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EAR-BASED AMENDMENT FORUM. September 20062 Sponsored by the Pinellas Planning Council September 12 & 13, 2006 Harborview Center Clearwater.

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2 September 20062 Sponsored by the Pinellas Planning Council September 12 & 13, 2006 Harborview Center Clearwater

3 September 20063 PRESENTERS  David P. Healey  Larry S. Pflueger  V. Gail Easley  Brenda Winningham  TBRPC  County  MPO  School Board

4 September 20064 OVERVIEW  Understanding plan amendments  Ensuring consistency  Process and procedures  Resources  Questions answered

5 September 20065 UNDERSTANDING PLAN AMENDMENTS  Purposes of plan amendments  Contents of a plan amendment  Supporting the plan amendment with data and analysis  Old laws, new laws, and your responsibility  Who will prepare the amendment?

6 September 20066 Purposes  Primary concern – implementing the recommendations from the EAR – addressing:  Issues that guided evaluation  Deficiencies and needs in each element of your plan  Changes in State law and Administrative Rules  PPC Countywide Rules  Strategic Regional Policy Plan

7 September 20067 Issues that guided evaluation:  Local government determined major issues  DCA agreed to major issues with possible additions  Scoping meetings may have added issues  Evaluation of issues resulted in recommendations for plan amendments

8 September 20068 Evaluation of each element:  Assessment of each element for successes  Assessment of each element for shortcomings  Recommendations for modifications to address issues raised during the assessments

9 September 20069 Changes in State laws and rules:  Chapter 163, Part II, F.S., was adopted in 1985  Chapter 9J-5, F.A.C., implemented the statute in 1986  Major and minor amendments over past 20 years  Local governments must meet current requirements

10 September 200610 PPC countywide rules:  Pinellas Planning Council adopted countywide rules – primarily related to land use  Most local governments will have at least some plan amendments to ensure consistency with the rules

11 September 200611 Strategic Regional Policy Plan:  Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council adopts a Strategic Regional Policy Plan (SRPP) – focused on state and regional issues  Local governments may need amendments to maintain consistency between local plan and the SRPP

12 September 200612  Additional amendments to address:  Issues you identify when you collect data to support the EAR-based amendment  Issues that arise during citizen workshops about the plan  Important issues or topics that were not part of the evaluation process

13 September 200613   What happens when you include issues that were not in the EAR?  Identify these additional issues when you transmit the proposed EAR-based amendment to DCA.

14 September 200614  When should your amendment be adopted?  18 months after the EAR is found sufficient by DCA  Allow time for the following actions during the 18 months:  Prepare the amendment  Workshops and hearings  Transmit to DCA  DCA review – ORC report  Revise and adopt the amendment

15 September 200615 Contents of an amendment  Adopted portion of the plan:  Goals, objectives, and policies for each required element, including capital improvements implementation  Required maps  Format materials, such as a table of contents, list of maps, specific headings, and source information

16 September 200616 Goals, objectives, and policies:  Change out-of-date deadlines  Update agency names   Widespread changes – delete the element followed by a totally new element  Few changes – use underline and strikethrough of the affected text

17 September 200617 Required maps:  Some maps must be adopted: Future land use Natural resources and conditions Coastal high hazard area Future transportation system  Other maps may be adopted, such as depicting redevelopment areas or other special planning areas

18 September 200618 Required format:  Format requirements are contained in 9J-5.005  Primarily designed to ensure some consistency in format and ease of use  Also designed to ensure identification of source documents to support the plan

19 September 200619  Background or support document – also called “data & analysis” report  Updated information for each amended element  Information that supports the objectives and policies in each amended element  Required maps  Format materials

20 September 200620 Updated information:  Population forecasts  Housing needs forecasts  Land use needs forecasts  New planning periods for at least 5 years and 10 years  New data to meet changes in state laws

21 September 200621 Supporting information:  Data that explains the conditions pertaining to each element  Data that is the foundation for goals, objectives, and policies

22 September 200622 Required maps:  Existing land use within and adjacent to the jurisdiction  Natural resources, including soils, floodplains, and other specific areas  Historic resources  Drainage and recharge areas  Infrastructure service areas  Existing transportation system

23 September 200623 What does data look like?  Numerical information, such as population

24 September 200624   Information displayed on maps, such as open space and recreation areas Town of Belleair – Parks and Open Spaces

25 September 200625   Narrative descriptions of features or programs Clearwater Harbor is the only surface water resource within the City. A significant natural and recreational resource, Clearwater Harbor is part of the Pinellas County Aquatic Preserve and is also an Outstanding Florida Water (OFW).

26 September 200626 More about data & analysis  Original data or existing data?  Data must be the “best available”  Data may exist in other documents  Same data for all elements of your plan

27 September 200627 Old laws, new laws, and you  Chapter 163, Part II, F.S.  “Original” plans  20 years of major and minor changes  2005 and 2006 Laws  Public School Facilities  Transportation Concurrency  Water Supply Planning  Capital Improvements and Financial Feasibility  Fiscal Impact Analysis  Visioning & Urban Service Areas

28 September 200628 Who will prepare the amendment?  Municipal staff  Citizens – board or commission members  PPC  University or college team  Government agency  Consultant  Combination

29 September 200629 What is available from PPC?  Information to be posted on the PPC web site:  Data sets for several plan elements and guidelines for using the data  Model goals, objectives, and policies for several plan elements  Bibliography of data sources  Mapping services, on request

30 September 200630  Technical assistance for the transmittal process for the proposed amendment  Sample notices  Guidelines for transmittal  Technical assistance for the adoption process  Sample ordinance  Sample notices  Guidelines for transmittal

31 September 200631  Upon request, preparation of the entire plan amendment package  Additional data and analysis  Completion of all necessary elements  Assistance with workshops and hearings  Coordination with agencies during the review process

32 September 200632 NEXT STEPS  Additional training  Thursday, September 14  Harborview Center  Individual classes on ten topics  Register before leaving today  Identify plan preparer  Develop scope of work and timeline for your municipality

33 September 200633 QUESTIONS & ANSWERS

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