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ECORDIA Guidance.

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1 ECORDIA Guidance

2 ECORDIA APP Ecordia can be used on a Laptop, PC, Mobile phone and an Android. Down load the App from apple store or google play.

3 This is the login page. You will have a personal login and password. You need to change your password the 1st time you log in and accept the terms and conditions.

4 What you will see This is the front page of the portfolio, this shows the Enrolment course initially.

5 What next The tasks you need to do are listed on the front page.
ITEMS FOR YOUR ATTENTION and these are known as PLANS

6 Accept PLANS, EVIDENCE At the bottom of every document you receive there are always a selection of buttons. The most important is ACCEPT. As this will then allow you to complete the work given.

7 Evidence When you have EVIDENCE to action you accept and then PREPARE WRITTEN EVIDENCE (button at the bottom)

8 EVIDENCE Then you are ready to type in some detail. It is just like using WORD on a computer. Once you have finished, add the time taken for learning and then click SAVE AND CLOSE button (remembering to read your work through and spell check)

9 Help and Support Your Training Consultant at Key Training will support and guide you. There are also videos with the Enrolment programme you can watch. Ecordia also provides a HELP menu at the top of your front page which is very simple to understand.

10 Things to remember The background of the item you are reading reminds you what you are looking at and is also the colour of the tab on the right hand side of your portfolio. Peach is your FRONT PAGE Yellow is a PLAN Green is EVIDENCE Blue is FEEDBACK And always check your bottom (of the evidence) and press a button!


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