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Lumen Parent Portal Instructions to navigate Lumen.

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1 Lumen Parent Portal Instructions to navigate Lumen

2 Lumen Parent Portal Don’t forget: Download Mozilla Firefox

3 Lumen Login Lumen login page: Users have the following access points: PC (computer) access Tablet access Phone (smartphone) access Parents should receive a letter with the following information to enter in the Lumen login. Location ID: (Location#) Login: (Parent Access User ID) Password: (Parent Access User Password) *download Mozilla Firefox for better display and mobility on the Lumen site.

4 Parent Lumen Access Icon Parents can access the student Lumen account by clicking icon on the Lumen desktop.

5 EzStart Button Click the Ezstart button located on the bottom left hand corner of the Lumen Screen. A menu will load with options. Slide pointer over the Parent Lumen Access and maneuver to the right to click the Parent Lumen Access point.

6 EzStart Button Options Parent Lumen Access: will give parent access to student’s Lumen information data. Help Center: videos and manuals for assistance Personal Center: Calculator, Food Service information, Change Password, and other useful options. Log Out: ALWAYS REMEMBER TO LOG OUT! The X on the upper right hand does not log you out of Lumen.

7 Personal Center (from the EzStart access point) Move cursor over the Personal Center, then slide to the right and click on the needed menu option. My Food Service will give you information on the student’s account, purchases and deposits. Change Password will give the parent the ability to change password for the parent Lumen account.

8 My Students Summary Info The first step necessary to maneuver in the Students Summary Info Section: Click on the User Information Access Agreement. Shown here with the highlighted words: Not Completed. Click here. The parent must agree to the terms.


10 Add My Other Students (if any) Click on this button and follow the directions. Students may have to attend the same school building to be linked together. (elementary, middle school, high school)

11 Click on the student’s name to access the student Lumen account. In the future, you will only need to click on the Parent Lumen Access icon on the startup page of Lumen.




15 For categories/sections located on the left side of your screen, the user can click the “more” button and expand the information for the selected section. The expanded information box will appear on the right side of the Lumen screen. To exit this screen, click the X located by the Lumen Touch words and minimize and enlarge arrows.

16 The user can click on the “more” button for the Course Info. Section and the Course Information Summary for Elementary will post to the right side. You will see grades, teachers and subjects. If the user clicks on a subject grade, all assignments and grades complied for that grade will also be displayed. (displayed on the following screen shot page) The user has access to a print option in several of the informational screens.


18 Student Contact Information can be updated. Click the “more” button for the Student Reg. Info Update. In the screen on the right side, tabs will assist the user in updating new guardian/parent information and new emergency contact information. Please print and send any new updated information to the school office.

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