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Introduction to IP Office Customer Call Reporter

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1 Introduction to IP Office Customer Call Reporter
28 November 2010 (current through IP Office R6.1)

2 Costs of Poor Customer Service*
Typical Company receives 65% of its Business from Existing Customers 7 out of 10 Customers who Switch to a Competitor do so because of Poor Service A 5% reduction in the customer deflection rate can increase profits by 25% to 80% Satisfying and retaining current customers is 3 to 10 times cheaper than acquiring new customers *Source: Return on Behavior Magazine

3 Does Your Business Know…
How long does a caller have to wait before they are answered? How many callers hang up in frustration before they are answered? How many calls do your staff handle? How often do customers get transferred from department to department? 3

4 Improved Customer Service
Customer Call Reporter (CCR) Summary Track & measure customer service and agent productivity levels with: IP Office = Built-in ACD functionality Customer Call Reporter = real-time & historic reporting IP Office + CCR = Improved Customer Service Customer Call Reporter delivers: Simple & Intuitive Reporting Minimum User Training Required Browser/Thin Client Architecture Reduced Set Up Costs Single Server with IP Office Messaging Server Best suited to Small Businesses <30 Agents Can support up to 150 agents, 30 supervisors and one administrator Improved Customer Service The Customer Call Reporter requires IP Office V4.2 release software 3rd Quarter 2009 Maintenance Customer Call Reporter is translated into the following languages: English (UK & US) Italian Spanish Brazilian Portuguese French Dutch Russian German (future – R5) 4

5 Customer Call Reporter Product Overview

6 Supervisor Dashboard View
New with IP Office R6.1 Supervisor Dashboard View Dashboard Goal Statistics Ticker New with IP Office Release 6.1, after supervisor logs in, the main screen consists of a number of adjustable information elements: a dashboard goal, a statistics information ticker and a set of graph display panels. The main part of the dashboard is divided into a large display panel and two small display panels. Each panel has a header row of icons which can be clicked to select the type of item displayed in the panel and to then adjust its settings. You can move your mouse over each highlighted area to get more information. Graphic Display Panels 6

7 Supervisor Dashboard Default page when a Supervisor logs in
New with IP Office R6.1 Supervisor Dashboard Default page when a Supervisor logs in Dashboard Goal Statistics Information Ticker Three information graphs for selected queues,agents and statistics Agent State Pie Chart Alarms Cube Multiplot Graph Scatter Plot Single Pie Single Plot Graph Statistics Cube Statistics Table 7

8 Supervisor Monitor View
Supervisor “Views” Historical Reporting Tab Customized Statistics Web based client: Supervisor & CSR (Customer Service Rep) Supervisor logon provides Real Time Stats, Alarms, & Historical Reports Multi-lingual capable One SBCC can have clients in multiple languages (French, Spanish, etc) Reports can be published in multiple languages on one system Agent tool for all agents (included in SBCC agent license) Runs as a web browser, no software to download Scrolling alarm bar Web Browser runs as secure HTTPS connection Supports IP Office Small Community Networking (SCN) Reports on Hunt Groups anywhere in network Clients can be anywhere (Home, Office, VPN) Alarms 8

9 Real-Time Supervisor View
Up to 3 fully dynamic customized Views Each view can be summarized in reporting 3 Real-Time views Security of information Administrator allocates which supervisor can view which group Similarly supervisor can choose which agent has access to each view for added security Example Hunt Groups 101, 105, 110 are “General Sales, Widget Sales, Widget Support” Views allow Supervisor to compare General Sales to Widget Support Forced Agent State The supervisor can log in, log out or change an Agent from one Group to another dependent from the business need New with IP Office R6.1 9

10 Real-Time Agent View Agents have 3 views as defined by Supervisor
Need to know basis/security Alarm “Ticker” provides status to agents Intuitive alarm presentation to show status quickly and easily 10

11 Alarm Settings Warning & Alarm to Supervisor Alarm Statistics
Answered Calls Average Speed of Answer (ASA) % ASA time Calls Waiting Agent State & Time in State (System & Group) Grade of Service Lost Calls New Messages Outbound Calls Overflowed Calls Refused Calls Answered Calls: Calls answered by CCR Agents ASA: Average Speed of Answer, the Average time a call took to get answered by a CCR agent, expressed as a percentage of a preset time (i.e. 80% of calls answered in 20 seconds) or as a number Grade of Service: The number of calls answered before a pre-defined alarm threshold, divided by the total number of calls presented. Refused Calls: calls that rang a CCR agent but were not answered by that agent before ringing another agent, or overflowing to another location. 11

12 Supervisor Customer Map Providing location-based business intelligence
New with IP Office R6.1 The customer map shows the location of callers based on the caller's number. When a caller's location has been identified, a pin is placed on the map at that location. The color of the pin changes with the volume of calls that match that same location. When the caller cannot be resolved beyond just a country, a colored button is used instead of a pin. By hovering your cursor over a pin or button, details of the location and the number of callers from that location is displayed. The customer map can use a number of different map backgrounds. These vary by map provider and map type. Indicates location of caller 12

13 Historical Reports Drag & Drop Report Templates
Seven templates available Call details, call summary, agent summary, trace, alarm, voic Agent Time Card Report Create >80 distinct reports Save Report for Future Use No need to re-enter same data over and over, saves time Export to PDF, Excel, Word Scheduled or manual delivery (e.g. reports by ) Database schema available for custom applications New with IP Office R6.1 13

14 PC Wallboard Customizable Wallboard Pricing: Interactive statistics
Messaging feature Leader board (e.g. top 10 agents) Easily rebranded & customised (e.g. customer logo, colours, etc) Automatically optimized screen aspect ratio Pricing: 1 wallboard per Supervisor license Price Change for Advanced Edition to $2295 NPL from $2895; Agent increase of $10; substantial Supervisor decrease from $2000 to $429 – will enable better penetration into informal Call Centers For the release of IP Office R6.0, Customer Call Reporter now provides a browser based wallboard that can be used in businesses who want to display key statistics in a group area, such as on an LCD television screen. The wallboard has the ability to display all the statistics currently available within Customer Call Reporter, but can also provide two additional new features: A scrolling message board, for important messages during the course of the working day A standings or “leader” board, which displays the top agents for a particular activity during the day In addition to this, the wallboard can also be customized with the company’s logo and colors. Also, there is no limit to the number of statistics that can be displayed (caution: adding too many statistics may cause the displayed statistics to be too small to be viewed reasonably). Wallboard Requirements  The wallboard can run on all the supported browsers for Customer Call Reporter Microsoft Silverlight is a required plug in that can be downloaded before starting the wallboard Wallboard Licensing  The Customer Call Reporter wallboard is based upon the number of supervisors licensed within CCR, for each supervisor license purchased; there can be one instance of the wallboard. If five supervisor licenses are active on the system, then five instances of the wallboard can be used throughout the business. The wallboard logins do not have to be unique, for example, the system may have only one wallboard account set up within CCR, but that same account can be used for as many supervisor licenses that exist on the system. Windows 2008 server: both 32 and 64-bit OS are supported 14

15 Benefits of Customer Call Reporter

16 Business Benefits of Customer Call Reporter
Improved Customer Service Measure Quality of Service Efficient Management of Agents Lower Total Cost Ownership Set up costs reduced Supports multi-language operations Customizable Real Time Screens Powerful, Yet Simple Reporting Create reports from templates Save or Schedule reports for future use Filter reports on what YOU want to see 16

17 Increased ROI and reduced TCO with CCR
Installation Time compared with Traditional Contact Center Total Installation cost SAVINGS = $2400 per site CCR ease of use and online help means lower training costs Training time for CCR is half of traditional contact center Finally lower ongoing maintenance costs, reduced TCO Browser-based architecture means only server requires upgrading Traditional Contact Center Supervisor client software Traditional Contact Center Agent client software Typical number of client per site 3 supervisors 20 agents Install time 2 hours 30 minutes Labour rate $150 Labour Costs $900 $1500 CCR supervisor installation CCR Agent installation 5 mins Savings Installation of supervisor client software Typical install time: 2 hours per supervisor Labor rate (USD) average = $150 per hour Savings = ~$900 per site (assumes 3 Supervisors) Installation of agent software Install costs per agent = ~$75 (30 Minute Install) Typical site has 20 clients, total savings = $1500 per site TOTAL Installation cost SAVINGS = $2400 per site 17

18 Specifications & Pricing

19 Customer Call Reporter Technical Requirements
Server Platform Requirements Pentium Dual 945 core AMD Athlon 2GB RAM and 30 GB free hard disk space Customer Call Reporter server can co-reside with Preferred Edition messaging up to 16 ports Server Software Requirements Microsoft Windows 2003 or 2008 Server (32 or 64-bit) Microsoft Windows Small Business Server Microsoft SQL 2005/2008 Express or SQL 2005/2008 Virtual Server environment supported (VMware, HyperV) Client Software Requirements Microsoft IE, version 7.0 and above Mozilla Firefox, version 3.0 and above Apple Safari, version 3.2 and above Google Chrome, version 1.0 and above 19

20 Customer Call Reporter Pricing Structure
217650 IPO LIC CUSTMR SERVICE AGENT RFA 1 $359 217651 IPO LIC CUSTMR SERVICE AGENT RFA 5 $1795 217653 IPO LIC CUSTMR SERVICE AGENT RFA 20 $7180 229442 IPO LIC R6 CUSTMR SERVICE SUPERV RFA 1 $429 229443 IPO LIC R6 CUSTMR SERVICE SUPERV TRIAL Free 229424 IPO LIC R6 ADVANCED EDITION RFA * $2295 229425 IPO LIC R6 ADVANCED EDITION RFA TRIAL 217658 IPO LIC CUSTMR CALL REPORTER UPG ** $2325 Customer Call Reporter is part of IP Office Advanced Edition (*) Enables CCR, ContactStore, IVR, VB Scripting, 8-port TTS and 1 Supervisor (**) Upgrade all existing CCC licenses to CCR equivalent

21 Customer Call Reporter Roadmap

22 Customer Call Reporter Roadmap*
Early 2011 Integration of IP Office Video Softphone System real time statistics/monitor-views Avaya one-X® Portal Agent Gadget Wallboard log off Future Multi-Site Support Agent coaching / Silent coaching Mobile twinning and Telecommuter support in CCR Customized Historical reports *All Features are planned for implementation based on market feedback, Avaya reserves the right to change feature content based upon customer requests without prior notice 22

23 thank you Dieter Schulz Don Chouinard
+49 (69) (408)

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