copied from Cheating is a form of stealing

27 My Best Friend? Activities True or False Friend? Tricia found some matches Shes afraid to light them herself She asks Kelly to light them Is Tricia a true friend to Kelly?

28 My Best Friend?True or False Friend? Clive found a cigarette on the street Peter says, Lets not smoke it. Is Peter a true friend to Clive?

29 Utilize the Power of Story through Discovering the Real Me Storytelling: Is a classic way to pass on culture Helps the young experience things vicariously Imparts wisdom Binds people together


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