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THHGCS07B Coordinate Marketing Activities Lecture 2.

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1 THHGCS07B Coordinate Marketing Activities Lecture 2

2 Last Updated 24/10/20062 Public Relations (PR)

3 Last Updated 24/10/20063 Definition "Public relations is the management function which evaluates public attitudes, identifies the policies and procedures of an individual or an organization with the public interest, and plans and executes a program of action to earn public understanding and acceptance." - Public Relations News

4 Last Updated 24/10/20064 Examples public affairs community relations, investor relations, public press conferences, media events, internal communications, crisis communications

5 Last Updated 24/10/20065 Examples writing of a press release coordinating media contacts for an event or conference securing credentials

6 Last Updated 24/10/20066 Effort to influence the public

7 Last Updated 24/10/20067 Good PR is the telling of a good story "If a dog bites a man it is not news; but if a man bits a dog it is news". - Lord Northcliffe

8 Last Updated 24/10/20068 The Fall of Advertising and the Rise of PR American marketing strategists Al and Laura Ries argue that public relations has become the most effective way to build a brand (e.g., The Body Shop )

9 Last Updated 24/10/20069 Target Market Relations (TMR)

10 Last Updated 24/10/200610 PR Strategy

11 Last Updated 24/10/200611 1.Determine your target Newspapers TV Radio

12 Last Updated 24/10/200612 2.Develop a database of contacts Primary editor or reporter of your target

13 Last Updated 24/10/200613 3.Determine your PR story Is it newsworthy?

14 Last Updated 24/10/200614 4.Write the press release Who, what, where, when, and why

15 Last Updated 24/10/200615 5.Send your press release Knowing your editor’s/reporter’s preference will increase chance of publicity

16 Last Updated 24/10/200616 6.Use your press release for other things Post on web site Direct-mail to customers and prospects Handouts on sales calls Fliers

17 Last Updated 24/10/200617 7.Establish relationships Network! Network! Network!

18 Last Updated 24/10/200618 PR kit

19 Last Updated 24/10/200619 Media kit An information packet about a business of product Like a resume for your company Collection of company information and articles to answer media questions Also known as Press kit

20 Last Updated 24/10/200620 The ingredients of a PR kit Letter of introduction (pitch letter) Introduction of the company Product/service information

21 Last Updated 24/10/200621 The ingredients of a PR kit Recent press publications and articles Audio/video files of media related contact (e.g., radio interview) Sample news story

22 Last Updated 24/10/200622 The ingredients of a PR kit Industry news Financial statements FAQs

23 Last Updated 24/10/200623 The ingredients of a PR kit Nonprofit and community service Recent awards Photos White papers Order form etc

24 Last Updated 24/10/200624 Making a PR story

25 Last Updated 24/10/200625 PR story Anything about your business that you want the public to know

26 Last Updated 24/10/200626 Making a PR story Determine your goals –Increase sales –Increase awareness –Develop goodwill –etc

27 Last Updated 24/10/200627 Making a PR story Choose your media targets

28 Last Updated 24/10/200628 Making a PR story Get creative –Can we tie our product/service to a celebrity?

29 Last Updated 24/10/200629 Making a PR story Make the pitch

30 Last Updated 24/10/200630 Making press releases

31 Last Updated 24/10/200631 Elements of an effective press release AIDA (attention, interest, desire, action)

32 Last Updated 24/10/200632 Attention Catchy, creative, and pertinent headline Use capital letters Short and to the point Include some type of action Relating to a benefit

33 Last Updated 24/10/200633 Headline subtitle Additional, attention grabbing Who, what, where, when Don’t beat around the bush

34 Last Updated 24/10/200634 Add details Subject of your announcement Benefits/features Biography

35 Last Updated 24/10/200635 Add a quote from a key player President of the company Spokeperson

36 Last Updated 24/10/200636 Additional information Pricing information Contact information

37 Last Updated 24/10/200637 Resources nt/f4pr.shtml nt/f4pr.shtml

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