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Effectiveness Day : Multi-professional vision and action planning Friday 29 th November 2013 Where People Matter Most.

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1 Effectiveness Day : Multi-professional vision and action planning Friday 29 th November 2013 Where People Matter Most

2 ‘Compassion in Practice’ Our vision and strategy December 2012: Chief Nursing Officer’s vision and strategy for nurses, midwives and care staff published. January 2013: Trust Board paper outlined the strategy and a overview of current position Development of Trust Vision and action plan agreed Generated by front line staff All staff: registered and non registered

3 Focus Groups Involved Nurses, Support Workers, Social workers and Occupational Therapists from community, prison and inpatient settings. Explored: What gets in the way of delivering the 6 C’s? ~ and what was the staff survey findings regarding you care about? What would overcome this? What should our strategy be? What can we do today? Common themes drawn together 6 actions for today were agreed at the end of the community and inpatient events

4 What gets in the way of delivering the 6 C’s? Common themes Time constraints less face to face time, less reflection - compassion can be seen as poor time management Lack of resources including people and IT Working within a target culture when the targets don't always feel meaningful and we are ‘procedures’ heavy. Role expansion into others’ areas of expertise/skills: -recruit right staff/quality staff -medical vs. social model Defensive practice anxiety of getting it wrong/courage to voice your concerns. ‘Sometimes it feels like commitment is all we have left’

5 What would overcome this? Back to basics - use of professionals’ skills to undertake different key professional roles Utilise skills we have (Family Work/CBT) Reduce paperwork and duplication revise tools for the roles (e.g. assessments) Become IT efficient skills and mobile working Protect face to face time with service users and build in reflective time with group sessions to include feedback from incidents Increase resources community support, support workers and qualified staff Improve/increase provision of social care resources for service users (inc. panel process to include professional decision making by care coordinator) Review appropriateness of mandatory training and provide more skills based training - Invest in people Specialist teams (e.g. safeguarding/accommodation/welfare benefits) Less meetings Listen to families and carers

6 Leadership Forum Workshop What can you, as leaders, do in future? What can you each do, now, today?

7 What can we, as leaders, do in future? The 6C values should be role modelled at all levels in the Trust. There should be an expectation that everyone will act with compassion and staff should be enabled and supported in challenging people or situations that do not demonstrate compassion. Professionals and services should be proactive in their service user focus by sharing and learning from the patients’ experience and making best use of advanced decisions. Work should take place to reduce activities that do not add value to patient care and increase efficiencies, using LEAN/six sigma methodologies. There should be a range of options to develop reflective practice to ensure that learning is embedded, staff feel supported and patients will benefit from best practice. Interdisciplinary roles and responsibilities should be clearly defined, understood and implemented. Individuals should understand their personal contributions towards providing compassion in practice and know how to suggest improvements are made.

8 Personal pledges: What can we each do, now, today? Maintain and increase focus on service user needs and feedback. Spend more time with front line staff/temperature checks. Reflection on 6cs and implication for role, team or service. Communication and promotion of 6c’s. Demonstrate courage and permission to act.

9 Service Users and Carers

10 Multi Profession Vision and High Level Action plans Staff and leadership workshops and pledges Service user and carer forum Compassion in Practice Strategy December 2012 Francis Report 1 (February 2010) Francis Report 2 (February 2013) Keogh report July 2012 Berwick report August 2013 Winterbourne report December 2012

11 Staff xperience National action: Building and strengthening leadership National action: Helping people stay, independent, maximising wellbeing and improving health outcomes National action: Supporting positive staff experience Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust multi-professional vision and high-level action plan Trust high-level actions: Prioritise and utilise professional clinical expertise in practice Develop and propose evidence based pathways Identify evidence based methods to support staff to reduce barriers to providing compassionate care Promote and advise on mechanisms to deliver professional leadership Promote mechanisms for reflective practice and learning throughout the Trust Develop a system for supporting staff to manage complexities within their cases Trust high-level actions: Support staff development Reinforce confidence in raising concerns Develop a temperature check for staff to identify the barriers to deliver compassionate care Trust high-level actions: Support operations to develop systems for best use of resources and skills mix Support development of new roles Support newly qualified professionals into work Support non registered care staff by developing Trust standards Support student experience Trust high-level actions: Ensure expectations based on pathways Increase collaborative approach to health promotion Helping staff to understand service user and carer experience of services Nation action: Working with people to provide a positive experience of care National action: Delivering high quality care and measuring the impact of care Trust high-level actions: Contribute to defining an agreed set of Trust outcome measures for pathways Recommend specific quality measures for performance monitoring Support audit pathways Support and advise on embedding policy into practice Support and advise on embedding evidence based practice Trust high-level actions: Strengthen the professional voice Vision: Embedding compassion in practice National action: Ensuring we have the right staff, with the right skills, in the right place

12 Today Aim: Create detailed action plans in line with the Trust multi professional vision and high level action plans.. Celebrate work that has already been completed Identify work already underway that is aligned to this vision Turn your experiences and ideas into the actions to achieve the vision Identify what you can do now

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