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Summary of Constitution Submitted by Melissa Emery Executive Vice President July 30-31, 2006 Marriott Hotel Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S.A.

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1 Summary of Constitution Submitted by Melissa Emery Executive Vice President July 30-31, 2006 Marriott Hotel Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S.A.

2 Constitution August 20062 Article I: Name and Purpose –1.1 Name = System Safety Society, Inc. Purpose = nonprofit scientific and engineering membership society –1.2 Society is International –1.3 Defines term “system” –1.4 Objective Advance the arts, sciences, and technology of Systems Safety to benefit all Mankind

3 Constitution August 20063 Article II: Membership –2.1 Must be…. Engaged in professional practice related to management and/or technology of product and system safety or Engaged in work which contributes to or is associated with advancement of safety engineering or management or Students enrolled in studies related there to –2.2 Three grades Fellow (not to exceed 3% to total)—Are we tracking this? Senior Member –2.3 If constitution or bylaw changes class or criteria EC sets interim rule by EO Prior to Jan 1 1979 can not be graded based on new criteria (change date?)

4 Constitution August 20064 Article II: Membership –2.4 Membership committee will notify members of good standing within 60 days of legibility to apply for promotion –2.5 Dues defined in Bylaws –2.6 Code of Ethics defined in Bylaws PDC prepared Code of Ethics PDC investigate violations –Can suspend member –Can suspend member also for Non payment of dues Dues billed 15 days prior (should this be in 2.5) 2 nd billing 30 days after (same) Treasurer to notify EC/membership Chair of 60 day past (same)

5 Constitution August 20065 Article III: Organization Structure –3.1 Set forth as: –3.2 EC = President, Vice President, Treasurer, Executive Secretary, 6 directors, immediate past president, chairperson of each active chapter Founder = senior advisor –3.3 Standing Committees Professional Development Membership Conference/Symposium Educational

6 Constitution August 20066 Article III: Organization Structure –3.4 Conference Committee and EC will approve conference locations in advance –3.5 President EO can establish Technical Specially, Groups, or Committees (typo) –3.5 ? Organize boundaries for chapters Failure to hold 2 meetings = inactive If inactive –No financial reimbursement –No vote at EC –If inactive for 3 years, revoke charter

7 Constitution August 20067 Article IV: Management –4.1 Control rests with voting members Election of Officers and Directors Approve/Disapprove of Amendments to constitution Right to petition (RULES?) –4.2 Policy and direction of society responsibility of EC Publish Society Operations Handbook (& provide to each EC member, operating & regional VPs, & Committee chairpersons) –Outlines (right word?) Chapter Organization –Outlines for Standing Committee –Guidelines for Periodic reporting –Financial management

8 Constitution August 20068 Article IV: Management –4.3 Expressions such as –Approved by EC –Authorized by EC –With consent of EC –Established by the EC Distribute minutes as soon as practical –4.4 Officer/Director vacancy (except President) –President appoints until next election President –VP assumes until next election Majority vote by a quorum (5 director or Officers) during an official meeting

9 Constitution August 20069 Article IV: Management –4.5 President = Chief Executive of Society Presides at meeting Represents Society Issue EO’s (with EC consent) –Appoint special committee –Appoint technical specialty groups –Make special assignments –Define other matters Submit Report at close of fiscal year –Goals accomplished –Plan for next year

10 Constitution August 200610 Article IV: Management –4.6 President appoints (with EC consent) vice presidents (non voting) for –Professional development –Membership –Conference/Symposiums –Education President appoints (with EC consent) regional VPs and committee chairs (both non voting) –4.7 VP presides @ EC meeting in absence of President

11 Constitution August 200611 Article IV: Management –4.8 Treasurer –Full accounting responsibility –Full disbursement responsibility –Submit reports to EC 30 days end of year Saving/checking accounts –Treasurer signature –One other EC signature –Type, location, and prerequisites approved by EC

12 Constitution August 200612 Article IV: Management –4.9 Secretary Publish minutes of meetings Distribute mail ballots (email?) Perform other tasks –4.10 Six directors assist President and VP

13 Constitution August 200613 Article IV: Management –4.11 Commitment of Society services or supplies by EC authority only Majority vote of quorum to authorize single expenditure or budgets up to 5K 2/3 majority of entire EC single expenditure or commitment > 5K –4.12 Officers/Directors, direct or indirect salary, travel emolument or compensation must be authorized by 2/3 of entire EC If business expensed > 100 then advanced authority by EC

14 Constitution August 200614 Article IV: Management –4.13 No officer/director shall have financial interest in any contract relating to operation of society –4.14 New officer/directors should interface with old at least two months prior to taking office –4.15 The fiscal year = July 1 through June 30 = Society Year

15 Constitution August 200615 Article V: Tenure, Nominations and Elections –5.1 Term of President, EVP, Treasurer, and Secretary is 2 years Term of Director is 4 years –Can not serve two consecutive full terms in same office –Can not serve concurrent offices –5.2 President appoints nominating committee (says 3 directors) 5 voting members –One must be current or past president –5.3 Nominations of at least two candidates for each open office not less than 7 months Candidate submits bio Candidate provides written acceptance of nomination

16 Constitution August 200616 Article V: Tenure, Nominations and Elections –5.4 Nominations for officers or directors may be submitted by written petition of at least 30 members to EC not less than 9 months prior to end of a term Candidate must provide written acceptance –5.5 Secretary submits a mail ballot (or email?) to voting members not less than 5 months prior to time of office –5.6 Election by plurality of ballots received within 30 days following mailing (or emailing?) Tabulated by committee of 3 Results announced by letter or in journal

17 Constitution August 200617 Article VI: Meetings –6.1 A biennial business meeting of EC at end of odd numbered year Formal installation of new officers/directors Report of society acuities Financial position of preceding 2 years Release of membership roster –6.2 Not less than 6 official meetings Must have quorum –6.3 Special EC meeting can be called by President or Vice President By 2 officers Majority of council A Written petition by 30 society members

18 Constitution August 200618 Article VII: Bylaws –7.1 Establish & publish to define administrative directives –7.2 Qualification guidelines Professional membership grades Membership grades and administrative categories Dues Code of ethics Other matters when 2/3 of entire EC wants to add

19 Constitution August 200619 Article VII: Bylaws –7.3 Establish new/revised provisions with 2/3 votes of entire EC –7.4 Any new or reviewed provision needs to incorporate effectivity date Not less than 6 months after At least 3 month prior to effectivity, new wording with explanation/justification to be published (in journal or other means to all) –7.5 New or revised provision is void if written objection 20% of active members

20 Constitution August 200620 Article VIII Amendments –8.l Proposed amendment initiated by petition 10% voting members Or by application of a member of EC as approved by majority of quorum of EC –And majority of entire EC by mail vote –8.2 Proposed amendment mailed by Secretary to professional and affiliate members in good standing –8.3 Proposed amendment adopted if 2/3 vote cast is favorable Effective immediately –8.4 Operate as nonprofit

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