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Invest Plan. What is Getyoo? Getyoo bridges the gap between social networks and real people. By making possible to exchange digital information into.

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1 Invest Plan

2 What is Getyoo?

3 Getyoo bridges the gap between social networks and real people. By making possible to exchange digital information into the real world.

4 How? With 3 things Social Networking Platform Getyoo Physical Device Clickey Smart label Tag

5 Virtual Business Cards Exchanges Clickeys People can share their virtual profiles into the real world

6 Near Field Communication Mobile Devices Clickeys Connect to Getyoo Website via USB

7 Smart labels containing information Can be read by Clickeys Tags Real world links to online media

8 Website Social platform reflecting contact connections made in real life Social networks aggregator Communities Statistic tools Where information selected in the real world can be found.

9 Website Social networks aggregator A single place where people can follow their contacts’ social activity A network platform aggregating social networks.

10 Website Communities ‘ Brandable ’ online spaces Members Interactivity: a place to access, post and discuss media

11 Website Statistic Tools Community members statistics Who ? What ? Where ? When ?

12 Getyoo In Brief

13 User Advantages Time efficiency: business cards directly into address book redirection to specific information Useful to diffuse information: directly online, ready to be shared Ideal to manage a professional or private address book: automatic contact updates

14 Advertisers Advantages Eco-friendly & cost savings less paper prints Useful to diffuse information customers redirected to brand websites Statistics Segmentation, Media Consultation and Traceability, …

15 The Team

16 Co-founders Postgraduate diploma in Business & Management. Contributed to the international launch of a commercial subsidiary company in London. SKILLS Sales & Business Development Getyoo second company he has founded. Presented Getyoo to the Start Academy. Training year in Entrepreneurship - Company Creation & Expansion at the Solvay Business School. SKILLS Visionnary & Project Management Alexis Tinel CEO Geoffroy Simon COO

17 Serge Stroinovsky Chairman of Getyoo CEO of multinational companies. Success story with Milcamps factories buyout and sale. Board member of BECI, Brussels Enterprises Commerce & Industry. Teacher at ICHEC, Brussels Management School. SKILLS Finances, Strategy Marc Wittock Over 24 years of international experience in General Management, Sales, Production and finance. Investor and manager of different production companies. Present : Private equity, Business Angel. SKILLS PR, Business Development Board Co-founders and... Fabien Marathée Founded 2 IT companies. System & Telecommunications Engineer at the National Center of Space Studies. Expert and Advisor in Computer Infrastructures for Microsoft. Present : IT Architect at GDF Suez. SKILLS Technology, Internet

18 Team

19 Company structure The social capital comes to € Founders 66% A. Tinel G. Simon Board 8,6 % S. Stroinovsky M. Wittock Others 25,4 % We have received financial help from the authorities +/ € (IRSIB, Bruxelles Export, Brussels Capital Region, Actiris, …) And a bank loan of €

20 Market

21 Where the search for information and networking aspects are central. Business to Business Business to Clients Events Potential Market Retail sector Universal loyalty card. Discounts, promotions, information on point of sale.

22 Market Facts Events Belgium (Exhibitions) Each year 500+ exhibitions in 56 exhibition centers. Up to exhibitors and 10 million visitors each year Source: Febelux (Federation of Exhibitions in Belgium & Luxemburg) UK (B2B Events) 17 million people visit events each year and the event industry contributes £9.3bn to the UK economy Source: Events Industry Alliance ( Social Networks Market Social Networks Ad Spending to reach $ 2.6 billion by Source: eMarketer 2009 (

23 Competition


25 Business Model More focused on Software rather than Hardware. Clickey = true differentiator element brings an added value, website accelerator Current Revenues Clickeys, Tags & Media Sales Branded Communities Sales Advertising Banners Sales Future Revenues Software as a Service Business Model

26 Business Case Example

27 Business Model Clickeys, Tags & Media

28 Purchase Decisions Media Most Informative Media Increase Purchase Desire Source: eMarketer 2009 ( Media Most Trustworthy

29 Need of a Capital Increase

30 Capital Increase Reasons Team Reinforcements Web Developers and Sales people Lower Clickeys Costs Massive orders Development of a Smartphone Application Study for International Deployment Marketing Campaigns

31 Project Timeline

32 Interested in Getyoo ? If yes, we propose internship/student job. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us

33 Thank you ! Alexis Tinel CEO and Co-Founder Phone Mobile Geoffroy Simon COO and Co-Founder Phone Mobile

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