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Sue McLean Director of Care Services and Outcomes Community Integrated Care.

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2 Sue McLean Director of Care Services and Outcomes Community Integrated Care

3 Today we will… Introduce EachStep Talk through the benefits of specialist integrated care Describe the environment

4 Community Integrated Care… One of UK’s largest Social and Health Care charity providers Support thousands of people with learning disabilities, mental health concerns, autism and age related needs 25 year experience

5 Introducing EachStep

6 Based on simple concepts, where: People with dementia need stability in their lives They and their loved ones all need support They should be cared for by well-trained staff in facilities that really meet their needs That the support and care should be about the local community and strong family and carer partnerships

7 Community Integrated Care… Has brought these concepts together and created a truly innovative service model…

8 EachStep… Supports people with dementia through any challenge they may face – from initial diagnosis and as the condition progresses

9 We started with the person, not the building.

10 Delivering… Home Care Day Care Respite Care Residential and Nursing Care So EachStep supports people from early diagnosis, through to end of life…

11 Benefits of service integration: Easy transition through care services Support flexed according to their needs As needs change – we can respond – less strain and pressure on family members Our staff can offer guidance and support to family members as they negotiate their way through often complex systems

12 Our aim: To make the difficult steps in accessing care more straightforward…. But does it work?


14 An Expert Understanding

15 Practical research and knowledge informed the development of EachStep From the environment, the training through to every detail that puts the person and their family at the centre of the care

16 An Environment Fit to Care


18 Our Service Design… Homely – not institutional –Offers independence, safety and comfort –Avoids bland, clinical design of traditional care homes Supports residents in homely 12 person households – rather than large ‘wings’ Includes specialist lighting, furnishings and assistive technologies There is a destination wherever you walk - Garden, Corridors, Living areas Includes a range of facilities for recreation including library, accessible Gym, cinema and Costa Coffee

19 Our Households… Include a domestic kitchen; laundry facilities - ability to carry out everyday activities Communal lounges – no chairs hugging walls Tactile fabrics providing sensory stimulation Large windows, accessible balconies - giving residents freedom and expansive views of EachStep’s gardens Using traditional ornaments and memorabilia; photos of local history to stimulate spontaneous reminiscence Pictures and photographs theme corridors and rooms, aiding orientation

20 Not just a specialist environment – But specialist carers too…

21 Staff Team Support workers – called Care & Activity Workers Specialist roles –Dementia Occupational Therapist –Lead Dementia Trainer/Nurse –Dementia Specialist Nurse –Day Care and Outreach Co-ordinator

22 Recruitment and Training Process Innovative process –Skills and emotional intelligence –Many new to the sector – recruited because of exceptional life experience and personal skills They all : (including managers, care & activity workers and cleaners) –On-going specialist training, including our very own in-house BTEC Diploma in Dementia –Are expected to provide meaningful activities –Challenge themselves; why am I doing this?

23 Leading to… A staff team who really know and understand the people they support

24 Case Study - Christine Cundall

25 Case Study - Christine Cundall Joined with very little experience Lack of experience was outweighed by her ambition to make a difference Mother had dementia – and since she passed away Christine wanted to make a difference Empathy has led to her being an incredibly gifted support worker She works in the Nursing household she is: –Warm, caring, naturally tactile and brings calm when people become distressed She is intuitive and learns the life history of everyone she supports –E.g. person who was an Executive when she becomes stressed she enables the person to be back in the office –Involves people in day-to-day activities

26 … and our staff provide meaningful activities

27 Case Study – Chelsea Mills Night time Care and Activities Worker –Not in the traditional sense (not a night-watchman) Offers opportunities to restless residents to take part in a range of activities –Baking –Art –Badminton Almost always relaxes people Also gets to know the life history of people

28 Conclusions Integration of services works and has had great impact Focus on meaningful activity Develop skills of staff to create a culture of reflective practice Simple things can make any service more dementia- friendly Plan any new services around the person, not the building. Visit our stand for more information.

29 Thank You

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